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Compare money transfer companies and pay a fair price when you send money to Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago is a nation of islands off of the coast of Venezuela in South America. A fair number of immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago have resettled in Canada. Furthermore, Trinidad and Tobago is slowly becoming a tourist hotspot for Canadian travellers.

Due to the status of Trinidadian Dollars as an exotic currency and lack of trading volume, only a few specialist money transfer companies can send money to Trinidad and Tobago from Canada, and even fewer can send Trinidadian Dollars.

We compare the different companies you can use to exchange Canadian dollars (CAD) for Trinidadian Dollars (TTD) to make a cash payment or bank deposit.

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Rates last updated June 24th, 2018
Name Product Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Services Description Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received
Exclusive: World First International Money Transfers
CAD 250
1 day
Online, Phone
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TorFX International Money Transfers
USD 150
1 day
Online, Phone, Agent
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Case study: banks versus money transfer companies

Sarah’s sister is travelling in Trinidad and Tobago and has run out of money. She has asked Sarah to send her more money, which she ideally would be able to access in two or three days time. Sarah decides to compare the cost of transfers between her Canadian bank and two specialist money transfer services.

The table below shows the differences between a bank and two money transfer companies. In this example, the banking institution we looked at was only able to send U.S. Dollars to Trinidad and Tobago from Canada.

Money Transfer Company 1 – Bank Money Transfer Company 2 – Online providerMoney Transfer Company 3 – Instant cash payment service
Exchange rate $1 CAD = $0.75 USD$1 CAD = $5.210 TTD$1 CAD = $5.157 TTD
Transfer fee$30$25$40
Amount received for CAD$1,000 USD$750TTD$5,210TTD$5,157
Transfer speedThree to five business daysOne to two daysMinutes
Transfer methodBank depositBank depositCash collection
Difference of N/A+TTD$$53.00

Current: 9.30PM 03/01/18

As you can see from the table above, Sarah can send TTD$53.00 more if she uses the online money transfer provider. The fees are also cheaper than both the bank and the fast cash option. Sarah’s sister will be able to receive the cash within one or two days, which will be helpful considering her situation.

How do I compare money transfer companies?

Here are the key features to look for when you compare quotes from money transfer services:

  • Exchange rate. Trinidadian Dollars are not a common international currency, so you’ll need to compare the exchange rate offered by the money transfer companies we’ve listed below. Those companies can send the money in the local currency. While not many companies send funds to Trinidad and Tobago, there are a couple of options that offer more competitive exchange rates than banks.
  • Transfer fees. A big point of comparison between money transfer providers is the transfer fee that varies greatly depending on the international payment service you choose. For example, Western Union and MoneyGram charge the highest transfer fees because they offer the quickest transfer speeds. Money transfer services that send funds online and at slower speeds tend to have cheaper fees.
  • Collection methods. Most providers can deposit funds into a bank account, which will generally take a couple of days to clear. Two companies can send funds immediately overseas, MoneyGram and Western Union, and have cash available just minutes after sending it.
  • Additional options. On the spot payments are a common transfer option, which means you can make a payment to Trinidad and Tobago at the current market rate offered. Other transfer options include forward contracts, limit orders and recurring payments.
  • Limits. Banks, cash payment companies and other money transfer companies all have minimum and maximum transfer amounts.
  • Customer service. Some companies will offer online chat, email and phone customer service. Some companies may even have branch locations where you can receive help in person. Check to make sure the company you choose has a good reputation and is willing to help in case of any problems.

How do I send money to Trinidad and Tobago from Canada

Your bank offers overseas wire transfers which you can use to send money to Trinidad and Tobago. Some banks can make a payment to Trinidad and Tobago but may not be able to exchange Canadian Dollars to Trinidadian Dollars. The online money transfer companies listed below can trade in these two currencies as well as make overseas payments.

  • Banks

Navigate to the international transfers tab once you have logged into your online banking. You must create an overseas recipient if you haven’t already. Provide your recipient’s bank name, bank address, bank account number, full name and address. You can view the exchange rate before you confirm your international payment and send it.

  • Online money transfer companies

These companies can deposit funds into a Trinidadian bank account. All of these providers are online and charge fees for their services.

  • TorFX. TorFX offer a best rate guarantee on payments to Trinidad and Tobago. Transfers generally take one or two days.
  • FairFX. This company can send funds to Trinidad and Tobago in a couple of days with low fees and a competitive exchange rate.
  • WorldFirst. WorldFirst offer a range of currency options including forward contracts, recurring payments and market orders. Transfers over $10,000 are free.
  • PayPal. A percentage based fee and hefty exchange rate margin make PayPal a good option for small transfers. Your recipient will need to have a PayPal account to receive your payment.
  • International cash payment companies

Send money to Trinidad and Tobago to be picked up as cash in minutes using these overseas payment companies.

  • Western Union. Western Union accept payment online and can send funds to be picked up as cash in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • MoneyGram. Trinidad and Tobago MoneyGram locations include The Port of Spain, San Fernando and Chaguanas. Much like Western Union, they can send funds to be picked up as cash.

How do I receive money from Trinidad and Tobago in Canada?

This will depend on how the money is sent to Canada.

  • Receiving funds in your bank account. Provide your bank name and branch address, account name, account number and your bank’s transit code.
  • Collecting a cash payment. If you’re picking up cash from a Western Union agent or MoneyGram branch, you’ll need to show photo identification and you’ll need to quote the transaction reference number or password.
  • PayPal. Give your email address or phone number to the sender to receive a payment via PayPal. You must then make a withdrawal to your bank account to access the funds.

Emergency cash transfers in Trinidad and Tobago

Consider these options for accessing emergency funds overseas.

  • International cash payment. Western Union can send cash to the small South American nation in minutes. Western Union is partnered with different businesses such as pharmacies and exchange offices across the islands, which can stay open past businesses hours and on weekends. MoneyGram also has several locations across the islands.
  • Emergency cash assistance. Have you lost your credit card or your debit card? Credit card providers such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express can make the funds in your account available as cash to collect from a local business. Contact your bank or credit card provider to find out how you can access emergency funds.
  • Travel insurance. For some covered events, such as a medical emergency, your travel insurance policy provider may issue an emergency cash benefit to cover your immediate costs.

Cash pick-up locations in Trinidad and Tobago/Western Union/MoneyGram branches in Trinidad and Tobago

Both MoneyGram and Western Union have hundreds of cash collection agent locations in Trinidad and Tobago. These companies are partnered with supermarkets, pharmacies, exchange offices and more. These types of merchants tend to open on weekends and outside of regular business hours, making them convenient options for picking up cash. It’s always a good idea to call ahead first to check the hours of operation and ensure the branch location have enough cash on hand. The business hours we’ve listed below may change and the merchant may not have enough cash on the premises to payout your order.

Western Union


  • Low Cost Supermarket
    Southern Main Road Cunupia, Chaguanas.
    Open Monday to Saturday 8.00AM to 8.00PM
    +868 623 6000
  • Excellent Stores Limited
    1st Floor Lot D, Endeavour Road, Chaguanas.
    Open Monday to Saturday 10.00AM to 7.00PM
    +868 623 6000

San Fernando

  • Diamond Food Basket
    #238 Diamond Village, San Fernando
    Open Monday to Saturday 9.00AM to 6.00PM
    +868 623 4457
  • Tropical Trends Limited
    La Pique Plaza, High Street, San Fernando
    Open Monday to Thursday 8.30AM to 7.00PM
    Open Friday 8.30AM to 5.00PM
    Open Saturday 8.30AM to 1.00PM
    +868 623 6000


Princess Town

  • Princess Town Pharmacy
    299 High Street, Princess Town
    Open Monday to Friday 8.00AM to 5.30PM
    Open Saturday 8.00AM to 5.00PM
    +868 655 2660
  • Dias Bistro & Supermarket
    114 Hindustan Road New Grant, Princess Town
    Open Monday to Sunday 8.00AM to 7.00PM
    +868 655 3753

Port of Spain

  • Disdrugs
    68 Independence Square, Port of Spain
    Open Monday to Friday 7.00AM to 6.30PM
    Open Saturday 8.00AM to 2.00PM
    +868 625 6145
  • Giant Supermarket
    8 Charlotte Street, Port of Spain
    Open Monday to Sunday 6.30AM to 6.30PM
    +868 627 9370

Tips for picking up cash in Trinidad and Tobago

The Government of Canada warn Canadians visiting Trinidad and Tobago to exercise a high degree of caution. Tourists have been targets of violent crime in the downtown area of the Port of Spain, carjackings to and from Piarco airport and beachside robberies.

Take care of your personal belongings and be wary of your surroundings at all times, especially if you’re carrying cash and valuables. You can reduce the risk of theft by travelling in a group. Your hotel may also be able to assist you by providing an escort if you’re travelling to collect a large amount of cash. Try to avoid using public transportation with large amounts of cash.

What are the steps to send money to Trinidad and Tobago

Follow these steps to send money to Trinidad and Tobago.

  1. Via your bank. Log on to your Internet banking to send money to Trinidad and Tobago via your Canadian bank. You’ll need to create a new overseas recipient if this if your first payment to your payee. The information you need to create a new recipient is in the How to Send Money to Trinidad and Tobago section of this article.
  2. Via an online money transfer company. Create a free account with the providers we’ve listed on this page to send money to Trinidad and Tobago. This process can be completed in a couple of minutes. In most cases, you’ll need to send a copy of a utility bill to verify your residential address. Provide the following information to register your details:
    • Personal information
    • Contact information
    • Residential information
    • Identification

Once the transfer has been completed on your end, you’ll receive a tracking number which you can use to check on your international transfer to Trinidad and Tobago. If you have any problems with your transfer, you can use the reference number when speaking to customer service agents.

If you have any questions about the services compared on this page, ask us a question using the form located below this article.

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