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Melanie Huddart is a personal finance editor and updates writer who's proofed and polished thousands of articles to help people make more informed financial decisions. She specializes in issues around accessibility and equality, as well as removing biases in managing finances for people who are unbanked or marginally banked. Melanie is an ASL-English Interpreter with experience in writing and learning assistance in college and high school classrooms, teaching English and Indigenous studies both in-person and online. She holds a BA in honors English and a Bachelor of Education from York University in Toronto.


  • ASL-English Interpreter | Sheridan College
  • BA Honors English | York University
  • BEd English and Individual in Society | York University

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What is an IPO?

Private companies start publicly selling stock through initial public offerings (IPOs). Here's how IPO investing works.

Kliment Dukovski & Melanie Huddart 29 April 2020
What is an IPO?

How to invest in index funds

The ins and outs of bundling stocks with this accessible investing option.

Kliment Dukovski & Melanie Huddart 15 April 2020
How to invest in index funds
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