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Jennifer Gimbel

Managing editor

Jennifer Gimbel is senior managing editor at Policygenius and a former editor at Finder, specializing in personal finance. Jenn's expertise and analysis has been featured on MediaFeed and other outlets. She holds a BS in arts administration from Wagner College, with minors in economics and journalism.


  • Personal finance literacy
  • Editor and writer mentorship
  • Fact-checking for accuracy
  • Editing content for biases
  • SEO and EAT best practices


  • Edited hundreds of articles on loans, insurance, credit cards, debt consolidation and more
  • Launched Finder’s Editorial Review Board of industry experts
  • Earned over 31,000 views on her Finder YouTube video features
  • Spearheaded debt-payoff series featuring inspiring stories of Americans who’ve paid off massive amounts of debt
  • Manages branded content to ensure our writing remains editorially independent and always advocates for our readers


  • Bachelor of Science in arts administration | Wagner College | 2006–2010

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Fundamental analysis: 5 must-have tools for valuing stocks

Steer clear of risky, uninformed trades with fundamental analysis tools designed for value investors.

Jennifer Gimbel 21 March 2022
Fundamental analysis: 5 must-have tools for valuing stocks

10 ways to invest for social justice

Put your money where your mouth is by rethinking how you invest to support BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities.

Kimberly Ellis & Jennifer Gimbel 6 August 2021
10 ways to invest for social justice

Robo advisors vs financial advisors

Robo- and human financial advisers offer different benefits for portfolio management.

Jennifer Gimbel 7 November 2019
Robo advisors vs financial advisors
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