TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card Review

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Get cash back on your everyday purchases as well as a welcome bonus and travel insurance.

The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card offers 3% cash back on gas, groceries and recurring payments such as ongoing subscriptions and memberships, plus another 1% on all other eligible purchases.


Purchase Interest Rate

$0 annual fee for the first year ($120 thereafter)

Annual Fee


Balance Transfer Rate


Product NameTD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card
RewardGet 3% cash back on eligible groceries, gas and bill payments and 1% cash back on all other purchases.
Welcome OfferEarn 10% cash back on all purchases for the first 3 months (up to a total spend of $2,000). Apply online by March 2, 2020.

Purchase Interest Rate20.99%
Cash Advance Rate22.99%
Balance Transfer Rate22.99%
Interest Free Period Up to 21 days
Minimum Credit Limit$5,000
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30-second take

  • Consider this card if you want a high return on gas and groceries, and don’t mind paying an annual fee.
  • Choose something else if you’d rather accumulate points or want a low-interest card.
  • Your minimum annual income needs to be $60,000, or you should have a household income of $100,000.

The basics

If you use your credit card often and want to put money back down on your balance, consider the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card.

  • Cashback. Get up to 3% cashback on all eligible grocery and gas purchases and on regularly recurring bill payments set up on your account
  • Welcome bonus. Receive 10% cashback on all purchases in your first 3 months up to a total spend of $2,000. Ends March 2, 2020.
  • Roadside assistance. Access emergency road services with a deluxe TD Auto Club membership.
  • Product coverage. Get an extended warranty and insurance coverage on products purchased with your card.
  • Travel insurance. Get up to $2,000,000 Travel Medical Insurance for the first ten days of your trip, in addition to delayed and lost luggage coverage.
  • Car rental insurance and discounts. Save money on car rentals and have your rental vehicle covered in case of a collision.

    The perks

    • Contactless payments. Tap to pay if you have Apple Pay or Visa payWave (for Android).
    • Zero-liability coverage. Your balance is protected in case of fraudulent activity on your account.
    • Promotional offers. Access exclusive dining and entertainment offers for Visa Infinite cardholders.
    • 24/7 support. You can get in touch with customer service 24/7 to report any issues with your account.

    What to watch out for

    • High annual fee. The fee for this card is $120 per year.
    • High interest. You’ll pay 20.99% interest on outstanding balances and 22.99% for cash advances.
    • Limited flexibility. Cash back can only be used to pay off your outstanding credit card balance.
    • Fee for additional cards. It will cost you $50 to add additional cards to your account.
    • Minimum credit limit. Your limit has to be over $5,000, which isn’t ideal for people who don’t want to spend much on their card.
    • Income requirements. There’s a minimum income requirement of $60,000 to qualify.

    What should I know before I apply?

    How to apply

    1. Click “Go to site” on this page and be securely directed to the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card application.
    2. Complete the application, which includes providing your name, email address, social insurance number and birth date.
    3. Review and submit your application.

    Bottom line

    The TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card is suited to customers who want a decent return on cash back to put down on their credit card balance. The card comes with a generous welcome offer and a nice package of perks and benefits, including roadside assistance, car rental insurance, travel insurance and fraud protection. You should avoid this card if you don’t want to pay a high annual fee or if you’re looking for a low-interest card.

    Frequently asked questions about the TD Cash Back Visa Infinite Card

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