Scotiabank Value Visa Card Review

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Get an ultra-low interest rate on your everyday purchases with Scotiabank Value Visa Card.

The Scotiabank Value Visa Card is a no-rewards card that allows you to pay low interest on outstanding balances with an optional 0.99% balance transfer rate.


Purchase Interest Rate


Annual Fee

0.99% for the first 6 months (then 12.99%)

Balance Transfer Rate


Product NameScotiabank Value Visa Card
RewardSave on interest by consolidating your higher-rate balances and get a low 12.99% purchase interest rate.
Welcome OfferOffers a 0.99% introductory interest rate on balance transfers with 0% transfer fee for the first 6 months. Ends March 1, 2020.
Purchase Interest Rate12.99%
Cash Advance Rate12.99%
Balance Transfer Rate0.99% for the first 6 months (then 12.99%)
Interest Free Period Up to 21 days
Minimum Credit Limit$500
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30-second take

  • Get this card if you want a low 12.99% interest rate on eligible purchases or want to consolidate debt at a 0.99% balance transfer rate.
  • Choose something else if you’re looking for a cashback or rewards program.
  • You must have a minimum annual income of $12,000 to qualify for this card.

The basics

If you’re struggling to make your monthly minimum payments or want to finance a medium-to-large purchase with your credit card, then the Scotiabank Value Visa Card might be just the ticket. You can save up to hundreds of dollars per year with an uber low 12.99% interest rate on your credit card balance, not to mention an introductory balance transfer offer.

Optional Balance Transfer Offer

Qualify to transfer all of your existing credit card balances over to this low-interest card and pay only 0.99% on these amounts in your first 6 months with 0% transfer fee. This low balance transfer rate can save you hundreds of dollars in interest on outstanding balances. When the 6 months is up, your interest rate will go up to 12.99% on amounts left unpaid. Valid till March 1, 2020.

The perks

  • Quick pay. Simply wave your Scotiabank Value Visa Card or your smartphone at checkout for quick and easy payments with Visa payWave. You can also securely make payments on your purchases through Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Optional insurance coverage. Pay $1.09 per $100 of average daily balance on your credit card and receive financial protection from a range of life events, including disability, job loss, critical illness and loss of life.
  • Save on car rentals. Book with AVIS and Budget car rental locations in Canada and the U.S. and save up to 25% when you pay with your Scotiabank Value Visa Card.
  • Free additional cards. Add an additional Supplementary Cardholder to your Scotiabank Value Visa Card at no extra charge.
  • World class service. Tap into world-renowned customer service 24/7 if you have issues with your card by either visiting your Scotiabank branch or calling the number on the back of your Visa.

What to watch out for

  • Annual fee. Pay $29 per year to maintain your Scotiabank Value Visa Card.
  • No rewards or cashback. The low interest rate replaces a rewards or cashback return as the main incentive.
  • No purchase insurance or warranty coverage. There is no extended protection for products purchased with this card.
  • No travel insurance. The card does not offer complimentary travel or health insurance coverage.

What do other customers say?

The Scotiabank Value Visa Card seems to appeal to Canadian residents who are more interested in a low-interest rate than a cashback or rewards program. This card also offers good value for customers who take advantage of the uber low 0.99% balance transfer rate. One downfall of the Scotiabank Value Visa Card is that there is an annual fee of $29.

What should I know before I apply

How to apply

  1. Click Go to site on this page to be securely directed to your Scotiabank Value Visa Card application.
  2. Read through the Disclosure Statement details and click Accept & Continue.
  3. Complete the application with details that include your name, email address, social insurance number and birth date.
  4. Review and submit your application.

Bottom line

The Scotiabank Value Visa Card offers a no-frills low-interest rate card for a low $29 annual fee. This card boasts a 12.99% interest rate (up to 5 – 10% lower than most other credit cards). You may also qualify for a 0.99% interest rate on balance transfers in your first 6 months (up to 3 – 5% lower than other similar offers).

If you would prefer to have a no-fee credit card, you might like to check out the No-Fee Scotiabank Value Visa Card to qualify for similar benefits.

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