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Clearco Business Cash Advance review

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Clearco Business Cash Advance
Loan Amount
$10,000 - $10 million
Minimum Revenue
Minimum Time in Business
6 months
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Get the money you need to grow your online business and pay it back with a percentage of your sales

If you run a successful eCommerce or Consumer SaaS business and you want to borrow money to expand your operations, you might like to take out a cash advance with Clearco.

What makes Clearco unique is that your eligibility for a cash advance will depend on the performance of your business rather than your credit score. Your payments will also fluctuate based on how much revenue you're bringing in, which can make it easier to keep up with paying back the money you owe during seasonal downturns or unexpected lulls.


  • Repay what you borrow based on revenue
  • Fast approvals and funding


  • High monthly sales revenue required

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What is Clearco?

Clearco is a new-age online lending platform designed to give your web-enabled business easy access to capital growth financing. It is led by Michele Romanow, who is currently one of the Dragons on Dragons’ Den.

How does Clearco work?

Clearco is a new-age online lending platform designed to give your web-enabled business easy access to capital growth financing. It’s run by several successful investors, including Michele Romanow of CBC Dragons’ Den. Its team is well-versed in helping emerging companies harness their untapped potential.

All you need to do to apply for a cash advance is fill out a quick online application and give Clearco access to your revenue and marketing accounts. From there, a team of industry experts will evaluate the performance of your company and assign funding if you qualify. Once you’re approved, your Clearco funding will usually be deposited within 24 hours so you can put it straight to work.

Updates about Clearco

June 23, 2021: Clearco provides $50 million in funding to Caravan, a startup that helps celebrities build companies around their brands. Caravan is a joint venture with the talent agency CAA.

July 8, 2021: Clearco raised US$215 million in funding from global tech investor SoftBank. Clearco is the first Canadian startup to get funding from this giant Japanese investor.

July 8, 2021: Clearco provides $10,000 through the ClearAngel program to Tiannia Barnes, an affordable provider of luxury shoes for women. ClearAngel is a platform for early-stage founders that provides capital, data-driven advice and access to 500+ investors.

Pros and cons


  • Instant funding. After you sign your contract, you’ll be able to access your money in as little as 24 hours
  • Flexible repayment. Since your advance is repaid using a portion of your revenue, you’ll be better equipped to manage your repayments when business is slow.
  • Bad credit doesn’t matter. Decisions about whether or not you qualify for an advance are based on your business performance, so your credit score won’t factor in.
  • Qualify for multiple advances. Once you’ve repaid 80% or more of your original advance, you may be able to qualify to take out another one.
  • Optional credit card. You’ll get an optional Clearco credit card if you intend to spend your advance on marketing.


  • Maintenance fees. You’ll have to pay a small flat fee on your advance that will depend on your business metrics as well as how you plan to spend the money you borrow.
  • Limited sectors. Clearco only provides financing for eCommerce and Consumer SaaS (software as a service) companies.
  • High monthly sales needed to qualify. Your monthly sales have to be at least $10,000 to qualify.
  • Startups can’t apply. You won’t be eligible for financing if your business is under six months old. You may want to check out start up financing instead.

What should I know before I apply?

Eligibility requirements

To apply for a Clearco business cash advance, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old (and 19 in some provinces).
  • Be a citizen or resident of Canada.
  • Own a business that is incorporated and in operation for at least six months.
  • Be working in the eCommerce or Consumer SaaS (software as a service) sector.
  • Have an average monthly revenue of at least $10,000

Required documents and information

  • Government-issued ID. You’ll have to show identification like your driver’s licence or passport to verify your ID.
  • Verification numbers. You’ll be required to supply your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Direct deposit. You’ll need to link your bank account to Clearco‘s platform so it can deposit your funds and directly debit your account for repayment.
  • Business bank statements. You’ll have to show six months of your business’s most recent bank statements to give an idea of its current cash flow.
  • Proof of incorporation. You’ll need to upload your Articles of Incorporation to prove that your business is incorporated.

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How to apply

If you check off all the boxes outlined above and you’re ready to apply for an advance with Clearco, you’ll need to do a couple of things to get started.

  1. Complete the online application, which includes providing your name, email address, personal details, proof of ID and relevant documents.
  2. Review and submit your application.
  3. Get verified and approved in less than 24 hours if you’re eligible for an advance.

Bottom line

Clearco Business Cash Advance are designed to give you quick and easy access to the money you need to fund your small business. You’ll repay your cash advance based on a percentage of your monthly revenue and you can even qualify with bad credit as long as your business is performing well.

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