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Brim World Mastercard review

Earn accelerated rewards at eligible retailers and save when you spend money abroad with no foreign transaction fees.

Earn up to $300 worth of bonus points when you shop with Brim retailers for the first time through the Brim mobile app. 
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Up to $300 worth of bonuses

Welcome Offer

$0 annual fee for the first year ($99 thereafter)

Annual Fee

1.5 points for every $1 spent


The Brim World Mastercard is an all-in-one travel and cash back credit card that lets you earn points whenever you shop. Earn up to $300 worth of bonus points when you shop with Brim retailers for the first time through the Brim mobile app.  This card also comes with a suite of travel insurance as well as mobile phone protection and other special perks. Find out how you can sign up today and pay only $99 per year to maintain this card, though this fee may be waived in your first year.

30-second take

  • Get this card if you’d like to earn accelerated rewards at your favourite vendors and you want to take advantage of several forms of insurance.
  • Choose something else if you’d prefer a more conventional rewards program or you don’t want to pay an annual fee.
  • There is no minimum annual income specified on the website.

What is Brim Financial?

Brim Financial is a groundbreaking credit card company that’s pushing the boundaries of traditional banking to better serve its customers. It offers a suite of unbanked credit cards that are fully licensed by Mastercard. It also partners with popular stores to let you earn more rewards for lower annual fees than many of its competitors. All of its cards also come with an impressive range of benefits and can be managed using Brim’s award-winning mobile app.

How does Brim Financial work?

Brim lets you earn accelerated rewards when you shop with its featured partners on the Brim app. You can earn up to 30 points per dollar when you shop repeatedly with the same vendor, or when you visit a Brim retailer for the first time. You’ll also earn a set number of points for making regular purchases on your card.

All you have to do to start earning points is spend money on your card. The Brim World Mastercard offers a return of 1.5 points for every dollar you spend – so you need to spend around $67 to earn $1 worth of rewards or cash back. That said, if you shop for “surge” offers, you can earn between 2 and 30 points per dollar to build up your points much faster.

Which merchants does Brim work with?

You can take advantage of available offers by making purchases with Brim’s list of inCard and online merchants, depending on how you prefer to shop. Some examples of inCard merchants that Brim works with include Kobo, Hello Fresh, Dropbox and Giftagram. Examples of vendors accessible exclusively through Brim’s eShop include Walmart, Alibaba, lululemon, Nike and Patagonia. You can check the app for a current list of available merchants in each category.

Benefits of the Brim World Mastercard

  • Accelerated rewards. Earn 1.5 points for every dollar you spend on your card, and more points per dollar when you shop with Brim partners in person or online.
  • First-time bonus points. Earn up to $300 worth of bonus points when you shop with Brim retailers for the first time through the Brim mobile app. 
  • Free global Wi-Fi. Enjoy unlimited access to over 1 million Boingo hotspots around the world whenever you travel or want to connect in your city.
  • Airport lounge access. Take advantage access to airport lounges around the world with LoungeKey.
  • Instant card experience. Apply for a credit card through the Brim app and begin transacting through Apple Pay within seconds of being approved after completing your application.
  • 0% foreign transaction fees. Avoid paying a 2.5% foreign exchange fee when you spend money overseas.
  • Budget and monitoring tools. Track your spending history through the online app and budgeting software.
  • Zero-interest installment plan. Finance your next large purchase at 0% interest (for a small fee).
  • Instant Notifications: Know the moment your card is being used and never be left wondering if you’re card is being used fraudulently.
  • Multiple forms of insurance. Protect yourself with the many forms of insurance offered by the Brim World Mastercard (with coverage descriptions/amounts outlined below).
    Insurance typeDescription of coverageCoverage amount
    Purchase protectionProtects any purchase you make on your card in the event that the item you buy gets damaged or stolen within 90 days of paymentUp to $1,000 per incident
    Extended warrantyAutomatically doubles the coverage you get from your manufacturer’s warrantyDoubles your warranty protection for up to 1 additional year (maxing out at $25,000 per cardholder)
    Common carrier insuranceCovers expenses for injuries you sustain traveling on multi-passenger vehicles such as buses, trains, planes and ferries$150,000 per insured person and $500,000 per accident
    Mobile device insurancePays to replace or repair your phone if it gets lost, damaged or stolen within a certain timeframeUp to $1,000 per incident
    Event ticket protectionCovers the cost of any event ticket you purchase if you can’t attend due to a covered reason (such as medical emergency or transportation delay)Up to $1,000 per incident
    Out-of-province travel medicalInsures you for expenses incurred if you get injured or sick while travelling outside of your province of residence$5 million for up to 8 days of travel for persons under the age of 65
    Flight delay insuranceProvides coverage for expenses such as meals and accommodation if your flight gets delayed for four or more hours$500 per day, max of $1,000 per occurrence for all insured
    Baggage insuranceCovers the cost of your baggage if it gets delayed or lost in transit for six hours or more$1,000 per day, max of $2,000 per occurrence for all insured
    Hotel and motel burglary insurancePays for the loss or damage of your personal items if your hotel gets burglarized during your stay$500 per occurrence
    Car rental insuranceInsures you against loss and injury if your rental car gets stolen or damaged in an accidentFor damage: Up to $65,000. For injury/death: Up to $100,000 per insured. For belongings: $1,000 per incident.
    Check with Brim for up-to-date insurance amounts – and remember that insurance is only valid for items and reservations charged in full to your Brim World Mastercard.

    Additional perks

    • Contactless payments. Link your card to mobile wallets such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin Pay to pay by tapping your phone.
    • Security toggle. Lock your card or disable certain types of purchases instantly by toggling a switch in the Brim mobile app.
    • Easy redemption. Use your points to pay off specific transactions or put your points towards your overall account balance.
    • Friend referrals. Refer a friend and you'll get 2000 points ($20 value).
    • Brim family cards. Hand out additional cards to family members and set spending limits on specific cards to keep your household budget in check.

    What to watch out for

    • Annual fee. You’ll have to pay an annual fee of $99 to maintain the Brim World Mastercard, , though this fee may be waived in your first year.
    • Rewards cap. You’ll earn 1.5% back in points up to $25,000 annual spend. Above this, you’ll still earn 1% back in points on all purchases. Brim Rewards fall outside of this spend threshold.
    • Additional cards cost extra. You’ll be charged $20 for every additional card that you add to your account.
    • Unbanked card. This card can’t be linked to your current bank account, which means you’ll need to log in to a separate platform to access your balance and redeem points.

    How do Brim Rewards work?

    You can earn up to 30 points per dollar with Brim’s innovative rewards platform. You just need to login to the mobile app to explore over 250 offers for accelerated rewards from some of your favourite stores. You can earn these offers by shopping in person, or online through the Brim eShop. Brim Rewards has both online and in-store offers.

    Redeeming rewards with Brim is a little bit different from a conventional credit card provider since your points can only be applied to your statement. You simply apply your points as cash to your credit card statement to pay off your overall balance or pick and choose transactions – such as the new set of headphones you purchased – and pay them off with a single swipe.

    What should I know before I apply?

    Eligibility requirements

    To apply for the Brim World Mastercard you need to:

    • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is at least 18 years old
    • Be able to pay the $99 annual fee

    Required documents and information:

    • Your name, residential status and contact information
    • Your date of birth
    • Your email address and phone number

    How to apply

    1. Visit Brim’s website to be directed to your Brim World Mastercard application.
    2. Complete the application with details that include your name, email address, and birth date.
    3. Review and submit your application.

    Bottom line

    The Brim World Mastercard lets you earn accelerated rewards from hundreds of Brim partners through the Brim digital app. This card comes with comprehensive travel insurance and a number of travel perks, such as zero foreign transaction fees and airport lounge access. It also comes with benefits such as mobile phone insurance, free Wi-Fi, zero-interest financing and online budgeting tools.

    Frequently asked questions about the Brim World Mastercard

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