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CIBC mortgage review

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CIBC Mortgages
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Finance your future home with a mortgage from one of Canada’s largest banks and get cash back benefits to help you pay off your mortgage faster.

CIBC offers standard fixed and variable rate mortgage plans at affordable rates.

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As one of the largest financial institutions in Canada, CIBC offers a wealth of banking services, including flexible mortgage options. On top of the standard mortgage offerings, CIBC takes it a step further and offers mortgage bundle packages where you can combine your mortgage with a home equity line of credit, giving you greater financial flexibility.

When it comes to CIBC‘s mortgage plans, it offers flexible fixed and variable options at competitive rates. Its cash back program provides further incentive to customers as it can act as an indirect way to lower fees.

What are CIBC mortgage rates and terms?

CIBC offers standard fixed and variable rate mortgage plans at affordable rates. These rates are made more attractive through CIBC‘s special rates. Also, from time to time, it puts out special mortgage offers that offer some sort of monetary incentive to join (i.e. cashback, bundle, etc). The following are a few of the more common mortgage plans and terms: a 5-year fixed rate closed term, (which also features a special rate), a 7-year fixed rate closed term, a 3-year variable rate flex term and a 5-year variable rate flex term.

What makes CIBC unique?

By far, the thing that makes CIBC unique when it comes to its mortgage plans is the ability to offer customers cashback rewards for signing up for a mortgage. By signing up for a fixed rate closed mortgage or a variable flex rate mortgage plan with CIBC, you’ll be entitled to receive significant cash back rewards. This can be used to further pay down your mortgage or you can keep the cash.

Another unique feature from CIBC is its bundle offer. In getting a mortgage with CIBC, you can enroll in its CIBC Home Power Plan Line of Credit program, which combines your mortgage and a CIBC line of credit. This will give you a convenient way to quickly access cash and comes with a low introductory mortgage rate.

Do I qualify for a loan with CIBC?

To find out if you qualify for a loan with CIBC, you can start the pre-approval process on CIBC‘s website. In order to proceed with this pre-approval form, you must be the age of majority in the province where you live (18 or 19 years of age).

When completing the form, CIBC will ask you for standard personal information as well as information pertaining to the down payment you intend to put down, your gross annual income, and whether you’ve declared bankruptcy in the past seven years. Once you’ve filled out the form, a CIBC mortgage specialist will reach out to you within one to three business days to discuss your pre-approval application and your particular mortgage needs. It is at this time that you’ll know if you qualify for a loan with CIBC; however, the mortgage specialist may request additional information (banking and employment history) before informing you of their decision.

What are the benefits of getting a mortgage through CIBC?

  • Competitive rates. CIBC offers industry competitive mortgage rates that are more attractive with its special rates on select mortgage plans.
  • Cash back incentives. Receiving cash back bonuses for having a select CIBC mortgage plan enables people to either help pay down their mortgage quicker or they can save it instead.
  • Reputation. CIBC is one of the Big Five banks in Canada and has a great reputation, especially in its mortgage department, as evidenced by the number of positive customer reviews online.
  • Variety of plans. CIBC tries to accommodate mortgage seekers of different needs by offering a variety of flexible mortgage plans.
  • Bundles. Offering a mortgage and line of credit bundle is a win-win scenario for CIBC and the customer.
  • Accessibility. As one of the largest banks in Canada, CIBC has branch locations scattered all throughout Canada where you can simply visit one to discuss your mortgage needs.
  • Customer service. CIBC‘s customer service can be contacted in a number of different ways to discuss mortgage options, including having a mortgage specialist visit you at your home or office (or anywhere else). They are also available on the phone at all hours of the day.

What to watch out for

  • Pre-approval process. After filling in the pre-approval application, it will take one to three days to receive your results.
  • Time consuming. Oftentimes, inquiring for more information about CIBC mortgages can be more time-consuming than productive as the primary focus of mortgage specialists is on establishing rapport with prospective customers by wanting to either meet in person or speak over the phone about your mortgage needs.
  • Credit score. CIBC customers will benefit from a free credit score. However, if you’re not a CIBC customer and want to inquire about a mortgage, you may have to independently pay for your own credit check.

How do I get started?

If you’ve decided you want to proceed with a particular CIBC mortgage plan, there are a few ways you can get started.

First, you can get the pre-approval process started by providing pertinent personal information and your stated reasons for seeking a mortgage (pre-approval or actual mortgage application). You’ll then receive a call back within one to three business days from a CIBC mortgage specialist where they may request more information if they deem it necessary.

Second, you can also request a meeting with a CIBC mortgage specialist. You can schedule an in-person meeting at your nearest CIBC branch to go over your mortgage needs or you can search on CIBC‘s website for the nearest CIBC mortgage specialist where you live. If you’re too busy to go and meet in person with a CIBC representative, you can also request a call from a CIBC mortgage specialist to discuss your mortgage needs.

I got the loan. Now what?

If you’ve been approved for a mortgage with CIBC, you’ll then want to speak with a CIBC mortgage specialist to thoroughly go over your mortgage plan so that you are entirely clear with it. You’ll want to specifically clarify how much your mortgage payments will be and at what frequency. It’s also during this conversation where you’ll want to ask them any other questions regarding paying off your mortgage including seeing if you can pay it down faster or if there will be any penalty charges for attempting to pay it off sooner.

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Bottom line

With flexible mortgage plans at competitive rates with the added incentive of receiving cash back rewards, CIBC offers Canadians plenty of attractive reasons to sign up for its mortgage plans.

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