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Finder Best and Finder Recommended

Guidelines for using Finder Best and Finder Recommended badges

Congratulations on being listed as a Finder Recommended or Finder Best product or provider.

Badges for Finder Recommended products or providers are selected by Finder content experts based on a thorough review of the current marketplace, in each category.

The Finder Best and Finder Recommended badges are stamps of approval from our experts and a strong visual cue for clients and customers.

Finder Recommended and Finder Best badges are separate, but complementary, to the Finder Awards program, where awards are given based on rigorous data collection and analysis.

The Finder Best and Finder Recommended badges are free to use; however, by using the badges, you agree to reference Finder and to provide the specific Finder URL where the recommendation is listed. We ask this as a courtesy to clients and customers, who can read the full context of our recommendation.

Referencing Finder as the source is only required once, but you may use the Finder Best and Finder Recommended badges as many times as you like, across your site, at point-of-sale and across physical marketing materials and social media.

If you don’t include the reference on your website, you must accompany each use of the badge on physical marketing (e.g. PoS, adverts and billboards) with a reference, such as a footnote.

Please note, each Finder Best and Finder Recommended badge are not to be modified.

Each Finder Best and Finder Recommended badge may only be used in relation to the product it was awarded to — and may not be added to any other produce or service.

Download your Finder Best badge here

Download your Finder Recommended badge here

Minimum sizing and clearance

The badge clearance space should be a minimum 25% of the total award size to maintain clear legibility. The minimum size for print is 40mm and digital is 70px.

Using Finder quotes across marketing materials

Brands are able to quote Finder articles across marketing and media materials such as social media, EDMs and other digital and written ads. Brands should reference Finder and, where appropriate, attribute the quote to the specific author of the content piece where the Finder Badge was used to acknowledge the product or service.

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