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Car insurance in Edmonton

Find out how much you’ll have to pay for car insurance in Edmonton and compare providers to find the best rates.


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Quick facts for car insurance in Edmonton


Minimum liability coverage


Average annual car insurance cost for Alberta


Average annual car insurance cost in Edmonton

Car insurance in Edmonton starts at around $1,300 for basic third-party liability coverage. This is in line with the provincial average and on par with the rates offered in Calgary. You may be able to knock a few dollars off your rates if you have a solid driving record and qualify for discounts. It’s also possible to save money if you add on the absolute minimum amount of liability coverage and choose to forgo extended insurance such as collision or comprehensive.

Compare free car insurance quotes online for Edmonton

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Average cost of car insurance in Edmonton

The cost of car insurance in Edmonton starts at around $1,300, according to average estimates. That said, the price you’ll pay may be higher or lower than this amount depending on your personal situation. For example, you may pay less if you have a perfect driving record and opt for the bare-bones level of coverage.

Other factors that could influence how much you pay include your age, gender, claims history, car type, location and eligible discounts. The only way you can truly figure out how much you’ll have to pay is to apply for quotes from multiple car insurance providers using your own personal information.

Cheapest car insurance in Edmonton

It’s difficult to pinpoint which car insurance company offers the cheapest rates in Edmonton. This is because the amount you pay will be based on a number of different personal factors. That said, to provide you with a rough estimate of how much each company charges, we’ve done a quick analysis of rates using a standard vehicle and driver profile.

We’ve only compared a handful of companies in this estimate, but there are dozens to choose from. Your best bet to get the cheapest rates is to compare at least five or more providers to get a good idea of the prices you’ll be eligible for. Then you can choose the coverage that makes the most sense for your unique set of needs and budget.

Sample vehicle and driver

The quotes below are for $1 million in third-party liability on its own as well as with collision and comprehensive coverage added on. Our driver is listed as a 33-year-old female with 10+ years of driving experience and a perfect driving record. The vehicle she drives is a 2017 Honda Civic clocking 10,000km per year.

Sample car insurance prices for our driver

The average car insurance prices for our Edmonton-based driver were over $1,600 per year. These prices went up astronomically with collision and comprehensive insurance added on.


Annual insurance rate (third-party liability only)

Annual insurance rate (with collision/comprehensive)

SGI Canada$1,607$3,169

Analysis of car insurance in Edmonton

The rates that our driver is eligible for are a little bit higher than the provincial average. This is likely because the rates requested are for $1 million in third-party liability (rather than the legal limit of $200,000).

Intact and SGI have the same low rates, but you’ll pay a little bit more with Intact if you choose to add on collision and comprehensive insurance. Just keep in mind that adding extended insurance can double your rates so it may not make sense if you have an older vehicle.

You should also be aware that the companies that top the list in our quick analysis won’t necessarily offer the cheapest rates for you. This is because your pricing will be influenced by your personal details, such as age, gender, location, car type and driving experience.

Where can I buy car insurance in Edmonton?

There are dozens of reputable car insurance agencies that operate in Edmonton, so it’s easy to compare providers to find the best rates. You may want to start by comparing Canada-wide insurers such as Allstate, The Co-operators and several of Canada’s big banks.

You can request quotes directly from these companies to avoid any mark-up that a broker might put on your rates. It’s also possible to use a third-party broker to compare providers like the ones in our analysis if you want to check the rates for several insurers simultaneously.

Minimum provincial requirements for car insurance in Edmonton

You’ll need to have a minimum level of insurance to drive a vehicle in Edmonton, which includes the following:

  • Liability insurance. Covers your costs if you need to pay for the injuries or vehicle damage of another driver in an accident that’s your fault (minimum $200,000).
  • Accident benefits. Pays for any medical bills or time off work you may incur from getting into an accident (up to $50,000 per person plus additional coverage).

Are there eligibility requirements for car insurance in Edmonton?

Eligibility requirements

To apply for car insurance in Edmonton, you’ll typically need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Have a valid Canadian driver’s licence
  • Own the vehicle you wish to insure
  • Be willing to purchase the minimum amount of liability coverage

How to apply

If you think you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for car insurance coverage with these simple steps:

  1. Apply for a quote on the website of the car insurance provider you’re interested in.
  2. Upload the required documentation, including a valid driver’s licence, proof of address and the bill of sale for your vehicle.
  3. Get verified and work with your car insurance provider to negotiate the terms of your car insurance if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Bottom line

You’ll likely have to pay $1,300 or more per year to get your car on the road in Edmonton. This amount is in line with the provincial average and is similar to other large cities like Calgary. Just be aware that you could end up paying thousands more each year if you choose to add collision or comprehensive onto your policy.

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