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50 Best finance blogs on financial freedom for women

Learn how to save, earn and invest with our list of the best finance blogs for women.

Minding your personal finance is the first step to start taking control of your money and your life. Although there are thousands of personal finance blogs that can show you how to save your first 100K, few talks about finances for women.

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That’s why Finder compiled this list of 50 of the best personal finance blogs by women for women of all ages and in all walks of life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or in the thick of your money journey. Follow a finance blog today to learn the best-kept secrets to saving, earning, and investing.

Let these women inspire you to know more about how to be financially independent.

Here are the Top 50 finance blogs to follow

1. Barbara Friedberg

Raised by parents who were committed to doing everything they could to build wealth and work their way out of poverty, Barbara’s key takeaway growing up was to “Look for opportunities to increase your income”. By sharing her story and her money wisdom, she hopes to inspire others so they too can achieve financial independence.

Barbara earned an Economics degree and a Master of Business in Finance. She is a former portfolio manager and university Investments instructor. Get more expert advice from Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

Building wealth isn’t about ‘striking it rich’, or hitting it big in day trading or crypto. Investing is boring. Contribute regularly to your [retirement savings account], brokerage account or a robo advisor.

“Transfer as much money as you can,” Friedberg continues. “Invest that money in diversified stock and bond ETFs. With the power of compounding returns, a $400 per month investment could grow to $725,000 at retirement. That’s assuming you start investing at age 30, retire at age 65, and earn an average 7% annual return.”

2. Bola Sokunbi

Next up on our list of top women bloggers in the personal finance space is Bola, a Certified Financial Education Instructor, speaker, four-time bestselling author, and also the founder of Clever Girl Finance. Her role model? Her very own mom!

Financial wellness is something everyone should strive towards especially in today’s world and it should not have to cost you money. When you are empowered to achieve financial wellness, you can live life on your own terms.

3. Marjolein

Working out better money habits was just the first step for this Financial Controller to reach financial freedom. Throwing in side hustles like where she began blogging away about debt stepped up her A-game.

Marjolein graduated with a student loan debt and a negative net worth of $25,000 when she started her personal finance blog. Within three years, she paid off her debt and built up a net worth of $150,000.

Marjolein says, “When you’re struggling with debt, it’s easy to stick your head in the sand and pretend nothing is going on. You have to see your situation for what it truly is. Only then can you try to change it.”

The worst money mistake is to avoid everything that has to do with money. An easy way to start? Track where you spend your money, try your bank’s budgeting app, and think twice before buying.

4. Fiona Smith

Fiona co-founded a non-profit with a mission to improve people’s access to financial literacy. She is among the few top financial bloggers catering to women who have a Master of Science degree in Personal Financial Planning. She’s behind The Millennial Money Woman and the author of How to Get Rich from Nothing.

Practicing frugality is one of the key themes you’ll find Fiona consistently advocating for.

If you’re looking to get started on frugal living, then the first step is to take a very close look at your budget. You will want to categorize your expenses into three sections: Needs, Wants, and Wishes. To live frugally, you’ll want to cut out your wants and wishes.

“The next step is to cut almost all subscriptions, regardless of how small, because a small leak can sink a big ship. Finally, you can also take on a new side hustle to earn extra money, which you should save and invest. Follow these three simple steps and you’ll see your financial lifestyle change for the better.”

5. Robyn

Not all personal finance bloggers transitioned from being broke to becoming multi-millionaires. Robyn is in the thick of her journey learning how to be financially stable. There are practical tips to learn from this mom who’s constantly making a tight budget work no matter what.

Robyn took a long overdue interest in her personal finances when she went through a period of extended unemployment. She realized information about finance was scarce which drove her to start a blog.

My dream is to provide parents with the tools to live a frugal lifestyle that is both fun and sustainable.

6. Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica is one of the leading voices promoting financial literacy in Canada today. She is an Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, speaker, and host of the More Money Podcast. She also founded a financial education company to serve those who seek non-judgemental financial guidance.

Jessica started her personal finance journey after graduating with student loan debt and no job at the height of the Great Recession. Set on building a better life for herself, she started a blog in 2011, then launched her podcast in 2015 to become one of the top finance bloggers today.

Discovering the power of financial literacy changed my life! Now, I’m on a mission to teach others how they too can take control of their lives by taking control of their money.

7. Sanjana Vig, M.D.

Sanjana, an anaesthesiologist and entrepreneur with an MBA to boot, created The Female Professional where she sometimes vented, and sometimes celebrated her life. It has become one of the most popular blogs for women.

There are two things that women must do regarding finances: Start investing early and maintain their financial independence. The earlier you start investing, even small amounts, the quicker you’ll gain the benefits of being in the market.

“No matter what your life situation is, having cash resources for yourself is key. It allows you to stay independent. That contributes to your sense of self and inner strength. It also ensures you have the ability to do what is best for you, without needing anyone else’s permission.”

8. Kelan and Brittany Kline

Savvy Couple Kelan and Brittany amassed $40,000 in student debt. That got them plotting how they can pay it off quickly so they could work their way to financial freedom and finally start living for real.

By starting an online side hustle and growing their online business, they were able to pay off their debt and increase their savings quickly.

I f you and your spouse are not on the same page with your finances, you need to sit down and start dreaming together again. Align your vision, create your dream life, and develop a strategy to make it a reality.

“Far too many financial gurus focus on saving and budgeting money which is a great starting point, but the real impact comes from learning new skills and increasing your income as much as possible.”

9. Dominique Broadway

As a Personal Finance Expert, Dominique has had the opportunity to work alongside wealthy individuals. Throughout her years in the corporate world, it became apparent that financial advice was not available for all, and so she founded Finances Demystified.

Dominique was named Top 30 Under 30 in Washington DC, Future Business Leader of America Businessperson of the Year, and Top Financial Advisor for Millennials in the US. She has also been featured on USA Today,, and Yahoo! among others.

Asked about her top money advice for young professionals, Dominique says:

Start investing and focusing on your money NOW! Now is the best time to start saving, investing, and becoming money savvy. Time is on your side when it comes to investing and making your money grow, take advantage of it!

10. Paula Pant

Unlike so many finance bloggers, Paula is rather what she terms, “anti-budget”. She teaches people to automatically divert a portion of their income to a savings account instead of writing down every last cent they spend.

Paula talks about being able to afford anything – but not everything. She values frugality but she’s not one to promote extreme penny-pinching. She also reminds everyone to “invest the gap” between earning and saving.

Paula was captured saying in Get Smart With Money airing on Netflix:

Every time you make a purchase, you’re trading a part of your life away. The way we manage our money influences every aspect of our lives and yet no one ever formally teaches it to us.

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11. Jean Chatzky

Jean worked as a journalist before she founded HerMoney Media in 2018 and authored the best-selling book, Women With Money, shortly after.

Cranking up credit card debt equivalent to a half-year’s salary and withdrawing money from her 401(k) are just two of the bad money decisions she confesses to having committed and fortunately weathered through her lifetime.

12. Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

Lynnette is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom. Apart from her blog, she also heads LLC, a financial education company. Together with her husband, Earl, she works with various organizations to deliver financial literacy programs and other consultancy services.

Lynnette worked as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and, CNBC and the Personal Finance Editor at Dow Jones & Co. Inc.

13. Erin Lowry

An overwhelming desire to help young people have the confidence to have meaningful conversations about money and make them feel in control of their finances inspired Erin to set up

14. Farnoosh Torabi

Seriously giving your personal finances an overhaul? You can’t afford to miss the money advice of Farnoosh. She attributes the foundation of her personal finance journey to immigrant parents who taught her the value of money early in life.

15. Bridget Casey

It’s no secret how student loans are delaying a lot of people from achieving their financial goals. If you’re going through the same sob story, check out Bridget’s blog.

Bridget earned a degree in chemistry and biological sciences with honors and although she never practiced, she piled $21K in student loans. Developing her money acumen helped her pay back every cent and she tells everyone how to do the same.

16. Tiffany Aliche

I’m like the preschool teacher of financial education.

New York Times bestselling author Tiffany introduces herself on Netflix’s Get Smart With Money. She was a preschool teacher before becoming one of the most recognizable personal finance influencers.

Once she got out of her own “post-traumatic broke syndrome,” the desire to help other women reach the same happy ending kicked in. Today, she runs The Live Richer Academy, an online platform where she focuses on women and money.

17. Sara Trezzi

Gathering Dreams is the culmination of all the things Sara Trezzi is passionate about – money, food, and travel. Once tied to a 9 to 9 job working in the film industry, Sara was finally able to break free. Her desire for others to reach the same fulfilling experience is the inspiration behind her personal finance blog.

18. Tori Dunlap

Made especially to ignite women’s interest in managing their finances, Tori blogs for women about raising their first 100K. She gives ladies the first dibs on how to wield the power of money.

19. Jane Sardoma-Susaeta

Jane, creator of, is no stranger to that dreadful 9 to 5 shift. Driven by the desire to snap out of that grind, she got on every opportunity to make money from home, made serious bucks running her blog, and was also able to raise her kids and pursue her passions every single day.

20. Emilie Bellet

Emilie blogs about women and money. She built a career in private equity at Lehman Brothers. She candidly shares how poorly she managed her own finances and knew so little about investing! Now, when she looks back, leaving the corporate world with a mission to include women in conversations about money was the best decision she has ever made.

21. Mary Beth Storjohann

Beth is a Certified Financial Planner who runs, which is among the most recognized personal finance websites today. She is also a Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Abacus Wealth Partners.

22. Zaneilia Harris

Zaneilia blogs for women to help empower them economically and financially. Zaneilia is the founder and President of H&H Wealth Management Group. Her background and role as a mother, wife, and professional make her value connections and relationships in navigating finances.

23. Julie Rains

Julie sets out to uncover the myths surrounding money and unravel the mysteries of investing. She and her husband reached their millionaire status before turning 40 and she wants others to accomplish the same.

Julie is the writer and publisher behind the personal finance blog, Investing to Thrive where she educates readers about financial topics so that they too can be smarter about money.

24. Ashley Patrick

Once Ashley and her husband set a goal to pay off $45,000 in loans and did it within just 17 months, they found the path to financial independence. Ashley is now a financial coach with a degree in Psychology. She blogs about taking control of habits that influence money.

25. Caroline Vencil

Caroline hustled and penny-pinched since she was 19, married with a baby, and living in a household with a single income of $10 an hour. She learned to save as much as can be saved then started blogging in 2015 so that others may learn from it.

26. Kristia Ludwick

From a corporate career managing millions of dollars, Kristia started Family Balance Sheet. It became her way of showing others how she and her husband make their money work wonders for their family. In 2013, they drew up a Debt Freedom Plan which officially released them from non-mortgage debts as of 2019.

27. Desirae Odjick

Half Banked started in 2020 with the story of Desirae Odjick. Like many young people fresh out of college, she was close to being broke. After figuring out her finances, she turned her life around.

The Half-Banked philosophy accounts for the millennial mindset and is centered on four foundations: spend well, save money, make a budget, and invest your money.

28. Jackie Beck

Jackie Beck is a Gen-Xer who started mastering personal finance in 2006 and started The Debt Myth in 2011. It became one of the very first personal finance resources on the internet that inspired people to tackle their debt.

29. Karen Cordaway

Everyone’s got bucket lists to fulfill, and if you’re one of those waiting until retirement to start crossing off items on your list one by one, let Karen talk you through how you can create memorable moments right now.

30. Kate Horrell

Credit card troubles in college, fear of becoming broke, and starting a family all gave Kate a life-changing perspective on everything money. Now an Accredited Financial Counselor, she goes beyond her blog and offers coaching services to help others succeed in their respective journeys to master how they handle money.

31. Chris and Jaime

For young newlyweds struggling to keep their sanity together amidst their constantly changing life situation and financial circumstances, you’d pick up a grain or two of wisdom from Chris and Jaime. If you believe in putting God in the center of your home, then you’ll love what this couple has to say even more.

32. Lauren Cobello

Lauren is a single mom of four who was stubborn enough to resist the temptation of keeping up with the Joneses.

She’s been living her best life ever since she found a way to make living on a budget work. She tells others about it through her blog.

33. Latoya Scott

Bankrupt by the age of 23, you can say Latoya must’ve done every wrong that could possibly be done with money. She educated herself and learned to control money since then. She’s now a Certified Financial Education Instructor and shares her journey on Life and Budget.

34. Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

We need women to be wealthy

The team at The Fiscal Femme says of its purpose. They’re giving women a voice, and fighting gender inequality and racism by making women richer.

Founder Ashley, also an author, entrepreneur, feminist, and the creator of the 30-Day Money Cleanse Program, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Wharton.

35. Emma Johnson

Emma is the woman behind Wealthy Single Mommy, now among the most recognized blogs for women and single moms.

She thought other professional, single moms like her needed to be inspired to navigate their new life raising their kids alone. Not only that, she wanted to support them find their next happiness by living the sexiest, most independent versions of themselves.

Smiling woman blogger leaning against a desk

36. Amy Blacklock & Vicki Cook

Get doubly inspired to multiply your money IQ with Women Who Money, the personal finance site founded by Amy of Life Zemplified, and Vicki of Make Smarter Decisions.

Read more stories, tips, and advice especially made for women by women from all walks of life. Learn how to budget, earn, save, and plan your money while also figuring out your relationships and unlocking entrepreneurship.

37. Jeraldine Phneah

Throw in an eastern flavor to your money journey! There’s tons more wisdom you can pick up and use to create a savvy personal finance mindset. Check out Jeraldine Phneah, a millennial tech career professional helping startups growth hack their way to the top.

Jeraldine has been cited as one of the Linkedin Top Voices in Singapore. She has also been featured in the media, including Forbes and The Straits Times. If you like her finance blog, don’t forget to check out the ASEAN Tech Leaders podcast which she hosts.

38. Karen Tang

Certified Financial Planner Karen Tang promotes a holistic approach to figuring out your personal finances. While she writes specifically for Singaporean readers, you’ll find advice that is applicable anywhere you are in the world, like Secure a Comfortable Retirement by Avoiding These 12 Mistakes.

39. Vicki Robin

If you’re ready to devour money acuity and unafraid to be honest with yourself then Vicki’s blog is your jam. Vicki co-authored the New York Times best seller Your Money or Your Life with Joe Dominguez.

40. Holly and Greg Johnson

Having worked at a mortuary before starting Club Thrifty, Greg and Holly witnessed both old and young people pass away unplanned or without warning. This led the Johnsons to want to live life differently.

The first step, they figured, was to pay off all their debt. As they freed up more money, they were able to save more, traveled to over 40 countries, and started their own business.

41. Dasha Kennedy

Dasha Kennedy, The Broke Black Girl, identifies herself as a Community Manager. Her mission is to help improve the financial health and literacy of people who don’t have access to financial resources. She consults for companies running corporate social responsibility programs that are aimed at closing the racial and gender wealth gap.

42. Kumiko Love

Accredited Financial Counselor and founder of The Budget Mom Kumiko admits she enjoyed working on a budget but found it challenging to stick to it. That was until she figured out how to be realistic about her money goals, including how much she has to spend and how much she can save.

43. Jamila Souffrant

Jamila published her first finance blog post on Journey To Launch in 2016 to document her personal experience in achieving financial freedom. Since successfully taking control of money, she took on supporting others to accomplish financial freedom as her next mission.

44. Berna Anat

After Filipino-American Berna Anat conquered $50,000 in debt, she’s been busy reawakening the Financial Hype Woman inside of her. Berna vlogs. You can catch more of Berna’s crazy antics and money wisdom across her social media accounts.

45. Delyanne Barros

Delyanne, a Brazilian-born US citizen, believed that money can only come from hard work. After finishing law school and starting work at a top law firm in New York, she found herself sitting on student debt and working a job that stressed her out every day. It became imperative for her to leave and rediscover what inspires her.

Today, Delyanne is on track to retire by 45. She is the money coach with investing on top of her mind.

46. Emma Edwards

Many times, how we see and feel about money requires a deeper diagnosis that goes beyond learning how to budget or mastering investing. Emma, a Financial Psychology graduate, blogs for womento start every money journey by getting to know themselves and use that as an anchor for current and future money goals.

47. Haley Sacks

I was bored by the overly-serious content available but eager to be financially fit,

Haley’s Linkedin profile reads. Haley, aka Mrs Dow Jones, first made waves on Instagram in 2017. She founded Finance Is Cool, now a financial media company, by fusing her pop culture appeal with her finance know-how.

48. Rebecca Lake

In 2014, Rebecca became a newly single mom of two, jobless except for a freelance writing gig, and haunted by close to $100,000 in debt. After she found a way to grow her freelance business and monetize Boss Single Mama and one other blog, she started making $25,000 a month. She’s now a Certified Educator in Personal Finance.

49. Victoria Pruett

Victoria founded A Modern Homestead which quickly became her family’s new source of income after her husband lost his job. They teamed up to drastically downsize, move to the countryside, and cut down their budget to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

50. Miranda Marquit

With an M.A. in Journalism and MBA under her belt, Miranda gladly chose freelancing vs. climbing the corporate ladder. Having discovered the freedom, flexibility and endless possibilities, she decided to blog about her experiences, so she can assist others in following a similar path and enjoying the perks as well.

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