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Editor, Investments

Matt Miczulski is an investments editor at Finder. With over 450 bylines, Matt dissects and reviews brokers and investing platforms to expose perks and pain points, explores investment products and concepts and covers market news, making investing more accessible and helping readers to make informed financial decisions.

Before joining Finder in 2021, Matt covered everything from finance news and banking to debt and travel for FinanceBuzz. His expertise and analysis on investing and other financial topics has been featured on CBS, MSN, Best Company and Consolidated Credit, among others. Matt holds a BA in history from William Paterson University.


  • Trading and investing
  • Broker and trading platform reviews
  • Money management


  • Featured on MSN, CBS, Best Company and MediaFeed, among other sites
  • More than 450 bylines on investing, budgeting and saving, paying off debt, mortgages, credit cards and more
  • Well versed in breaking down financial jargon and complex topics to meet readers where they are in their financial journey


  • Bachelor of Arts, History

Educational organizations

  • William Paterson University

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Industry insights from Matt Miczulski

We asked Matt a few questions around investing and industry trends.

What trading and investing platforms do you use personally?

TD Ameritrade and Robinhood are two brokers I personally use for trading and investing. TD Ameritrade is where I do the bulk of my investing. I enjoy the clean, sophisticated look and feel of its web and desktop trading platforms. Its research tools are extensive and informative — I particularly like its valuation tool, which provides an analysis of valuation metrics like price-to-earnings ratio, gross profit margin, dividend yield and growth rate, earnings and revenue growth and financial strength, among others. TD Ameritrade offers all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a big broker, and it’s been my go-to platform since 2017. I also have an account with Robinhood, which I use occasionally for speculative trades and fractional share trading. Robinhood offers a completely different feel compared to TD Ameritrade, and it’s a nice change of pace. It’s engaging and incredibly easy to trade.

What’s the difference between trading and investing?

The main difference between trading and investing is the timeline. Traders usually look to capitalize on short-term price movements of a security and make quicker profits, while investors look to grow their money over the long-term by buying and holding a security.

What should investors consider when looking for a broker or trading app?

This is a good question, because there are so many different brokers nowadays, each with its own unique spin on the trading experience. I’d say to consider these factors when looking for a broker or trading app: Decide if you want to invest on your own or have your portfolio managed. If you want your portfolio managed, are you open to a robo-advisor? If you want to invest on your own, does the platform meet your experience level? Does it offer the tools and resources that match your trading style? Look at account types and available investment options so you can build the portfolio you want. Look at trading and miscellaneous fees to gauge the overall cost of using the broker. Look at user reviews to gauge the overall sentiment of the platform. And last but not least, judge the broker’s level of customer support. You want to be confident that you’ll get the help you need if a problem or question arises.

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