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Our verdict

If you're currently experiencing financial hardship, consider connects you with a debt relief provider near you based on your financial situation. After you plug in your details, such as how much money you owe in unsecured debt, credit score and postal code, connects you with a licensed local debt specialist to help you work through your debts. The goal is to help you get out of debt faster and with less interest paid. also provides information, tools and resources to help Canadians get out of debt. does not provide any debt consolidation loans, so look elsewhere if this is what you need.

Best for: Those who have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt.


  • Learn about various strategies to get out of debt
  • Reduce your debt payments
  • Free to use


  • Not a lender
  • Debts with collateral are not eligible
  • Creditors may not be willing to negotiate

In this guide

  • Our verdict
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Your reviews

Is legit?

It is. has a head office in Vancouver and provides live support via chat and over the phone. It says it has helped consumers manage over $2.1 billion of debt by connecting them with local debt relief specialists and credit counselling agencies. is at least 20 years old and is active on social media with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts. It also has an active blog with a network of contributors that include prominent Canadian personal finance experts and financial journalists.

What we like about

  • Easy, secure online application with quick referrals. After filling out the application form online, your debts will be assessed and you’ll hear from a local debt specialist or credit counsellor on the same day.
  • Helps you understand your debt relief options. If you’re drowning in debt and you don’t know how to get started on fixing your financial problems, can help you build an understanding of your debt relief options so you can choose the right route for you.
  • Helps you negotiate with your lenders. While doesn’t provide debt relief services directly, its partners specialize in brokering debt settlement plans, negotiating lower interest rates and building customized debt repayment plans that fit your budget. says these debt relief options often get you out of the red within 2 to 4 years.
  • Reduce stress over your debts. Regardless of which debt relief option you take, from debt consolidation loans to a debt settlement, your contact can help you negotiate lower interest rates and lower monthly payments so you can better manage your debt repayments.
  • No fees.‘s application process is completely free to use and you are under no obligation to accept any of the debt relief options that you receive. Its online resources, from calculators to information on your debt relief options, are free too.

What to watch out for

  • Unsecured debts only. Secured debts cannot be settled via Secured debts include student loans, mortgages, HELOCs, tax or government debt, vehicle loans, home loans and lawsuits.
  • Hurts your credit rating. If you opt for a debt settlement, a debt management program via a credit counselling agency, a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, your credit score will take a hit. However, keep in mind that if you keep defaulting on your loan, your credit score will also take a beating.
  • Potential for additional fees. While doesn’t charge any fees for its application process and referrals, you may encounter additional fees and extra costs as you go through the debt relief process with your debt specialist or credit counsellor, depending on which organization and option you go with.
  • Only some debt specialists showcased. has a number of local organizations it works with in each region, so you’ll only get quotes from a segment of specialists. This could lead you to miss out on other options.

Summary of reviews

There are limited reviews to be found online. However, the small number of reviews we were able to find were generally positive. Reviewers mention that they have received helpful and non-judgmental advice from on how to get out of debt.

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Do you qualify for’s services?

You’re a good candidate for’s services if you’re currently experiencing a hardship that is preventing you from paying your creditors, and you have at least $10,000 in unsecured debt.

How much will it cost me to use

Using is completely free. You won’t pay any fees for applying and you are under no obligation to accept any of the debt relief options that you receive. You may encounter fees as you go through the debt relief process with your debt specialist or credit counsellor, depending on what debt relief option you go with. Make sure you clarify with them what charges you may incur before proceeding.

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What types of debt relief strategies does offer?

If you’re drowning in debt or on the brink of bankruptcy, can walk you through debt relief options that can help you reduce the amount you owe, combine all of your payments into 1 lower monthly payment and get out of debt in as little as 2 to 4 years.

The debt relief options include the following:

Debt settlement

With debt settlement, will connect you with a debt settlement company who will contact your lenders on your behalf to settle your debts. You will offer your creditors a lump sum of cash – less than what you owe – to settle your debts. If your creditor agrees to the settlement, your account will be closed and will report as settled on your credit report.

You’ll need to pay the debt settlement company an upfront fee and/or a percentage of the amount settled. The risk with debt settlement is that your credit score may take a hit, and your creditors may not be willing to negotiate.

Debt consolidation loans

If you have multiple unsecured debts you’re having trouble keeping up with, a debt consolidation loan combines them all into 1 loan with a lower interest rate. This simplifies your payments and saves you interest. Learn more about debt consolidation loans in general.

Credit counselling

Credit counselling offers a long-term approach to paying off your debts and understanding money management. If you’re paired with a credit counselling agency, the counsellors will take a look at your income and debts to create a debt management plan tailored to your budget. Credit counsellors can act as a mediator between you and your creditors to negotiate for a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments on your loans.

Consumer proposal

A consumer proposal is another option to evade bankruptcy. A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) will help you file a consumer proposal, which is a legally binding arrangement between you and your creditors to settle your debts. Your LIT works in your corner to get you the best deal possible to lower your debt repayments. This route hurts your credit score and your ability to borrow for at least 3 years. You must owe less than $250,000 in unsecured debt to qualify for a consumer proposal.

Bankruptcy may recommend bankruptcy and connect you with a Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee to help with the process. Bankruptcy is often a last resort because it negatively impacts your credit score for at least 7 years, the filing becomes public record and it comes with costly fees. However, it can provide you with a fresh start on your finances and removes all of your existing debts.

Across the board, these debt relief options have their advantages and disadvantages. Discuss with to help you decide which option is right for you.

How to apply with isn’t a direct lender. After you plug in your details, it will connect you with a local debt relief specialist or credit counsellor.

Here’s a step-by-step guide if you want to apply:

  1. Head over to’s website.
  2. Use the slider to indicate how much debt you owe.
  3. Pick a button to choose which category your credit rating falls under, ranging from Excellent to Poor.
  4. Indicate whether you are a homeowner or not.
  5. Enter your postal code to help identify debt relief specialists that are in your neighbourhood.
  6. Enter your personal details, including your full name, your debt amount, your phone number and your email address.
  7. Once you submit an application, will email you with your savings estimate and your debt relief options. It will also forward your information to local debt specialists who will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your options.

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Bottom line

If you’re struggling with debt, you’re not alone: the average Canadian consumer has $20,739 of non-mortgage debt, according to credit rating agency Equifax. This includes debt from credit cards, loans and lines of credit. is a useful resource for exploring your options to get out of debt. While it’s free to use, you may encounter fees down the road if you want to use certain debt relief services. Also, there is no guarantee that your creditors will be willing to reduce your debt payments. Still, using is a reasonable first step to taking control of your finances.

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