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Track every click with Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s heat maps and scroll reports help paint a picture of how your users interact with your site.


Crazy Egg is a web analytics company specialising in user experience (UX) and usability tools. It was founded in 2005 by Neil Patel and is based in La Mirada, California. Clients of Crazy Egg include Yahoo!, Etsy and Dell. A basic plan can be accessed for around US$9/month.

Prices last checked August 2017

What does Crazy Egg do?

Crazy Egg offers web analytics that focus on how a website’s visitors interact with its pages. Its “Big Four” offerings to do this are:

  • Heatmap. A heatmap looks a bit like a weather map in terms of the thermal imaging approach it takes. It shows you where people are clicking your site, which shows you what parts of it are hot and which parts could use changes, in order to deliver more conversions.
  • Confetti. Every individual click on your website is displayed and classified by where it came from, what the visitor was searching for, and more.
  • Scrollmap. The scrollmaps visualise your website in degrees of heat. The most-viewed portions appear dark red with the colour going lighter to indicate how far down a page visitors are scrolling before leaving the site altogether.
  • Overlay. This combines the other elements to provide a cohesive look at how many clicks each element is bringing to the website.

Other Crazy Egg features

  • Recordings. Signing up for any of Crazy Egg’s packages also earns you the right to add its Recordings offering for free. This is exactly what it sounds like: taking video of user time on the website to see what visitors viewed, what they clicked on and what was their stopping point before leaving the site.
  • A WordPress plugin.

Plans and pricing

Basic10,000 Visits Per Month
10 Active Pages
Daily Reports
(Paid annually)
Standard25,000 Visits Per Month
20 Active Pages
Daily Reports
(Paid annually)
Plus100,000 Visits Per Month
50 Active Pages
Hourly Reports
Advanced Filtering
Mobile Heatmaps
Priority Email Support
(Paid annually)
Pro250,000 Visits Per Month
100 Active Pages
Hourly Reports
Advanced Filtering
Mobile Heatmaps
Priority Email Support
Priority Phone Support
(Paid annually)

All prices in US dollars. Prices last checked August 2017

Pros and cons

Crazy Egg has several user experience visualisations that are unique, and they can add a new dimension to how you view your web metrics. However, some of its own customer interaction is a bit lacking.


  • All plans are free for the first 30 days.
  • Although not easy to find, its site map makes travelling the website very simple.


  • For being a website all about user experience, its front page is confusing and contains very little information other than a way to sign up.
  • The free trial still requires you to enter your credit card information, a considerable turnoff for many browsers.

FAQs about Crazy Egg

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