WorldRemit Wins Fastest Transfer Award

WorldRemit takes home Fastest Transfer in the Money Transfer Awards 2017. We know arriving fashionably late is not an option when sending money transfers, making this one an important trophy to win. Ismail Ahmed founded WorldRemit after he experienced the arduous process of getting money to his family in Africa. This time, the challenge was competing against other international money transfer services in the US to win a Money Transfer Award.

We narrowed down the contenders to 35 and collected 1,575 data points on rates, speeds, features, availability, usability and credibility. Twenty-two providers made it to the account set-up phase, and 13 remained as finalists. We then sent live transfers with these providers, selecting the fastest method of transfer to measure for speed. In partnership with, we conducted usability testing to measure the speed it took to sign up and input the required information to send a transfer. We gave points to those providers who allowed users to transfer money in a single transaction, avoiding the need to first transfer funds to a provider or out of an account.

We went through all of this trouble, opening our accounts to fraud, to get the details needed to help you make better decisions. And in the end, WorldRemit was victorious in capturing Fastest Speed. See the scorecard below for details on its win.

Taking home Fastest Transfer award, WorldRemit makes clear that they know speed can be a serious matter to those sending money overseas.

— Fred Schebesta, CEO

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Fastest Transfer

WorldRemit scored big by knowing that as important as it is to send money, it needs to get there in time. Sending money directly within a single-transfer transaction means no additional steps or hidden waiting time. Managing expectations is key to a successful interaction, and WorldRemit clocked in sooner than the estimated 24 hours.

WorldRemit Fastest Transfer Award
MetricScaleWorldRemitAverage Score
Shortest time to receive funds in bank account0.0 (Live transfer fail)
2.0 (9 days)
4.0 (8 days)
6.0 (7 days)
8.0 (6 days)
10.0 (5 days)
12.0 (4 days)
14.0 (3 days)
16.0 (2 days)
18.0 (1 day)
20.0 (Less than 24 hours)
Time to complete transfer sign-up and input transfer details1.0 (5 minutes or more)
2.0 (4:00–4:59 minutes)
3.0 (3:00–3:59 minutes)
4.0 (2:00–2:59 minutes)
5.0 (1:00–1:59 minutes)
6.0 (Less than 1 minute)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
2.0 (Digital wallet)
4.0 (Single transaction)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 25 points)26.021.2
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