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When on the road, having insurance is a must – especially if your van is your livelihood. Vans are often the target of thefts, and accidents are always a risk. Having the right insurance can give you peace of mind, and help you out if the worst should happen.

The Van Insurer works with a selection of brokers to find the cheapest and best policy for you, as well as offering a variety of van insurance options.

Check out our guide to find out if The Van Insurer could have the insurance policy for you.

The Van Insurer

The Van Insurer

  • Guaranteed to beat cheaper quotes
  • Get quotes from 50 brokers
  • Windscreen cover, for comprehensive policies
  • Accidental damage and fire damage cover for comprehensive policies

Who is The Van Insurer?

The Van Insurer is a UK based company that compares van insurance policies to find the lowest price. They have been in operation since 2008, and have since helped thousands across the UK to find the right insurance. The provider was created after the success of their previous insurance comparison site, The Bike Insurer, and they now work with more than 40 brokers.

They aim to provide their customers with the cheapest and best quality van insurance.

What are my cover options with The Van Insurer?

You can pretty much find insurance for any type of van with The Can Insurer. You can find cover for ice cream vans to handyman vans and everything in between. Policies include but are not limited to the following:

  • Standard van insurance
  • Any driver van insurance
  • Business van insurance
  • Temporary van insurance
  • Private van insurance
  • Builders’ van insurance
  • Plumbers van insurance
  • Pickup truck insurance

What are my cover level options?

The Van Insurer offers three levels of cover, these are:

Third Party only

This is the most basic form of cover, and is the minimum insurance requirement by UK law. This policy covers damage to third parties and their property. It does not cover any damage to your own vehicle

Third Party Fire and Theft

This is a slightly more extensive form of cover. This policy will cover any damage to third parties and their property, as well as any damage to your own vehicle by fire or theft. However, your van will not be covered for any accidental damage.


This is the highest form of van insurance offered. This policy will cover any damage done to third parties and their property, as well as any damage to your vehicle by fire, theft or an accident.

What is covered under my policy?

Cover BenefitsThird party onlyThird party, fire and theftComprehensive
Liability to others
Liability to passengers
Damage to third parties
Damage by fire
Damage by theft or stolen
Accidental damage
Emergency treatment
Breakdown coverOptionalOptionalOptional
Windscreen coverOptionalOptionalOptional

What is my excess?

Your excess is the amount of money that you will be expected to pay if you have to make a claim.

Your excess price might differ depending on your insurance provider, the age of your van and your driving experience. Make sure you read your Policy Schedule to find out full details about your excess.

What is the claims process for The Van Insurer?

For details on how to make a claim, check your Policy Schedule to find out your provider and their claims number.

You will need to have your Van insurance number to hand as you will need it for the process. Your policy number can be found in your Policy Schedule.

Pros and cons for The Van Insurer


  • They offer a guarantee to beat cheaper quotes
  • You can get insurance for a huge range of van types
  • There is easy access to reviews


  • The website isn’t clearly laid out and it isn’t easy to find relevant information
  • Cover options are not clearly laid out and detailed
  • There is no access to policy documents.

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