MidCounties Co-operative travel insurance review

Can MidCounties Co-operative provide you with the right level of travel insurance cover for your next trip?


Co-operative Travel

If you’re looking for a reliable, ethical provider for your travel insurance, but don’t want to compromise on cover or price, MidCounties Co-operative Travel might be your destination of choice.

Check out our review of MidCounties Co-operative travel and the travel insurance they offer below.

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Name Product Maximum Medical Cover Details
Single Trip
Single Trip
Cover for 3 days to 3 weeks or more
Annual Multi-Trip
Annual Multi-Trip
Max. trip limit of 31 days for those aged 74 and below

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Who is MidCounties Co-operative?

Not many people realise when they visit the local Co-op, that the Co-operative is an umbrella organisation of democratic ethical members. The MidCounties Co-operative group are the largest independent co-operative in the UK, and operate their own shops as well as a whole host of financial, insurance, travel and charitable services.

What are my cover options with MidCounties Co-operative?

MidCounties Co-operative pride themselves on giving those that travel with them the freedom to make the most of their holiday, by providing cover for a whole host of different activities, eventualities and surprises. Their insurance includes:

  • Cancellation and Curtailment (Up to £5,000)
  • Medical Expenses (Up to £10,000,000)
  • Personal Possessions (Up to £1,500)
  • Free Flight Delay Airport Lounge Access
  • Winter Sport & Cruise Cover Included free on our Super Cover
  • Golf Cover, Wedding Cover, Business Cover Included free on our Super Cover
  • Optional Gadget Cover Up to five devices

They also offer the bonus of of covering under twos for free, so you don’t have to worry about your little ones, but they do only cover under 79s through their website.

What is covered is dependent on which kind of insurance you get and what premium you choose, so here is just a few of their policies on offer this holiday season.

Types of policy on offer:

This is for one off travelers under 79 (at the time of purchase) who are going on a single holiday for a set amount of time. MidCounties Co-operative offer competitive single trip insurance, including:

  • Cover under twos for free when traveling with an insured adult
  • Europe and worldwide policies available
  • A huge number of activities like snorkeling covered on their ‘Super cover’
If you will be taking quite a few trips this year, it might be an idea to get annual multi-trip that will cover you for all of them in one payment. MidCounties co-operative offer good multi-trip coverage, including:

  • No limit to the amount of holidays you can take
  • Loads of activities covered as standard
  • Free cover for under twos (at the time of purchase)
No one wants anny big surprises on their big day, especially when those big surprises could burn a hole in your already wedding-stretched pockets. MidCounties Co-operative offer tailored overseas wedding cover, including:

  • Cover for wedding rings and wedding attire
  • Coverage for under 79s (at the time of purchase)
  • Cover for personal possessions

If you’re venturing to colder climes this trip, you can add the optional winter sports upgrade to your MidCounties co-operative travel insurance.

  • Covers everything from snowboarding equipment to off-piste skiing
  • Available to under 65s (at the time of purchase)
  • Only available as an optional extra for premium customers

MidCounties co-op offer a tailored insurance extra for customers of a golfing inclination, with features such as:

  • Coverage for your own of hired equipment if it gets lost, stolen or damaged
  • Coverage for trips lasting less than 31 days
  • Coverage for non-refundable golf related bookings (like tuition or pre-paid green time), in case you can’t attend
  • This is included in ‘Super cover’, but not available on the lower premiums
Cruises are a lot of fun, but with all those locations in one trip, they can come with their own set of insurance needs. As well as all the standard coverage, the cruise coverage optional extra includes:

  • Missed port departure of up to £2,000
  • Unused excursions of up to £500
  • Cabin confinement of up to £1,000
  • Itinerary change of up to £300 per port

What is my excess?

Your excess is the amount that the insurer will ask you to pay in the event of a claim before they are willing to pay out.

The amount of your excess you have to pay will depend on which policy level you have and the nature of your claim. Make sure to check your policy schedule where your excess details will be shown in detail.

How do I claim on my Co-operative travel insurance?

Claims have to made within 28 days of your return and must be made via a Global response claim form. You can get your claim form by calling Global Response at 00 44 (0) 343 658 0345, or you can email them at travelclaims@global-response.co.uk with a brief description of your claim, your certificate number and your name. They will then email you your claims form.

All claims will require supporting evidence, so be sure you keep any receipts or evidence and make copies before sending them off to the claims team.

MidCounties co-op pros and cons


  • Well known ethical brand.
  • Affordable prices and a good level of cover on economy policies.
  • Under twos covered free of charge.


  • Some extras are not available on economy cover.
  • Maximum of £2,000 total coverage on their gadgets add-on.

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