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Whether you’re going on a stag do in Europe or visiting your daughter in Australia, you should always get a travel insurance policy that will cover you and the possessions you’re taking away.

Like other insurers, Staysure has a wide range of policies. Much like different factors of sun lotion, some offer basic levels of protection for you and your possessions, while others offer really comprehensive coverage.

In this guide we break down all the different travel insurance options you can get with Staysure, before we assess whether it’s any good as a travel insurance company.

Who is Staysure?

Staysure was started back in 2004, and began with the aim of providing comprehensive and affordable travel insurance for people over the age of 50. Whether they live in the UK or they’re an expat.

These days it does more than just insurance, and has branched out into offering holidays and cruises too.

What are my cover options with Staysure

Staysure offers several types of travel insurance cover. They are listed below with a selection of their features.

Heading away on just the one holiday this year? You’ll want single trip cover if so. With Staysure a single trip deal will look like this:

  • No upper age limit.
  • Declare pre-existing health conditions through its quick online quote process.
  • Get unlimited emergency medical cover.
  • You pay more to go to certain regions, such as the Far East and North America.
  • 24/7 medical emergency helpline.

Going away more than just the once this year? Maybe you’re going skiing and heading abroad in the summer too? Taking out a multi-trip (otherwise known as annual) policy could save you time and money. You’ll only have to sort your insurance out once, and it could be cheaper than getting multiple single-trip policies. Here’s what Staysure’s deal will offer:

  • No upper age limit.
  • Get unlimited protection for medical expenses abroad.
  • Pay extra for certain regions, for instance, the Far East and North America.
  • Maximum 50 consecutive days away if under 70.
  • Maximum 35 consecutive days away if over 70.
  • 24/7 medical emergency helpline.

Heading into the great unknown for the adventure of a lifetime? Backpacking cover is tailor made for gap years and the intrepid travellers. With Staysure your policy will have the following features:

  • Only available for Super Economy and Economy cover.
  • Maximum travel time of 18 months.
  • You can return home 3 times for a maximum of 7 days each.
  • Cover only for ages 18-60.
  • Up to £2m emergency medical cover.

Heading off on a golfing holiday? Don’t let any unexpected hiccups get in the way of you and the green. With Staysure you don’t need to buy golf insurance, as a basic policy will cover personal liability and person accident while playing golf. However getting an additional golf insurance deal will mean:

  • Cover for your clubs, bags and trolley against theft.
  • Compensation if you need to hire golf equipment because yours was stolen or lost.
  • Hole-in-one cover so you can celebrate properly on the 19th hole.
  • Protection if you can’t play because of injury, illness or poor weather.

Going on a long-awaited cruise this year? Staysure cruise cover will make sure you and your possessions are protected, even if it isn’t all plain sailing. While it is an additional policy and you’ll have to pay more, it could be worth it. The key features of this policy include:

  • Can only get as an add-on to a comprehensive travel insurance policy.
  • Cover if circumstances beyond your control mean you miss your port departure, the itinerary changes, or you’re confined to your cabin for medical reasons.
  • Replacement for any personal items or important documents (such as a passport) that are lost or taken.

Going skiing or snowboarding? You’ll want to fully enjoy the slopes without fretting about losing your gear or having a serious accident. With winter sports cover you’ll be fully protected and get financial help should anything happen. Here are the key features of Staysure’s deal.

  • Upper age limit of 71.
  • Policy pays for hire equipment if yours is lost or stolen.
  • Cover for your ski pass being lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Cover for unused part of ski pack if you fall ill or are injured.
  • Policy pays for you to travel to different slopes if piste is closed.
  • Cover pays for extra accommodation and travel in the event of an avalanche or landslide.
  • Medical assistance 24/7.

Whether you’re going around the world in 80 days or heading to Australia in your gap year, you will probably have to pay extra to get worldwide cover. Here’s what you’ll get with Staysure:

  • Emergency repatriation should you need to be flown home quickly.
  • Financial protection should you need medical treatment abroad.
  • A medical emergency helpline you can use 24/7.
  • Get important documents such as your passport or travel tickets replaced if they are lost or stolen.

Staysure specialises in insurance for over 50s, so it will try to cater insurance for anyone with pre-existing health issues. Staysure will decide whether it will cover you following a health screening and should you be approved the policy will include:

  • Payment towards any medical expenses if you are taken ill whilst you’re away.
  • Quick and easy repatriation if and when you need it.
  • Cover should you need to cancel your holiday due to health problems.

If you’re travelling as a family you’ll want to protect every single one of you. Taking out a family policy will save you considerable amounts of time, as you won’t need to take out insurance for each member of your clan, and the policy will include:

  • Cover for any children under the age of 18 with a family or single parent family policy.
  • Get unlimited emergency medical cover if someone in the family falls ill or gets injured abroad.
  • A medical emergency helpline that is in operation 24/7.
  • You can receive help if you miss a departure, your car breaks down once you’ve left home or public transport is delayed.

What level of cover can I get?

Staysure doesn’t offer loads of different levels of cover. While you can get add-on policies such as winter sports cover, when it comes to buying the main insurance deal, you have to decide whether you want either:

  1. Basic
  2. Comprehensive

Take a look at the policy details for basic and comprehensive below.

Cover benefitsBasicComprehensive
Emergency medical treatment£5,000,000Unlimited
Hospital benefit£50/£1,000
Personal accident
Loss of baggage£300£2,500
Personal money£300£500
Passport and travel documents£300£500
Delayed departure
Cancellation of trip after 12 hour delay
Missed departure£500£1,500
Personal liability per policy£2,000,000
Legal protection per policy£25,000
End supplier failure£3,000
Winter sports coverOptional
Golf coverOptional
Cruise coverOptional

How much is my excess?

Your excess is the amount you have to contribute towards a claim before the insurer starts paying out.

So if you lose a watch worth £200 and the excess is £100, you’re going to have to pay for half of any replacement.

How much excess you pay changes from claim to claim though, so you’ll need to see your policy handbook to work out the exact amount you’re going to have to shell out.

What’s the claims process for Staysure?

If you have an emergency medical situation and you need to get insurance help quick, call +44 1403 288 414, or +1 844 780 0639 from the US or Canada.

For most other claims, such as cancellations, here’s what you should do:

Check your Validation Certificate for your policy number.
Gather receipts and other important documents such as police reports.
Go to its website and submit a claim online.
Or call 01403 288 410.
Or send a letter with the documents in the envelope.

Staysure pros and cons


  • Tailored to over 50s.
  • Easy online claims process.
  • 24/7 medical helpline.


  • Claims service is not open 24/7.
  • Upper age limits apply for annual cover.
  • Not a wide selection of coverage levels.

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