How to set up hayu: A step-by-step guide

Hey, you! Follow our seven easy steps to set up hayu on your smart TV, mobile, tablet or media device.

Reality streaming service hayu is teeming with some of the sauciest shows streaming at the moment. Like any streaming video-on-demand service, the pitch seems so simple: sign up for a free trial and begin streaming on your preferred device. If only it were that easy.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with the latest technologies and streaming services, getting it all set up can be a bit of a headache (but nowhere near as stressful as booking an installation with your cable provider). To help start your streaming engines, we’ve created an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to set up hayu on every compatible device.

Deal Free trial

Get your free trial

Feast your eyes on countless binge-worthy shows and must-see movies with Hayu’s free trial. Try for free – subscription required, auto-renews to (*£4.99) per month after unless cancelled. T&Cs apply.

Step 1. Make sure you own a compatible device

Check this list to ensure you have a hayu-compatible device:

  • Desktop (PC or Mac)
  • Mobile (Android or iOS)
  • Tablet (iOS, Android or Kindle Fire)
  • TV/Set-top boxes (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Channels, NOW, Roku, Netgem, Samsung TV, Android TV, Chromecast/Airplay)

Step 2. Visit the hayu website

Go to the official hayu website. The good news is that you’ll be automatically redirected to the region you’re currently in, so don’t worry about typing in the absolutely correct URL. Now that you’re on the hayu website, you need to click the big pink “Register” button in the upper right of your screen.

Hayu Website

Step 3. Enter your details to get a free trial

Why even lay your money down before you know if hayu is right for you? Make use of the hayu free trial to see if the service sits right with your expectations.

You can sign up either using your existing Facebook account or a combination of an email address, first and last name and designated password. Be sure to tick the “I am over 18 box” and the “I agree to hayu’s terms and conditions”.

The basic gist of what you’re agreeing to is that if you don’t manually cancel your trial in time, hayu will automatically start to charge you £4.99 a month (the standard rate of the service). That is what the next step is all about.

Hayu Trial

Step 4. Payment options

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a returning or brand new hayu member – you’ll need to enter the details of a major credit card or your PayPal account to proceed. Once again, there’s no binding contract here. You can quit any time. We’d recommend setting a calendar alarm on your phone to remind you to (maybe) pull the plug in, say, 28 days.

The credit card option is self-explanatory. Enter your digits and be sure to input your name as it appears on that lovely piece of plastic. Folks who go the PayPal route will have a separate portal window open up where they’ll need to enter their PayPal specific username and password. You then select the method of how you want PayPal to siphon the required funds to hayu.

Hayu Payment

Once payment is complete, you’ll be taken to the Subscriptions area of the hayu site. There will be a receipt on-screen that indicates you’ve been signed up and charged ($0 at present) to get your free trial. You can jot down the order reference number, just in case. Alternatively, wait half a second and a hayu email with the same details will appear in the inbox of the email address you specified.

All done. You’re ready to get your binge-watch on!

Things to consider

Hayu uses a decent amount of security during the payment process. Just thought we’d mention that, as we know that some users are apprehensive when feeding their financial details into the Internet.

Step 5. Set up hayu

Let’s try to cover all of the bases here.

      Step 6. Start browsing hayu

      Hopefully, you’ve followed all the above steps and you’re staring at the vast delights of hayu’s library of TV shows. Finding what you want to watch is a cinch, too – just tap the magnifying glass icon, type in a few letters and hayu will do its best to match you with the title it thinks you’re after. You can even narrow the search by clicking through the categories that all hayu content is divided up into (Shows, Episodes, Snippets, Extras, Coming Soon, Playlists and Stories).

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