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CardOneBanking is an independent, FCA authorised company that has been providing current accounts and payment services since 2007. It is an expert in providing accessible but highly functional current accounts not only for personal account customers, but for small businesses as well. With no credit checks, no branch visits or signatures required, it opens accounts more quickly and with less fuss than the high street banks.

What are prepaid cards?

A prepaid card is similar to a bank account debit card. The key difference is that with a prepaid card you can transfer your own money onto it and use to cover your everyday purchases. This making them great alternative to to cash, credit cards and even debit cards.

They are also a good alternative for those with poor credit scores, or lack of credit history, as the big brands may not accept an application for a credit card.

CardOneBanking use what it calls a ‘Jam-Jar’ current account. This is where a salary or other income is paid into a ‘billing account’ and once enough funds have been set aside for regular bills, any remaining money is automatically transferred to the MasterCard debit card part of the account and is available for normal spending. This ensures there should always be enough money to pay bills without going overdrawn. Extra funds can be added to the ‘billing account’ at any time and funds can also be transferred from the card account back to the ‘billing’ account’.

Benefits of using CardOneBanking

  • No credit checks required. To be eligible for most credit cards you need a credit history, and for the best cards on the market you need a high credit score. With CardOneBanking this is unnecessary, as long as they are able to verify your identity from your documents. This makes this card ideal for teenagers, those with bad credit scores, travelling abroad or people looking to be stricter with their spending.
  • Mobile app available. From here customers can manage their money easily, on-the-go and at any time. This allows you to check your balance at a glance and get notifications sent to any device.
  • Uses Mastercard. You gain access to a Mastercard that’s ready to use immediately in-store, online and even abroad. The card is accepted at over 35 million locations worldwide displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.
  • Can add an additional cardholder. For an additional £5 a month you can have a secondary cardholder on your account.
  • Cashback rewards. CardOneBanking offer cashback rewards with a number of companies, with rates up to 8% when you spend in shops. To see where you could save money visit the rewards page on the CardOneBanking website.

What are the charges?

Monthly membership fee£12.50
Additional cardholder£5
Transactions out of the UK2.75%
ATM withdrawals£1.50
ATM withdrawals outside the UK£3 + 2.75%
Cash advance£5
Cash advance outside the UK£5
Balance enquiry by SMS15p

What you need to sign up

  • Some personal information. Title, First name, Last name, Email address and a phone number.
  • Current Residence. Postcode (Residential addresses only)
  • Payment. A debit card or mobile number (SMS payment)


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