Scratch & Patch Pet Insurance

Scratch and Patch pet insurance review

Read about all the different Scratch and Patch pet insurance policies and see if one is the right match for you and your pet.

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Scratch & Patch Pet Insurance

Scratch and Patch pet insurance

  • Five different levels of cover.
  • Cover your pet from 5 weeks old, with no upper age for new policies.
  • Choose to pay premiums annually or monthly.
  • Switch from another provider and waive your policy's waiting period.
  • 10% off when you insure 2 pets or more.

Compare Scratch and Patch pet insurance policies

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Name Product Maximum vet fees Advertising and reward cover
Bronze (time limited)
Bronze (time limited)
Silver (time limited)
Silver (time limited)
Gold (max benefit)
Gold (max benefit)
Premier (lifetime)
Premier (lifetime)
Premier Plus (lifetime)
Premier Plus (lifetime)

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Who is Scratch and Patch?

Scratch and Patch provides pet insurance for cats and dogs, and says it aims to make the process as straightforward as possible. It provides eight levels of insurance, at different prices.

What are Scratch and Patch’s cover options?

Scratch and Patch has eight levels of cover to suit a variety of needs and budgets. Each has different features – we’ve covered the key points of each one below.

Scratch and Patch has separate policies for cats and dogs, but the policies have the same features. The only difference is that third party liability is covered for dogs only, and is not included with cat insurance.

Bronze and Silver cover (time-limited)

Bronze cover is Scratch and Patch’s most basic cover. It covers injuries only for 12 months from the first date of treatment or up to the monetary limit in your policy, whichever is reached first.

The Silver policy is similar to Bronze in that it covers similar features and benefits, but one key difference is that it pays out for illness as well as injury.

Features of both policies include:

  • Third party liability cover up to a set amount (dogs only).
  • Emergency boarding and pet-minding services.
  • Loss and recovery of your pet
  • 24-hour Scratch and Patch care line.
  • UK based administration and claims
Gold cover (maximum benefit)

Scratch and Patch’s Gold provides cover for new injuries and illnesses, up to a maximum benefit or amount. Cover for an injury or illness ends once the maximum benefit has been reached.

Features of this policy include:

  • Cover of fees for new injuries and illnesses, up to the set maximum benefit per illness/injury.
  • Third party liability cover up to a set amount (dogs only).
  • Holiday cancellation or curtailment cover up to a set amount.
  • 24-hour Scratch and Patch care line
Premier and Premier Plus cover

These are annual policies where the limit renews each policy year, even if you’ve previously claimed.

  • Cover for all new injuries and illnesses up to the annual limit each policy year.
  • Third party liability cover (dogs only).
  • Holiday cancellation or curtailment cover.
  • 24-hour Scratch and Patch care line.
  • Emergency boarding and pet-minding services.

What’s covered under my policy?

Scratch and Patch’s policies offer cover and protection for your pet against certain risks. Cover differs depending on which level you have chosen. The table shows the features and benefits included in Bronze, Silver, Gold, Premier and Premier Plus.

Injury veterinary fees
Third party liability (dogs only)
Loss and recovery of your pet
Emergency boarding and pet minding services
Illness veterinary fees
Death from illness
Death from accident
Death from euthanasia
Holiday cancellation or curtailment
Accidental damage

What exclusions are there?

As with all pet insurers, Scratch and Patch has a list of general exclusions. These include:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Claims for conditions starting within the waiting period
  • Routine and preventative treatment – such as vaccinations, neutering, worm tick and flea treatments, grooming, claw clipping and routine dental treatment.
  • Death, euthanasia and loss and recovery cover cease at 8 years of age for dogs and 10 years of age for cats.
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Any dog used for trade, profession or business.
  • Any dogs used as gundogs, used for or in connection with shooting or for the purposes of hunting of any kind whether for business or recreation.
  • Any dog used for guarding, racing, coursing or beating whether for business or recreation.
  • Any of the following breeds: American Bandogge / Bandogge Mastiff, Australian Dingo, Bully Kutta, Canadian Inuit, Canary Dogs / Perro De Pressa Canarios/ Presa Canarios, Cane Corsos, Central Asian Shepherd Dog, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs / Sarlooswolfhounds / Wolf Hybrids, Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Racing Greyhounds, Tamaskan

How much is the excess?

An excess is the amount of money you contribute to the cost of your pet’s treatment for each injury or illness that isn’t related to any other injuries or illnesses your pet has been treated for during the same period of insurance.

The amount of your excess will depend on the age of your pet. Your excess will be stated before you start cover, and also shown in your policy schedule.

What is the claims process for Scratch and Patch pet insurance?

To make a pet insurance claim, you will need to notify Scratch and Patch and obtain a claim form. To do this, you can call on 03301026839, email or find the form on the website.

Once you have filled out your claims form, you should send it, along with any supporting documents, via email or by post. The address can be found in your policy documents.

You must make sure you notify Scratch and Patch within 60 days of the incident; it will not pay any claims for vet bills if they are 12 months old or older when sent.

Scratch and Patch may request that your vet provides information about your pet, including a full clinical and medical history, and/or the treatment that has been provided.

Scratch and Patch may also request that you provide a receipt, certificate or other form of proof issued to you, showing your pet’s details.

If your pet dies or is put to sleep and you make a claim under your policy, you will need to arrange for your vet to certify your pet’s death.

Scratch & Patch 24/7 Careline

In response to COVID-19, Scratch & Patch have opened a 24/7 careline to all UK pet holders. The careline isn’t just for emergencies and will answer all queries related to pet healthcare and everyday advice and guidance during these unprecedented times.

The careline is open from the 14th of April to the 12th of May with phone and live chat options. You can find out more information here.

How much will this cost me?

There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of your Scratch and Patch pet insurance premium, including:

  • The level of cover you choose. A Silver, Gold or Premier policy offers more features and broader cover than a Bronze Scratch and Patch pet insurance policy, and this is reflected in its price.
  • How many pets you would like to insure. Scratch and Patch offers multi-pet cover if you would like to insure multiple pets and the price will be different if you choose this option.

Scratch and Patch pros and cons


  • 10% Multi pet discount when you insure two or more pets.
  • Eight cover levels on offer.
  • Freedom to choose to pay premiums monthly or annually.
  • Switch from another provider and Scratch and Patch will waive your policy’s waiting period.


  • Multiple cover levels can be confusing.

Our verdict

Scratch and Patch has plenty of options for you to choose from so no matter what your budget, chances are, you’ll find something that matches yours and your pet’s needs.

That said, if you’re the owner of a more exotic pet, you’ll need to look elsewhere as Scratch and Patch only offers protection for cats and dogs.

Do a little research and compare other pet insurance providers before diving in and buying cover.

The offers compared on this page are chosen from a range of products we can track; we don't cover every product on the market...yet. Unless we've indicated otherwise, products are shown in no particular order or ranking. The terms "best", "top", "cheap" (and variations), aren't product ratings, although we always explain what's great about a product when we highlight it; this is subject to our terms of use. When making a big financial decision, it's wise to consider getting independent financial advice, and always consider your own financial circumstances when comparing products so you get what's right for you.

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