Hide.Me Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

hidemeHow to use Hide.Me’s VPN to access restricted content such as Netflix (US), BBC iPlayer, Hulu Plus and more.

About Hide.Me

Hide.Me is a VPN provider that will set you up with an account and provide support to do so. It has a slick website, a blog full of tips on online security, and an affordable pricing scheme. The organisation is based in Malaysia, where companies are not required by law to track subscriber activity. Due to this, they can guarantee users a high level of security. Using a VPN service like hide.me is the easiest way to access restricted content, such as Netflix’s US content library (far bigger than the UK’s one). It’s also a way to protect yourself from hackers stealing sensitive information.

How to set up Hide.Me on a Mac

  1. Go to ‘System Preferences’ and click on ‘Network’.
  2. Click on ‘Plus’ in the lower left-hand corner.
  3. In the box that pops up, select ‘VPN’ as the interface, and ‘Cisco IPSec’ as the VPN type. Set the service name to ‘Canada VPM’.
  4. Set as ‘Server Address’: free-ca.hide.me, your username as ‘Account Name’, and tick ‘Show VPN status in menu bar’.
  5. Click on ‘Authentication Settings’
  6. Enter hide.io as ‘Shared Secret’. Click ‘Okay’ and ‘Advanced’.
  7. Click on ‘Apply’.
  8. To establish your VPN connection, click on ‘connect’.
  9. Congrats! You should be done. If your connection has been successfully established, the status will be shown in the menu bar.

Hide.Me VPN pros and cons


  • Access to restricted content and resources. Get Netflix (US), Hulu, Amazon Plus, BBC iPlayer, and more.
  • Guides and assistance available. Setting up a VPN isn’t easy for everyone. hide.me has plenty of guides and support available to get you through the process.
  • Secure your Wi-Fi. Take the steps you need to protect from government surveillance and identity theft.
  • Strong encryption. Secure important information like passwords and bank details that hackers often target.
  • Discounts for up front payments. Pay for one year in advance, and receive discounts of up to 45%.


  • Cost. If you plan to use your VPN frequently, you may need to consider one of the payment options.
  • Complicated to set up. If you’re not tech savvy, setting up a VPN can be a complicated purpose.
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