Hair accessory must-haves 2022

If you want to elevate your hairstyle, consider one of our must-have hair accessories to get you there with ease.

You may well have perfected your wardrobe but is your hair another matter? Are you growing sick and tired of sporting the same, boring, go-to hairstyle? If this is you and you’re falling flat when it comes to highlighting your hair, then it’s time to stand out from the crowd. We’ve picked out some of this season’s killer accessories for your locks.

Velvet headbands

Go for a touch of regal with a velvet headband. Having the soft, plush fabric smooth out your tresses and keep any loose strands at bay is sure to enhance your look. No matter what the colour, you’re sure to make your hairstyle pop.

Dark pink velvet soft knotted headband
Dark pink velvet soft knotted headband


Knot headbands

You’ll find them in all different colours, patterns and fabrics but a twist knot headband will keep you bang up to date regardless of what you’re wearing down below. Perfect for that laid back and casual look but equally at home being worn for a night out.

Metal headbands

You’ll find metal headbands in a range of styles and finishes but often, some of the best will be perfectly skinny and adorned with beads, jewels or sparkles. So if you want to bring some festive cheer to your hair at the office party or a night out with friends, a metal headband can make you shine just as bright as any diamond out there.

Hair clips

Banish those kirby grips and grab yourself some big and bold hair slides instead. Yes, they’ll essentially do the same job but these fun and over-the-top slides will earn you double style points and ensure you won’t ever go unnoticed in the crowd.


Yes, we all have them but no, we’re not talking about the ones lurking in the bottom of your draw since the 90s. That’s right, scrunchies have been styled out good and proper since then. You’ll be able to pimp your ponytail with the scrunchies of today, which are available in endless prints, colours and envy-inducing shades.

Brown and cream faux fur scrunchie two pack
Brown and cream faux fur scrunchie two pack


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