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Golf Care

Cover your golf equipment and yourself with the UK’s largest golf insurance specialist.
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The Golfers Club

Protect yourself from unexpected injuries or loss of your golf equipment. Choose The Golfers Club and save 15% when you get your cover online. (T&Cs apply)

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In need of golf insurance? Check what insure4sports offers and get a cover that satisfies you. If you’re a new customer, you’ll get 20% off. (T&Cs apply)

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Do I need golf insurance?

Golf insurance isn’t a mandatory requirement for playing but if you’re a regular then it’s likely to be a worthwhile investment. Think about the damage your golf ball could do to a fellow player or spectator if you were take a dodgy shot – and the law suit that could follow.

You’ve probably also forked out quite a bit of cash for your golf clubs and insurance is a great way to protect them against loss or damage.

What does golf insurance cover?

  • Golf clubs and equipment. Insurance is a great way to protect your expensive golf clubs and equipment. It can cover you for your clubs, trolleys, clothing, gadgets and golf balls. A worthwhile investment if you’ve spent a lot on your clubs.
  • Third party liability. Accidents during a golf game can be nasty. Your insurer can cover you if you end up injuring someone whilst playing golf or if you damage somebody else’s property.
  • Personal injury. Although golf seems like a civilised sport when compared to the likes of rugby, injuries and accidents are still common. Insurance can provide you with cover for injuries that results in your death or the loss of limbs, sight or a permanent disability. It can also cover you for dental treatment and hospitalisation as a result of a golfing injury.
  • Cover for fees. If you become injured or ill and are unable to play, insurance can cover the cost of any membership fees or golf tournaments.
  • Hole in one cover. A hole in one sounds ideal for a lot of golfers – but your bank balance may disagree. It is tradition to buy everyone a round back in the clubhouse if you’ve hit a hole in one. Luckily insurance can cover this cost up to a set amount like £200. However you will usually be required to provide a scorecard signed by your club’s secretary as proof.
  • Overseas cover. Golf holidays are popular with most fans of the game. You’ll be pleased to know that although you may have to add this feature on to some golf policies, many include worldwide cover as standard.

Am I covered by my home insurance policy?

If you are a homeowner and have contents insurance, you may already have cover for your golf equipment.

Many home and contents policies offer or include coverage for golf equipment, so be sure to contact your provider and query this before paying for an unnecessary additional golf insurance policy if all you want is cover for your equipment.

It is worth noting that golf cover under home insurance will not cover you for personal injury or third party liability, it will only offer limited, equipment cover. It is important to bear in mind the differences between the two.

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