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Gifts are a great way to celebrate with loved ones, but choosing the right present isn't always easy! So here's some inspiration.

There are plenty of reasons for gift-giving, from birthdays to weddings, Christmas, Valentine’s Day…and everything in between. Shopping for gifts isn’t always straightforward, though. Sometimes, no matter how well you know a person, thinking of the ideal present can be a challenge. That’s where our gift guides come in.

We’ve tailored our guides to different situations, so no matter who or what you’re shopping for, you’re sure to find some inspiration that will leave both you and your loved one happy.

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How to choose the best gifts

Choosing the perfect gift isn’t easy. Even if you know the person really well, there could be some roadblocks along the way, like what they want is out of your budget or it’s out of stock. People who want to give the perfect gift have to plan ahead and listen to any hints that the person they are buying the gift for may offer. When choosing a gift, you should take into consideration the passions and interests of the person.

  • Talk to the person and find out what they like. Even if it’s someone that you talk to a regular basis, see if you can discover anything new.
  • If you still can’t find anything, try a store gift card so they can buy whatever they feel like.
  • The mistake most people make is buying something that they would like, instead of thinking about what their recipient would like.
  • Gift baskets make a great gift for people who have everything. They’re also usually available for everyone and every type of occasion.
  • Another option if you’re stuggling for one great gift is the gift of a subscription box! You can check out our guide to subscription boxes and find the perfect year-long present easily!

Buying gifts for wedding anniversaries

Are you looking for a wedding anniversary gift? Before you begin your search it can be helpful to know what kinds of gifts, symbols and traditions are attached to every year. We’ve created this handy table to make your gift buying process just that little bit easier.

YearTraditional giftMeaningModern giftColourGem stoneFlowersCultural differences
1stPaperPaper represents a blank page and also symbolises writing your future together.A clockGold or yellowGold jewellery, peridot or pearl.CarnationSome argue that in the UK the traditional gift for this year is cotton.
2ndCottonCotton symbolises a life together, woven together by many threads. Over time, your life becomes more and more intertwined.ChinaRedGarnet or rose quartzLily of the valleyIn some countries, the traditional gift for this year is paper.
3rdLeatherTraditionally leather has been used to provide protection and shelter, and like a relationship it is durable and represents strength.Crystal or glassJade or whiteMoonstone, crystal or jadeSunflowerWheat (France)
4thFruit and flowersYour marriage has blossomed, bloomed, and like fruit, it has ripened.Books or appliancesBlue or greenBlue topaz or blue zirconHydrangea or geraniumLinen and silk (US), wax (France)
5thWoodWood, from trees, is strong, grows with age, and symbolises wisdom.SilverwareBlue, pink or turquoiseSapphire, pink tourmaline, rose quartz or turquoiseDairyNo difference.
6thSugar and sweetsLife is considered by the time you reach your 6th wedding anniversary.WoodPurple, white or turquoiseAmethyst or garnetCallaIron (US, Germany and Italy)
7thWoolWool is chosen for its ability to induce warmth and conduct heat – and after 7 years together, a couple’s relationship should feel warm and comforting.Brass, desk or stationary setYellow or off-whiteOnyxFreesiaCopper (US, Germany and Russia)
8thBronzeBronze symbolises strength,Linen and laceBronzeTourmalineLilacSome couples in the UK see salt as the traditional gift. In France, it is the poppy.
9thPottery or willowPottery is moulded from a piece of clay by hand and willow comes from a graceful tree and is woven together to create a beautiful basket. Together these gifts symbolise a beautiful relationship that has been built and established over time.Leather goodsTerracottaLapis LazuliBird of paradisePottery (US), Clay (Spain), Faience (France)
10thTinTraditionally Tin has been used to store and preserve and prolong life.Diamond jewellerySilver or blueDiamond or blue sapphireDaffodilAluminuium (US), Rose (Germany)
11thSteelSteel represents a strong marriage, given it is one of the toughest and most durable materials in the world.Fashion jewellery or accessoriesTurquoiseTurquouseTulipCoral (France), Maple (Italy)
12thSilk and fine linenFine linen is durable and strong, and silk is smooth. Together they represent a strong marriage and a future of smooth sailing.Pearls and coloured gemsOyster-whiteJade or opalPeonyNickel (Germany, Russia)
13thLaceLace represents refined beauty, like a marriage that signifies polished and perfect love.Textiles and fursWhiteCitrineChrysanthemumLily of the valley (France), Parsley (Germany)
14thIvoryLike a special kind of bond, ivory is a rare and beautiful item that is hard to attain.Gold jewelleryIvoryOpalDahliaAgate (Russia), Lead (France)
15thCrystalA luxurious product that represents clarity and transparency, how a couple approach their relationship for continued success.WatchRedRhodoliteRoseNo difference.
20thChinaChina is a fragile, delicate and beautiful material, but when looked after, it can stand the test of time. It represents relationships where couples invest in and look after one another for it to survive.PlatinumPlatinumEmeraldAsterPorcelain (Spain, Germany and France)
25thSilverA precious and radiant metal representing a marriage that shines in splendour. Silver is a material that is prized all over the world.SilverSilverTsavoriteIrisNo difference.
30thPearlA pearl symbolises hidden beauty, purity and integrity.Diamond and pearl jewellryGreenPearlLilyNo difference.
35thCoralA precious substance once believed to have magical properties to ward off illness and danger. Traditionally thought to protect a marriage.JadeCoralCoral or JadeCoral coloured bouquetRuby (France)
40thRubyA coveted gemstone that represents the fire in a marriage that grows brighter and more intense over time.RubyRedRubyGladiolusEmerald (France)
45thSapphireSapphires represent loyalty.SapphireBlueSapphire or alexandriteBlue irisBrass (Germany)
50thGoldAfter 50 years together, only the most precious metal will do. Gold reprsents prosperity and strength.Anything goldGoldGold or gold combined with an imperial topazYellow rose or violetNo difference.
60thDiamondFormed under pressure and extremely hardwearing, diamonds represent a marriage that has lasted an entire lifetime. An invincible precious stone associated with love and wealth.DiamondDiamond-whiteDiamondThe iris, or alternatively, a bouquet with a mix of flowers from every yearYellow diamond (US)

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