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These days, most of us own more than one gadget. Whether it’s a phone, laptop, tablet, games console or sat-nav device, all of these items are valuable and play an active part in our lives. The good news is that insuring all your devices under one policy can save you money versus insuring them all individually. We’ve looked at what’s included and how it all works.

What is multi-gadget insurance?

Multi-gadget insurance is a single policy that includes cover for several devices, such as a phone, laptop and tablet. This is usually cheaper than getting cover for each item individually and some providers offer additional multi-gadget discounts for insuring more than one device.

Why should you get multi-gadget insurance?

There are several benefits to getting multi-gadget cover. It tends to be cheaper than insuring each device on its own, especially if you have a lot of gadgets you want to include. Some insurers offer additional discounts for insuring more than one device, which can save you even more money.

Additionally, having all of your devices insured under the same policy means you don’t have to remember different renewal dates or worry about cover for one device expiring without your knowledge. The policy will include the same level of cover for all items, and so you just need to remember those details.

What kind of gadgets can be covered?

Most gadget insurance policies cover the following devices:

What am I covered for?

The exact spec of the cover will vary by insurer, but multi-gadget cover usually includes the same elements as standard gadget insurance:

  • Accidental damage. You’ll be covered if you accidentally break the device.
  • Liquid damage. If your device is damaged by contact with or immersion in water, your insurance can help cover the cost.
  • Mechanical breakdown. If the device stops working properly through no fault of your own, you can make a claim (providing the device is out of the manufacturer’s warranty).
  • Loss/theft. If your device is lost or stolen and you haven’t been careless with it, your insurance will help cover the cost.
  • Malicious damage. Your insurance will cover you if your device is deliberately broken by a third party.
  • Unauthorised usage. If your device is stolen, your insurance should cover you for any charges racked up by the thief. This could include losses from the thief accessing your ewallet.
  • Replacement accessories. Your insurance will often cover the cost of accessories damaged or lost at the same time as the device.

In some cases, you may have to pay for additional cover to be protected for some of these scenarios. It’s always worth checking the small print of the policy to see what’s covered.

Some insurance policies will cover you in any location in the UK or abroad, but this may require an additional premium. For multi-gadget policies, devices owned or used by members of your immediate family are also usually covered.

What isn’t covered?

Few insurers will cover gadgets that are bought secondhand or from overseas. Most insurers won’t agree to cover devices older than a set amount of time (usually up to 12 months, but in some cases, up to 36 months).

You also won’t be covered for damages sustained before the policy began, and some providers will require you to wait before you can make a claim after your policy kicks in (usually around 14 days).

On top of that, here are some scenarios where you’re unlikely to be covered by multi-gadget insurance;

  • Minor chips and cracks. Most insurance policies will only cover you for damage that affects your ability to use the device.
  • Damage as a result of extreme carelessness. Most insurers will list potential examples of extremely careless scenarios in which a gadget will not be covered.
  • Intentional damage. You won’t be covered for deliberate damage caused by you or a member of your immediate family.
  • Claims where the gadget was left unattended. This will almost always count as being extremely careless.
  • Claims where proof of purchase cannot be provided. You will need to provide a receipt, proving you owned the device, where and when you purchased it and how much it cost.
  • Loss/theft claims without a crime report. You’ll need to provide a crime reference number with your claim.

Will a multi-gadget policy save me money?

A multiple-gadget insurance policy is likely to save you money as most insurers offer a discount for insuring more than one device.

However, make sure to check the details of the policy, like the excess amount, any limit on the value of the devices and where the cover extends.

How many gadgets can I insure under one policy?

This will vary by insurer. Some policies offer cover for an unlimited number of devices, while some may limit how many gadgets you can include (this is usually up to ten).

Note that even if your policy includes unlimited devices, it can have other limits in place, like how much each device can be worth or the collective value of the gadgets.

Bottom line

If you have more than one gadget to cover, getting a multi-gadget insurance policy will likely save you money. With some insurers, the more gadgets you insure, the less you’ll pay per device.

However, make sure you carefully check what is and isn’t included in the cover and particularly what exclusions exist regarding who can use the devices and where they can be taken to still be covered (for example, school trips and uni halls).

To find the best deal for you, shop around and compare prices from different insurers.

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