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Lumo Energy is an app-based energy provider, which focuses on providing renewable energy and smart meters for all its customers.


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Lumo Energy

With Lumo Energy, you’ll track your energy usage, access bills, submit meter readings and contact customer service staff exclusively through its app.

It aims to install a smart meter in your home within six months of your switch – and you’ll get a £150 annual discount on your bills when this happens.

Lumo Energy only offers one tariff – a dual-fuel deal with a one-year fixed rate. You’ll be given access to an independent price comparison service, so you can check you’re being offered a competitive deal.

The provider only operates in certain parts of the UK, but is looking to expand quickly. You can learn whether you’re eligible to switch to Lumo via its website.

What is Lumo Energy?

Lumo began as a price comparison website for UK energy providers.

Upon learning that many of its customers found managing their energy accounts confusing and inconvenient, its founders moved to provide a simpler alternative.

If you sign up with Lumo, you’ll manage your account exclusively through its app. That means no long telephone queues or lengthy email chains.

Customers are provided with an independent price comparison service in order to check whether Lumo’s dual-fuel tariff is suitable for them.

How do I sign up?

You can discover whether you’re eligible for a switch to Lumo Energy within a couple of minutes.

Simply enter your postcode into Lumo’s website, followed by a few basic details about your energy usage. If you don’t know how much you’re currently spending on energy, the website will estimate this based on the size of your home and your current provider.

You’ll be told whether Lumo operates in your region and how much money you could stand to save by switching.

To complete the switch, you’ll need to download the Lumo app and fill out your personal details. From there, the company handles everything, including the cancellation of the deal with your old supplier. The switching process typically takes no longer than 21 days, and there’ll be no disruption to your energy supply. You can track the progress of your switch through Lumo’s app.

Lumo Energy

Lumo Energy

With Lumo energy you are able manage your energy usage, view your tariff, contact customer service and much more all from an app.

  • 1 year fixed rate
  • 33% green electricity
  • Dual fuel only
  • Online help centre

Is Lumo Energy green?

Lumo Energy’s dual-fuel plan is based on renewable energy. Its energy is sourced from natural gas (57%) and renewables (43%). No coal or nuclear energy is used.

The company has committed to offering its customers the cleanest energy, at the most affordable prices it can manage.

Can I get a smart meter with Lumo?

Lumo Energy aims to install smart meters in the homes of all its customers within six months of their switch date. This is subject to availability of smart meters in your region.

There is no up-front cost for installation. In fact, you’ll be offered a £150 discount on your energy once the smart meter is installed.

Smart meters allow you to easily supply your energy provider with accurate measurements of your gas and electricity usage. It means you’ll never make huge overpayments.

Are there alternatives?

There are dozens of dual-fuel energy providers operating in the UK, including a few other app-based companies. Find a fantastic energy deal using Finder’s energy comparison service.

How can I contact Lumo Energy?

Through the Lumo app, you’ll have 24-hour access to an online customer service centre.

There is a telephone number to inform the company of gas leaks or similar emergencies, there is currently no number for general enquiries.

The bottom line

An energy provider managed exclusively through a smartphone app may appeal to some people, but put off others.

Certainly, it’s hard to argue against Lumo Energy’s green credentials or their smart meter offer.

The company is transparent about how competitively priced it is. Even if it doesn’t currently operate in your region, it will show you the best deals from competitors, using its price comparison service.

There seems to be no harm in checking how much you could save via the Lumo website.

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