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Dyson handheld vacuums

When vacuums are mentioned, a Dyson is never too far. Let's see why the brand is such a household name.

What owners think about Dyson vacuums

Owner rating★★★★★
Owner value for money rating★★★★★
Owner reliability rating★★★★★
Would recommend84%

When we recently tested out the Dyson V7 Trigger, it excelled on all surfaces and was extremely smooth to use. Check out what’s special about Dyson handhelds below.

What’s different about handheld Dyson vacs?

When you wield a Dyson, you can feel the power in your hands. The V7 Trigger is Dyson’s latest handheld and it’s a powerful vacuum. Unlike other models, such as Shark and Gtech, the V7 has a power button that has to be held down to clean, which gives you more control of the machine. It also has a MAX mode for blistering cleaning and super-strong suction.

What are Dyson handhelds good at?

Pretty much everything. The V7 sweeps very well on most surfaces and cleans pet hair from carpets and sofas without clogging up. The attachments are straightforward to use and all are simple to clean. It has a large capacity chamber that is easy to empty. The battery life is exceptional at 30 minutes with a decent charge time of 3.5 hours. MAX mode works well on larger piles of debris.

The Dyson range

Dyson’s V7 Trigger is its latest handheld and is an improvement on the V6, which had a shorter 20-minute run time and no motorised head for pet hair. Aside from pure handhelds, Dyson offers a range of cleaning machines, from cordless vacs to robot ones, and its cordless stick vacs can be used as handhelds. It has a hair care and air purifying range too.

How long does a Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner last?

Dysons usually last several years before they end up in your shed. If you clean the filters at least once a month, avoid recharging it immediately after a full cycle of use and don’t use it to pick up sharp objects or on wet surfaces, your Dyson will last longer. Dyson’s handheld battery is generally reliable, but in case it dies, you can get a replacement from the company.

Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner customer reviews

In the floorcare category of our Retail Awards we surveyed customers about their Dyson products. The majority were thrilled with their purchases, saying their Dyson vacuums were powerful, reliable, and came with various attachments for tricky areas. There were disputes about the battery life of the vacs, and a few commented about how heavy they were. While the consensus was that Dyson products were expensive, many added that they were worth it.

Pros and cons of Dyson handhelds


  • Very powerful suction
  • Great run time
  • Solid capacity
  • Intuitive attachments
  • MAX power mode
  • Great at cleaning pet hair


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Not the best for cleaning heights
  • No charging dock

Our verdict: Are Dyson handheld vacs any good?

We’ve all heard of Dyson for good reason. Its products are reliable, efficient and durable, albeit with a high price tag. Its handheld vacs are unlikely to let you down.

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