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Cash Coach review: A gamified savings app

Discover how the Cash Coach personal finance software can help you manage your money a lot better.


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Cash Coach

Cash Coach is a smartphone app that allows you to manage your personal finances better through gamification. It allows you to create goals and earn rewards when you meet them.

You can monitor your accounts through Open Banking, track and manage your subscriptions, create charts and more.

How does Cash Coach work?

Cash Coach encourages you to create an avatar. You can create one that looks like you, or something a bit more outrageous. Either way, your avatar will visibly “level up” when you set savings missions and pass them. You can also earn rewards within the app with every goal you hit.

The Cash Coach algorithm analyses your personal accounts via Open Banking and uses this data to set reasonable savings targets for you.

Cash Coach will continue to monitor your spending habits and offer tips to help you improve your saving habits. You’ll receive inspirational notifications to keep you on track to meet your goals and discouragement if you spend too much.

You’ll also be able to manage your utility bills and even find cheaper deals within the Cash Coach app.

Who is Cash Coach for?

Anyone with a UK bank account will be able to securely connect their accounts to Cash Coach and start using the app’s algorithm to improve their savings habits.

How to sign up for Cash Coach

The Cash Coach app is available to download onto iOS and Android devices. To create an account, you’ll first create an avatar, then give your email address and phone number.

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be encouraged to connect all your bank accounts via Open Banking. This requires you to log in to your online banking accounts via the Cash Coach app.

Pros and cons


  • Cash Coach is free to use.
  • Gamify your savings goals.
  • You’ll be recommended savings goals based on your actual spending habits.
  • Receive tips to improve your savings habits.
  • Manage and improve your bills and subscriptions.
  • The app is completely secure. Your data is anonymised and encrypted.


  • The charts and graphs aren’t as complex as what’s available with some professional budgeting software.

Our verdict

Gamification has proven to be an effective motivator to help people meet their goals. If you are serious about saving more money, Cash Coach could be a great app to download.

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