Clydesdale current accounts September 2020

Open a current account with Clydesdale and manage your money round the clock with 24/7 customer support.

Clydesdale’s current accounts come with a variety of benefits including mobile banking, contactless payment, 24-hour customer support and the latest digital technology in addition to a network of high-street branches.

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Types of current accounts from Clydesdale

Clydesdale offers five current accounts, each with distinct features:

  • B Current Account

    An eye-catching feature of Clydesdale’s B Current Account is that it comes with an instant savings account. It also comes with a mobile app, allowing you to keep track of your money on the go. There’s also no monthly fee for maintaining this account.

  • Signature Current Account

    If you’re willing to pay a monthly fee of £13.50, you might want to consider the Signature Current Account. Its added extras include year-round travel insurance, UK breakdown cover, mobile phone cover, gadget insurance and discounts in selected stores.

  • Current Account Control

    The idea behind this account is it helps to prevent going into an unplanned overdraft. For a monthly fee of £7.50, this account aims to stop payments that may lead to an overdraft, help you to avoid unexpected charges and allow you to add an arranged overdraft if it really can’t be avoided.

  • Readycash Account

    If you’re not eligible for Clydesdale’s other current accounts, you may be interested in this one. The Readycash account is designed to avoid over-spending; its features include no overdraft, no chequebook and no contactless payments. This makes it a good potential option for those experiencing financial difficulties.

  • Private Current Account

    Clydesdale’s Private Current Account is targeted at those with higher incomes. If you have individual earnings of £75,000, a joint income of £100,000, or investable assets of £100,000 then you may want to consider this account. It’ll cost a monthly maintenance fee of £25. You’ll also get access to a relationship manager and a range of other features such as travel insurance.

The benefits of banking with Clydesdale

  • Perks. Clydesdale offers Google Pay, Apple Pay, contactless payments and has a pretty decent app.
  • Multiple ways to bank. You can access your account at all hours with both mobile and Internet banking.
  • Roundthe-clock assistance. If you lose your card or if it’s stolen, you can call Clydesdale 24/7 to get assistance.

Opening an account with Clydesdale

If you’re intrigued by Clydesdale’s current accounts, you can either switch from another provider or open up a new account. You can open an account online, by phone or in person at a branch. Here’s the information you’ll need:

  • Proof of your identity (passport, driving licence, EU or Swiss national ID card)
  • Proof of address (utility bill, bank statement)

Why should I compare current accounts anyway?

In one way or the other, you use your current account every day, often multiple times a day. When you buy your morning coffee, when you plan a holiday, when you pay the rent or when it’s finally payday… the list is endless. It’s a basic financial product, but it’s a very important one, so you should really find something that’s tailored to your needs.

Also, competition between banks is quite strong these days, because current accounts are the most basic way they acquire new customers. They often try to attract them with nice rewards or conspicuous switching incentives, so it’s really worth taking a look at what’s around.

What about digital banking?

If you don’t really care about physical branches and want to deal with your banking online, you may want to look into challenger banks. Monzo, Starling and their competitors are all about signing up for a current account in a few minutes instead of days and offering customers fee-free accounts that come with great mobile apps. Head to our digital banking hub to learn more.

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