B current accounts for September 2020

Manage your current account and your savings in one place with a digital banking service backed by Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank.

A joint venture between Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank, B is a digital-only banking service, offering a current and savings account that can be managed in one mobile app.
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  • No monthly fees or fees overseas
  • Apply in minutes, direct from the app
  • Winner 2020 - Best Current Account, British Bank Awards

Types of current account from B

  • B current account

    B’s flagship current account offers an interest rate of 0.50% AER and gross paid monthly on your credit balances up to £2,000, a daily withdrawal limit of £500 from ATMs and an arranged overdraft with no arrangement fee. If you find yourself overdrawn, you’ll have two working days each calendar month before a fee is charged. There’s also zero monthly fees to maintain the account. It’s important to note that there’s no option to apply for just the B current account; it only comes with the B instant savings account.

The benefits of banking with B

  • Perks. Perks of the B current account include a 0.50% gross and AER interest rate on all credit balances up to £2,000, an arranged overdraft with a 2-day grace period, Apple and Google Pay and the ability to withdraw £500 a day.
  • Multiple ways to bank. While B is solely a digital current account with a nice, shiny app, you still do have the option of speaking to an adviser in person in a Clydesdale Bank branch.
  • Global acceptance. If you bank with B you’ll get a contactless Mastercard, so you really don’t have to worry about card acceptance, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Round the clock assistance. If you lose your card, or if it’s stolen, you can call Clydesdale Bank 24/7 to get assistance. You can also use the B app to manage your money round the clock.

Opening an account with B

You can open an account either in-store at a Clydesdale Bank branch or online at the B website. Information you’ll need includes where you’ve lived, what you do for a living, your mobile number, general information about your income and expenditure and general information about your financial history. Bear in mind that the B current account can only be opened alongside the B instant savings account; there’s no option to open one of them individually. It’s available to anyone from age 16, but you’ll need to be 18 to apply.

You can also switch to the B current account. This is covered by the current account switch guarantee, meaning the whole process can be done quickly and easily.

Why should I compare current accounts anyway?

In one way or the other, you use your current account every day, often multiple times a day. When you buy your morning coffee, when you plan a holiday, when you pay the rent, when it’s finally payday… the list is endless. It’s a basic financial product, but it’s a very important one, so you should really find something that’s tailored to your needs.

Also, competition between banks is quite harsh these days, because current accounts are the most basic way they acquire new customers. They often try to attract them with nice rewards or conspicuous switching incentives, so it’s really worth taking a look at what’s around.

Are there any other digital current accounts?

If digital banking sounds like your sort of thing, then you may be interested in the range of other digital banks out there. Monzo, Starling and their competitors are all about signing up for a current account in a few minutes instead of days and offering their customers fee-free accounts that come with great mobile apps. Head to our digital banking hub to learn more.

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