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We want to hear about your experiences with products and companies. Your opinions will help others make better decisions, and you’ll go in the draw. The more products you review, the more likely you are to win £500.

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  • Each person can receive up to 8 entries. Each unique survey completed grants you an additional entry.
  • You must be a recent customer or user of the product or brand for your review to be eligible to enter.
  • All reviews (positive or negative) are acceptable.
  • We may also publish your review on Finder.
  • You must be a UK resident aged 18 or over to participate.
  • Closing date for the competition is 31 July, 2021, as per our competition terms.

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  • Talk about your actual experience (good or bad)
  • Help someone make a great decision
  • Be civil and honest

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  • Include personal information in your review
  • Swear or use offensive or defamatory language

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