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The Chevrolet Matiz or, the Daewoo Matiz, was subject to revisions and a relaunch process and became the Chevrolet Spark in Europe from approximately 2005. For all intents and purposes, the Matiz is an older generation Spark.

A smaller car designed for urban living, you might not see many Matiz models on the roads, having been phased out in favour of more modern competitors. That doesn’t stop the model having some fans, however. Read on to see how you could save on your Chevrolet Matiz insurance costs today!

Chevrolet Matiz insurance cost by driver’s age

Model / Version Group (1-50) 20yrs 30yrs 40yrs 50yrs Get quote
0.8 S 5d 6 £1,159 £672 £589 £475 Get Quote
0.8 Flair 5d 6 £1,159 £672 £589 £475 Get Quote
0.8 SE 5d Auto 7 £1,185 £688 £602 £486 Get Quote
1.0 SE 5d 8 £1,207 £700 £613 £495 Get Quote
1.0 Flair 5d 8 £1,207 £700 £613 £495 Get Quote
1.0 SE+ 5d 10 £1,242 £721 £631 £510 Get Quote
1.0 SX 5d 11 £1,261 £731 £641 £517 Get Quote

Average insurance rates for a Chevrolet Matiz

We used a baseline of factors to aggregated quotes from a variety of insurance companies, eventually concluding that in the UK you can insure a Matiz for an average of £30.78 every month. This places the Matiz on the lower end of the insurance market, in part due to its status as an older vehicle. If you’d rather pay in a single annual instalment, our research indicates this would cost you £325.71 each year. The baseline of factors we used was as follows:

  • Comprehensive cover
  • We identified the driver as a thirty-year-old male teacher from Exeter. This was the only vehicle owned by and accessible to the driver.
  • The car was a non-import, right-hand-drive model.
  • The car was kept in a secure public car park during the day.
  • During the night, the car was kept on a driveway.
  • No modifications, safety or otherwise, or tracking devices were present on the vehicle.
  • The vehicle was a 2009 model Chevrolet Matiz, the latest available model.
  • The car was identified as being used for social, domestic, pleasure, and commuting reasons.
  • The driver kept to the national average of 10,000 miles driven per year.
  • The driver maintained a five-year no-claims discount, no driving convictions in the last five years, and had no previous non-motoring convictions.
  • No additional drivers.

Factors that can affect your insurance premiums

Luckily for you, we’ve collected some of the top reasons why insurance companies may vary your premium prices. Later on, we’ll give you some advice on how to keep them low.

  • Insurance companies are particularly interested in the security of your car. Is the vehicle often parked on a street, in a car park, or in a garage?
  • How good is your credit history and driving record? Insurers take note of the applicant’s background and details in order to generate an applicable insurance quote.
  • What degree of coverage are you requesting? Whilst our research involved comprehensive coverage, other types – mostly commonly third-party cover – are available.
  • How often do you drive? Insurers will take particular note of whether you significantly exceed or underperform the national average for mileage, and may adjust your quote accordingly.

How to save on your Chevrolet Matiz insurance

Everybody loves to save – and here at finder, we’re here to help you do just that. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top ways you can keep your premiums down.

  • Switch from paying for your insurance in monthly instalments to a single annual payment. Whilst this may only be viable for the financially secure, our research indicates that switching payment methods whilst insuring a Matiz could save you £43.61 every year.
  • Don’t modify your car for any other reasons than to enhance its safety or security.
  • Consider reducing your mileage, for instance by taking public transport to work instead of driving. Not only would you be helping the planet, reducing your mileage could lead to lower premiums!
  • If you’ve got a garage that you use for storage, clear it out and store your car there! Greater security brings a greater chance of reduced insurance costs.
  • Maintain a respectable credit history.
  • Try your best to maintain your no-claims discount and record of no driving convictions for as long as possible. The longer the period, the more likely it is your insurance costs will be reduced and you’ll be able to pay lower premiums.

Facts about the Chevrolet Matiz

  • In the period 1993-1997, the Matiz was the best-selling model for the Daewoo corporation in Europe and India, prior to the company’s acquisition by General Motors.
  • The vehicle goes from 0-60mph in 17 seconds.
  • Whilst the car was sold worldwide and manufactured initially by a South Korean vehicle company, the Matiz was first constructed in Worthing, England.

Bottom line

The newer models of the Chevrolet Matiz have clear improvements on older editions, but it’s still a hatchback that won’t turn too many heads. Nevertheless, it’s reasonably inexpensive to insure and you can reduce the cost of your premiums even further by following the tips in this guide.

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