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Advantedge consumer finance specialises in releasing cash flow of up to £1.5 million to help small and medium-sized businesses to grow.


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Formerly known as Factor 21, the direct lender Advantedge has provided more than £2 billion to UK businesses since it was founded in 2002.

If you’re looking to free up working capital in order to grow your business, Advantedge offers a range of ways to unlock the value tied up in unpaid invoices.

Nucleus Cash Flow Finance

Help your business grow with Nucleus Cash Flow Finance

If your business has been trading for at least 3 years, Nucleus Cash Flow Finance can provide the additional funds for your SME needs.

  • Borrow from £25,000 to £150,000
  • Once accepted, funds are issued the same day
  • No early repayment fee

Invoice finance

Invoice finance releases cash tied up in outstanding customer invoices providing you with fast access to funds to grow your business. It provides an ongoing source of funding linked directly to your sales. Advantedge can administer the sales ledger and collect the outstanding invoice payments on your behalf, which could save you time and money.

Options for invoice finance

Advantedge offers two types of invoice finance, depending on your business needs.

Invoice discounting

Receive up to 90% of the value of your invoices and Advantedge will collect the money from your customers. This option can be confidential so your customers do not need to know you’re using an invoice finance solution.

Who is eligible for invoice discounting with Advantedge?

Your business could be eligible for invoice discounting if you:

  • Want to release funds of up to £1.5 million from your business
  • Are looking at buying another business
  • Need to access funds to grow

You must be able to show your business can afford the fee attached to this product.

Selective invoice finance

This enables you to access funds against outstanding invoices on a customer-by-customer basis. You can select a customer or customers based on how much funding you want. Get up to 80% of the value of selected outstanding invoices.

Who is eligible for selective invoice finance with Advantedge?

Your business could be eligible for selective invoice finance if you:

  • Have seasonal and cyclical trading patterns
  • Want to improve cash flow
  • Are looking at buying another business

You must be able to show your business can afford the fee attached to this product.

Benefits of invoice finance with Advantedge

  • Access to instant cash. Unlock up to 90% of the cash tied up in your invoices, depending on the option you choose.
  • Online account management. Get access to your account 24/7.
  • Confidential option. There is no need for your customers to know you’re using invoice finance.
  • Fast payment. Receive the cash on the same day your application is approved.
  • Bad debt protection option. Protect your business against client insolvency and unpaid invoices.
  • Early settlement discounts. Benefit from a reduced fee if your customers pay early.

How does it work?

  1. Upload your invoices to the Advantedge system.
  2. Receive up to 90% of the value of your invoices (depending on which option you choose) on the same day as they’re raised if they’re received before midday.
  3. Advantedge manages your customers and arranges invoice payment.
  4. Your customer pays into a trust account in your name.
  5. You’ll be paid the remaining balance, minus the agreed fee for Advantedge’s services.

The costs you pay to Advantedge will vary depending on factors such as the type and amount of funding you apply for, the cash flow of your business and its credit rating.

How do I apply for funding with Advantedge?

  • Simply fill out the enquiry form on the Advantedge website with basic details about you and your company.
  • An adviser will call you to talk through your options.

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