ETA Bicycle Insurance

Cycling has taken over the UK, make sure you have the cover and protection you need.

There are so many reasons to cycle; great for your fitness, good way to avoid traffic when commuting to work, a nice activity to do with both friends and family, the list goes on.

As you know bikes can be expensive so having cover to combat unexpected circumstances can be vital. Bicycles are a key target for thieves, with more than 250,000 bikes being stolen last year according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Don’t assume that your bike is covered by your home insurance, educate yourself on the bike cover options available with ETA.

ETA Bicycle Insurance

ETA Bicycle Insurance

  • £5m third party cover as standard on all policies
  • ETA will never devalue your bicycle, no matter how old it is
  • Britain’s most ethical insurance company
  • Find cover for theft, accidental damage and vandalism.

Who are ETA?

The Environmental Transport Association, or ETA, was set up back in 1990 as a green alternative for travel services. To this day it follows these origins, recently being rated as the most ethical insurance company in Britain by the Good Shopping Guide, putting it ahead of both the Co-op and John Lewis.

With regards to cycle insurance ETA were the first organisation in Britain to develop a nationwide breakdown service for bikes which is included in every policy it sells. They are also thoroughly involved in the national debate on improving conditions for cyclists.

What are ETAs bicycle cover options?

ETA provides 4 different cover options to choose from;

Cycle Insurance

Fully comprehensive cycle insurance that is perfect for every type of cyclist.

Features of this include:

  • New-for-old replacement without any devaluation on your bike
  • Cover for theft, accidental damage and vandalism
  • Cover for equipment and accessories
  • Cycle rescue cover, only in Britain (See other tab)
  • £5m third part insurance
  • Personal accident cover up to £20,000
  • Loss of earnings cover of up to £250 per week
  • Triathlon & Race event cover
  • Cycle touring insurance and travel cover
  • Replacement cycle hire
  • Insurance cover for e-bikes
  • Insurance cover for self-built and custom bikes
Cycle Rescue

A bicycle rescue service so that you can have total peace of mind for £18 a year.

Features of this include:

  • 24/7 recovery service from any road in Britain
  • Cover in Europe for 90 days per year, only available on this policy
  • Taxi home service available
  • Free legal advice
  • Includes cover for punctures
  • Unlimited callouts per year
Cycle Hire Insurance

Comprehensive insurance for if you decide to hire a bike.

Features of this include:

  • Theft, accidental damage & vandalism
  • £5m personal liability cover
  • New-for-old replacement without any devaluation on your bike
  • Cover for locks and fixed accessories
  • Free cycle rescue cover
  • Free legal advice
Cycle Travel Insurance

Protect yourself and your bike when travelling abroad.

Features of this include:

  • Cover for sportives, triathlons and organised holidays
  • Kit and equipment cover
  • Race fee cancellation cover
  • Cancellation cover, up to £5,000
  • Up to £5,000 for loss or damage of your bicycle
  • Replacement cycle hire if needed
  • Emergency medical expenses up to £10m
  • Cover for other activities such as climbing and rafting
  • Cover for damage caused by airlines

Benefits of ETA

  • Ethical practices. By opting to use ETA you are using a provider who have a key focus on the environment, being carbon-neutral and sourcing from suppliers who follow the same stringent environmental practices.
  • Low excess. Standard excess is 5% of claims value, or £25 minimum. These rates can vary but are some of the most competitive in the industry.
  • No claims discount. Not all providers offer a discount on renewal if no claim has been made. ETA offer up to 40% to reward its customers.
  • Cycle to work scheme. If you have bought your bike through this scheme then it can be included into ETAs standard policy.
  • Replace not repair. For carbon frames, ETA will replace not repair these.
  • Claims done in-house. Claims are never farmed to third part claims assessors.
  • Claim online. ETA will always allow you to claim online.
  • Campaign robustly on behalf of all cyclists.


ETA have certain requirement that you need to meet in order to qualify for a claim in both the lock that you use and the location where you store the bike. In order to make a successful claim for cycle theft you must use a Sold Secure lock with a rating of either Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on the value of the bike. Compare here the best bike locks currently on the market.

When purchasing your bike, lock, or any accessories ensure that you keep your receipts as it is extremely helpful when making a claim to help show proof of ownership of these items.

How do I make a claim?

You can make any claim online through a form provided on the ETA website. You will require proof of purchase for both the bike and lock, a VAT-registered trader’s estimate for the cost of repair/replacement, as well as any photographic evidence supporting your claim

Alternatively call 0333 000 1234 to make a claim over the phone.

What is my excess?

An excess is the amount of money you contribute to the cost of your claim. The amount of your excess will depend on the level of cover you have and the nature of your claim. Details of your excess amounts will be displayed in your policy schedule.
Sometimes more than one excess will apply and in this case, ETA will add them together.
There are two types of excess and these are:

  • Compulsory excess which is set by the insurer underwriting your policy. This is added to the voluntary excess you choose to give the total amount of excess you will pay if you make a claim.
  • Voluntary excess which is in addition to any compulsory excess. You can set this as low as you want to reduce the amount you have to pay if you make a claim, or you can increase it which may reduce your premium.

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