The UK’s best pet insurance for cats in 2022

We've compiled a list of some of the best cat insurance providers in the UK and some top tips on how to find the right policy for you.

Cat insurance is designed to cover your pet if it’s injured in an accident or if it becomes ill for some reason. Lots of insurers offer it and you can choose a policy based on the level of cover you require.

Last year there were 992,000 pet insurance claims and of these 211,000 were for cats, while 749,000 were for dogs. The average value of a payout was £822, while the cost of the average premium was £271, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

When you buy cat insurance it’s important to tell an insurer about any pre-existing conditions your cat may have. This is because it may not be able to cover these, but could sell you a policy which covers everything else that could happen.

Below you’ll find some of the best pet insurance providers for cats in the UK and some tips on how to find the right policy for you.

Cat insurance providers in the UK

Animal friends pet insurance

As a specialist pet insurer, Animal Friends has sold insurance for cats for the past 20 years. It has several different tiers of cover available, with vet fees of up to £6,000 included annually for every condition your cat needs treatment for. You can also access video consultations with a vet around the clock, your vet can make the claim for you, and it supports a number of animal charities.
  • Customers cited value for money and simple claims process.
  • Several customers mentioned prices creeping up each year.

Bought By Many pet insurance

The pet insurance for cats policy from Bought by Many covers your cat's vet fees to up to £15,000, depending on the level of cover you choose. There are several different options and the most basic provides up to £3,000 of cover for vet fees. Customers have access to video consultations with a vet around the clock and it has a zero excess option for pets under the age of nine.
  • Pre-existing cover. You are able to get cover for pets which have recent pre-existing conditions, unlike many other providers.
  • Bought By Many's unique service allows it to negotiate group discounts.
  • Premium freezes. Your premium will never increase if you are on the Fixed for Life policy.
  • Complicated. Bought By Many's website can be quite confusing. It's hard to find information and it doesn't explain the platform very concisely.
  • Old pets cost more. If your cat or dog is over nine years old, the no-excess option isn't available to you and you'll have to pay 20% of any claim.

Direct Line pet insurance

There are two options of cover to choose from if you buy insurance for your cat from Direct Line. The basic policy includes cover for up to £4,000 and the price of premiums starts at £6.50 per month. Or you could choose the premium policy, covering vet fees worth up to £8,000, starting at £10.50 per month. It also currently has an introductory offer of 12 months for the price of 9.
  • Online discount offered to new customers.
  • Up to 12.5% discount for insuring more than one pet under one policy for the first year.
  • A range of optional extras available for increased pet protection.
  • Only two cover levels offered.
  • No policies cover pre-existing medical conditions.

M&S pet insurance

You have three options to choose from with M&S Bank when it comes to insuring your cat. The most basic level has a limit of £3,000 for vet fees while the premium level has a limit of £7,000. You also get access to a vet over the phone at any time with this policy. There's a 5% discount for insuring more than one pet, and a 15% discount online right now.
  • 89% of pet insurance customers in our 2020 customer satisfaction survey would recommend it to a friend.
  • Only covers dogs and cats.

More Than pet insurance

Insurance from More Than is underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc. You can choose from different levels of cover and if you're insuring more than one cat, there is a multi-pet discount of 10% for any additional cats you add to the policy. It also currently has a 25% discount for pet insurance policies if you buy direct, although it's always worth seeing what offers are available if you buy through a comparison or cashback website too.
  • More Than has four types of cover to suit a range of budgets and requirements.
  • More Than offers new customers 25% discount for purchasing a pet insurance policy online.
  • Existing customers can get 10% discount for each additional pet added to a policy.
  • More Than pet insurance is only suitable for dogs and cats.
  • More Than does not have an online account area for existing pet insurance policyholders.

Petplan pet insurance

If you choose to buy cat insurance from Petplan, there are two options available. A lifetime policy, which covers your cat for vet fees of up to £12,000 depending on the level of cover you choose. This will cover them for their entire lives, including any new conditions they develop. Or you can pick a yearly policy, which provides up to £3,000 towards vet fees.
  • Multi-pet discount when you insure more than one pet.
  • Four cover levels available for cats and dogs.
  • Access to a pet bereavement helpline with all cover levels.
  • No policies that provide cover for pre-existing conditions.
  • Healthy Pets. As a specialist pet insurer, Healthy Pets has lots of options when it comes to buying a policy. There are seven different cover levels and vet fees are included up to £7,500, depending on which level you choose. It claims to be one of the cheapest providers on the market, but it’s always worth comparing prices to make sure you’re paying the right amount for you.
  • Waggel. As a relatively new insurer to the market, Waggel says it’s all about making insurance simple and enjoyable. It has a fully-digital claims process and its lifetime policy provides up to £12,000 of cover, depending on the level you opt for. It also makes a yearly donation to a number of pet charities.

How to find the best pet insurance for cats

If you’re buying insurance for your cat it’s because you want the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be covered in case something happens to them. The following steps will help you to find a policy which meets your needs and provides value for money.

  1. Do you really need insurance for your cat? If something were to happen to your cat, such as it being injured in an accident or developing an illness, could you find the money to pay for its treatment? This might be for a one-off cost if it needs surgery or potentially for medicine for the rest of its life. If you have the income to pay for its vet fees, or you have savings you could comfortably use, you probably don’t need to buy an insurance policy. However, if you’d struggle to meet these costs insurance can be a good way to cover them.
  2. What kind of cover do you need? When you buy cat insurance, there are not only different insurers to pick from but also different levels of cover. The most comprehensive policies which usually provide cover for your pet’s life will be the most expensive. Think about what level of cover you’re happy with and look at what’s included.
  3. Do they have pre-existing conditions? If your cat has been treated for a condition in the past, this condition is unlikely to be covered on a new pet insurance policy. You may be able to buy one still that excludes this specific condition but always check with the insurer before you buy.
  4. A larger excess might mean small payments. If you agree to pay a bigger excess (the money you pay if you make a claim), this could reduce the amount you pay monthly (whether you pay monthly or annually). However, you need to make sure you could afford the excess if you needed to claim.
  5. Compare different policies and insurers. As there are lots of options, it’s worth taking your time to compare different policies and different insurers to make sure you’re getting the best policy for you and your pet.

Compare cat insurance providers

Name Product Age cover starts from Annual vet fees covered Details
PetGuard Pet Insurance
PetGuard Pet Insurance
8 weeks
Specialist pet insurance for cats and dogs.
4Paws Pet Insurance
6 weeks
4Paws is underwritten by the insurance giants Aviva and Covea Insurance.
Animal Friends pet insurance
8 weeks
Animal Friends is an award-winning business and one of the largest pet insurance providers in the UK. They provide pet insurance for cats, dogs, horses and also for horse-riders.
Agria Pet Insurance
8 weeks
Agria Pet insurance is underwritten by Agria Försäkring and Ageas Insurance Limited.
Bought By Many Pet Insurance
4 weeks
Bought By Many policies are based on feedback from over 40,000 pet owners.
LV= pet insurance
8 weeks
Up to £10,000
LV= offers both time-limited and lifetime cover for cats and dogs. There are five levels of cover in total, with two time-limited and three lifetime policies.
Scratch & Patch Pet Insurance
5 weeks
Scratch and Patch pet insurance is underwritten by HDI Global Specialty SE.
Perfect Pet
Perfect Pet
4 weeks
Perfect Pet insurance provides specialist cover for any dog or cat, while also offering multi-pet policies.

Compare up to 4 providers

Bottom line

The best pet insurance for cats policy for you will depend on the level of cover you want for your cat. You may choose accident only, which is usually the cheapest, or you might want lifetime cover which protects your pet for their entire lives.

Whatever policy you go for, it’s important to read the small print so you know exactly what you’re covered for. The last thing you want is to buy a policy you then can’t use so pay attention to specific limits, both for set illnesses or injuries and annual limits, to make sure the policy provides you with enough cover.

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