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Save on activities, special events, dining packages and more.

Cancellation, refund and change policies

You can usually get a refund within 14 days of purchasing a voucher— as long as you haven't booked a specific date and time with the direct provider. US customers can get in touch with the Virgin Experience Days customer service team via live chat or electronic form on its website.

What is Virgin Experience Days?

Search for and book activities, services, classes and tickets to popular entertainment events to give as a gift. After you make a purchase, the recipient will receive a voucher via email or mailed in a nondescript brown paper envelope.
It's sort of like Richard Branson's version of Groupon, except you can't buy products — only experiences in the UK — and it's meant specifically for gift giving. From Manchester United games to cooking classes, vineyard tours, extreme sports and much more, surprise your traveling companion with a thoughtful activity — complete with a British twist.

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