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Save money on flights, hotels and more with this Denmark-based booking site.

Nustay Nustay

Save up to 40% off more than 1.5 million hotels worldwide

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Cancellation, refund and change policies

Policies vary, depending on the details of your Nustay booking — and the direct provider you've purchased from. Read the terms and conditions before checking out. You can generally make updates to your Nustay booking by logging into your account. Otherwise, contact customer service directly at

Is Nustay legit?

Yes. Nustay is a secure site through which you can locate and book arrangements for worldwide travel. It has a 4 out of 5-star "Great" rating on Trustpilot, compiled from 2,300+ reviews, and 66% of customers gave it a 5-star rating.

But keep in mind that whenever you book through a third-party site, changing or canceling plans can be complicated. And you may end up paying administration fees to Nustay in addition to fees charged by the direct provider.

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