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Score rock-bottom rates on room reservations worldwide.

Cancellation, refund and change policies

Policies vary, depending on the hotel and room rate you book. Keep in mind that HotelPlanner may charge a 3% transaction fee when you request a refund. Read the terms and conditions before checking out to understand the risk up front.

Is HotelPlanner legit?

Yes. HotelPlanner can help you locate and book hotels around the world. It holds an A+ rating with the BBB, where it has been accredited since 2015. On Trustpilot, it has a 3.5 out of 5-star "Average" rating compiled from 200+ reviews. Most complaints are from customers who are frustrated with the refund process — though HotelPlanner has responded to the majority of negative comments. Still, remember that changing or canceling a booking can be complicated when you book through a third-party site. To avoid this, book directly with the hotel.

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