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Cancellation, refund and change policies

Cancellations are allowed up to 15 minutes before the bus departs — though you may have to pay a fee, depending on how far in advance it is from the day of departure.
Days from departure Fee
30 $0
14 $1
3 $3
Less than 3 $5
FlixBus doesn't issue refunds. Instead, you'll get a refund voucher for the price of your ticket, minus any applicable cancellation fees. The voucher can be used on another purchase and is good for one year. To rebook an existing ticket, you'll have to cancel it first.

When's the next sale?

FlixBus's sale schedule isn't predictable, because it sells routes, not stuff. The best way to get first dibs on special offers, sweepstakes and promotions is by signing up for its newsletter.

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