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Take the train to 28+ European countries with this all-in-one pass.

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In addition to train travel, with your Eurail pass you can take advantage of hundreds of benefits in countries across Europe. You can get discounts on ferries, attractions and hotels.

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What is a Eurail pass?

A Eurail pass is a single train ticket that gives you access to most of the trains traversing Europe. When you pay for a Eurail pass, you get a set number of stops in a specified time period, in either first or second class, depending on what you choose. When you board the train, all you have to do is show the Eurail pass — though specific trains do require reservations to be made in advance, and this might require an extra fee.
  • Eurail passes only work on intercity train lines — not local subway, tram or bus public transportation.
  • Eurail passes are paper tickets, so when you make a purchase it'll be mailed to you.
  • Eurail passes were formally known as Europass or Eurorail Passes.

Eurail cancellation, refund and change policies

Standard Eurail passes can be returned for a full refund within one year from the issue date, as long as they haven't been used or activated. If you've used your pass or if have activated it and the first day of validity has passed, then you cannot get an exchange or refund. Likewise, Eurail passes purchased as part of a promotion cannot be returned or exchanged.

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