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Book spare beds and extra rooms hosted by a local.

It looks like we don't have any coupons at the moment.

How do I use my BedyCasa promo code?

BedyCasa doesn't offer promo codes. But you can still take advantage of its deals to find cheap overnight stays in cities around the globe.

Reservation cancellation, refund and change policies

Here's what to expect to pay in fees if you cancel your BedyCasa reservation:
Days until expected arrival Cancellation fees
11 or more 30% of your booking plus €3.90 (about $4.30)
2-10 50% of your booking plus €3.90 (about $4.30)
Less than 2 100% of your booking — no refunds allowed
All deposits paid at the time of booking are nonrefundable, except if you have insurance through EuropAssistance. If you'd like to modify your BedyCasa reservation, contact the host directly to see if that might be an option. If not, you may have to cancel and make a new reservation.

When's the next sale?

BedyCasa doesn't have regular sales, since rates are set independently for each property by the owner.

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