Small World Money Transfer Wins Double

After going through the Money Transfer Awards’ strenuous testing, Small World Money Transfer scores big in two categories: Most Convenient and Fastest Transfer.

We rounded up as many international money transfers services sending money from the US that we could find. From there, we collected 1,575 data points on 35 providers, set up accounts on 22 and narrowed down a final 13 based on price, speed, convenience, user experience and trustworthiness. We sent live transfers to France and Mexico through these 13 finalists, generated quotes for 2,430 transactions and partnered with to collect another 273 data points from 39 independent participants.

We were most impressed with Small World Money Transfer during its site testing. We wanted to know how many countries and territories you could actually send money to online from the US. It wasn’t simple to find, as we explain in this video. But through testing the drop-down menus, we found that Small World Money Transfer has the greatest country and territory coverage. This was a major factor in earning them the Most Convenient award.

We tested the speed of Small World’s transfers by sending money using the quickest method available (regardless of price), because we know how important it can be to get your hard-earned money to your loved ones on time.

Testing money transfer providers can be risky. In our research, we invited fraud on our bank accounts and had our funds taken only to be told that our transfers failed. However, we needed to fully initiate transfers to both better understand consumer pain points and also determine who had the speediest delivery. We hope these awards bring transparency to the industry and that consumers can learn from our investigative and comprehensive research.

See our scorecards below to learn more about how earning Most Convenient and Fastest Transfer demonstrates that Small World Money Transfer lives to its name.

When it comes to sending money online to another bank account, no one in the competition has more country coverage than Small World Money Transfer — and they send it fast. It’s a must-check option if you send to many different countries or less popular corridors.” — Fred Schebesta, CEO

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Most Convenient

Small World Money Transfer outranks the competitors in coverage, sending to 87 countries worldwide — by far the largest number when compared to competitors. Small World does not limit how small or large your transfer needs to be, which means you’re free to send however much or little you need to. A seamless process of two quick and successful live transfers doesn’t hurt either.

Small World Money Transfer Most Convenient Award
MetricScaleSmall World Money TransferAverage Score
Number of available countries and territories1.0 (0–9)
2.0 (10–19)
3.0 (20–29)
4.0 (30–39)
5.0 (40–49)
6.0 (50–59)
7.0 (60–69)
8.0 (70–79)
9.0 (80–89)
10.0 (90+)
Available in all 50 states0.0 (No)
5.0 (Yes)
Maximum transfer per online transaction every 24 hours1.0 ($0–$1,000)
2.0 ($1,001–$2,000)
3.0 ($2,001–$3,000)
4.0 ($3,001–$4,000)
5.0 ($4,001–$5,000)
6.0 (Over $5,000)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
1.0 (Digital wallet)
2.0 (Single transaction)
Minimum transfer per transaction0.0 ($100+)
1.0 ($75–$99)
2.0 ($50–$74)
3.0 ($25–$49)
4.0 ($0–$24)
Live transfer success rate0.0 (0%)
5.0 (50%)
10.0 (100%)
Can send funds through credit or debit card0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require SSN for sign-up0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Does not require uploaded documentation0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Instant approval after sign-up0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds by cash0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send funds over the phone0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can schedule money transfer for later times0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can schedule recurring transfers0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Forward contracts (rate locks) available0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can set target rate0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Receiver can pick up cash0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Can send with recipient’s email address0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 33 points)35.029.2
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Fastest Transfer

Small World Money Transfer handles the process of getting money out of your account and into another without any extra work on your part. A quick and easy sign-up and fast delivery of funds put Small World in the trophy case.

Small World Money Transfer Fastest Transfer Award
MetricScaleSmall World Money TransferAverage Score
Shortest time to receive funds in bank account0.0 (Live transfer fail)
2.0 (9 days)
4.0 (8 days)
6.0 (7 days)
8.0 (6 days)
10.0 (5 days)
12.0 (4 days)
14.0 (3 days)
16.0 (2 days)
18.0 (1 day)
20.0 (Less than 24 hours)
Time to complete transfer sign-up and input transfer details1.0 (5 minutes or more)
2.0 (4:00–4:59 minutes)
3.0 (3:00–3:59 minutes)
4.0 (2:00–2:59 minutes)
5.0 (1:00–1:59 minutes)
6.0 (Less than 1 minute)
Instant approval after sign-up (US customers)0.0 (No)
1.0 (Yes)
Single transfer transaction0.0 (Wire to provider)
2.0 (Digital wallet)
4.0 (Single transaction)
TOTAL (Winners scored more than 25 points)26.021.2
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