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Compare other services like OFX for money transfers

Information verified correct on January 19th, 2017

Sites like OFX for sending a money transfer

OFX offers transfers and exchanges into 55 different currencies. If you’re a larger business looking to pay for exports or just need to transfer a larger sum to an account overseas, this service may be ideal.


  • 24-hour customer support
  • Available in 195 countries and 55 currencies
  • Offers scheduled and recurring transfers
  • iOS and Android apps available for mobile transfer and tracking


  • Minimum transfer of $1,000

If OFX isn’t offered in your country or you’re shopping around, compare them to the services below.

Alternative sites like OFX

OFX International Money Transfers

OFX International Money Transfers

Exclusive offer for finder.com customers:
OFX are offering exclusive exchange rates to finder.com customers – which means your recipient could receive more in their bank.

  • No fees: There is a $0 online transfer fee for all finder.com customers.
  • Special exchange rates: Discounted rates are applied and will be shown along with the transactional rates.

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    1. Transferwise

    TransferWise is a money transfer site designed to help you save money on exchanges through a peer-to-peer system. Its unique system allows you to exchange your funds with those of another seeking to convert their money to your currency. It’s basically trading money with another person, but it doesn’t cross borders.


    • Maximum 1% fee
    • $3 minimum fee
    • Minimum transfer of $1
    • Maximum transfer of $36,000,000
    • Apps for both iOS and Android
    • Uses mid-market exchange rate with no hidden fees


    • Transfers to bank accounts. No cash pickup option.

    Go to the Transferwise website

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    2. HiFX

    HiFX is a service designed to help you transfer your funds to a bank in a foreign currency. If you’re working far from home, HiFX is ideal for getting cash to your family or making investments overseas. Given how easy it is to transfer your money to foreign companies in their currency, it’s especially ideal for business accounts.


    • One of the most trusted money transfer names in the UK
    • Competitive exchange rates save you money in the long run
    • Quick turnaround means transfer is complete in 1 to 4 days


    • Rate comparison tool not available until after you’ve registered with the site

    Go to HiFX website 

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    3. World Remit

    WorldRemit provides a variety of transfer options in more than 120 countries worldwide, including online, bank-to-bank and cash transfers. Fees vary by country you’re sending funds to and the global exchange rate at the time of your transfer. WorldRemit is ideal for small businesses, offering transfers from $1 to $2,000.


    • Flexible payment options
    • Easy three-step transfer process
    • Transfers to mobile wallet accounts
    • Cash pickup available
    • Mobile airtime account transfers


    • The higher your transfer, the greater the transfer fees

    Go to the WorldRemit website

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    4. Travelex

    Around since 1976, Travelex is an international money transfer service in 177 countries worldwide. Through its simple online process, you can transfer money to someone on the other side of the world within a couple of days. Its minimum transfer amount for overseas is $500, and it keeps you up to date on exchange rates, so you can know exactly how much money your recipients will receive in their accounts.


    • Flat fee of $5 for any transaction under $5,000
    • No fee for transfers of $5,000 or more
    • Exchange to more than 45 different currencies
    • Home delivery available


    • Exchange rates not always the most competitive
    • No cash payments or cash pickups allowed

    Learn more

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    5. TorFX

    TorFX is a strict money exchange and transfer company that focuses on getting your funds where they need to go quickly. Unlike other services, it requires that funds to be cleared by individuals who hold TorFX accounts. The money must be sent in advance before the transaction can be performed. TorFX cares about its customers, with clarity and friendly service two of its highest priorities.


    • Competitive exchange rates
    • Free market news
    • Fixed exchange rate protection
    • Can save you 5% on bank exchange rates
    • No bank charges or commissions
    • Consult with currency experts


    • Potential risks of exchange include market volatility
    • Can only send from Australia
    • Users report technical and administrative problems that delay transfers

    Go to the TorFX website

    worldfirst logo

    6. World First

    World First is an online money transfer company founded in the UK in 2004. Since then, it’s transferred more than $56 billion worldwide, servicing over 75,000 customers regularly. Its wide array of services keeps people coming back transfer after transfer.


    • Competitive exchange rates
    • Offers spot contracts, forward contracts and hedging options
    • Provides weekly updates on market exchange rates
    • Rate lock available for continuing transactions
    • High maximum transfer
    • No fees for transfers of $10,000 or more
    • Customer support available


    • Minimum amount of $500

    Go to the World First website

    currencies direct logo money transfers

    7. Currencies Direct

    Currencies Direct is an international money transfer service dedicated to helping its customers save more when transferring money internationally. With 39 currencies to choose from (and others that can be discussed with the company itself), it is more flexible than other money transfer services. So long as there’s a bank account available, Currencies Direct will transfer and exchange your funds at a low flat rate.


    • No fees for 90% of its transactions
    • Worldwide service
    • Competitive exchange rates
    • Low minimum transfer of $100
    • Supports large transactions at a seemingly unlimited max
    • Monitors exchange rates for your ideal transfer


    • No cash pickup option
    • Does not support all currencies (though you can contact them if yours isn’t listed)

    Go to the Currencies Direct website

    western union logo

    8. Western Union

    Around for more than 160 years, Western Union continues to make it easy for you to transfer money in the United States and overseas. In more than 200 countries and territories across the globe and with more than 500,000 agent locations worldwide, money pickups are a breeze.


    • Low minimum transfer of $1
    • Send money in minutes
    • Transfer to a wide range of countries
    • Competitive live exchange rates updated regularly
    • Multiple transfer options
    • Trusted provider


    • Can be more expensive than other transfer companies

    Learn more

    RIA Logo

    9. Ria

    In business for more than 30 years, RIA is a global monetary transfer network with more than 240,000 agent locations in 130 countries. It is the third-largest international money transfer provider in the world. Offering a wide variety of payment options and transfer services, RIA knows how to keep its customers happy with a simple transfer process.


    • Wide variety of transfer options
    • Good rates and minimal fees
    • Online price calculator simplifies money conversion
    • Expert advice


    • Maximum daily transfer cap of $2,999.99

    Go to the Ria website

    moenygram logo

    10. Moneygram

    The second-largest international money transfer service in the world, MoneyGram is a big contender for money transfer. Its services transfer and exchange currencies in over 200 countries and territories around the world to more than 350,000 agent locations worldwide. If you’re not confident about transferring money online, an employee can walk you through the process at of the 40,000 locations here in the States.


    • Extensive global network of 350,000 agent locations
    • Large pool of services available for sending, receiving or financing
    • Secure and reliable
    • Fast transfers, with same-day service in many locations


    • Maximum online transfer amount of $2,999
    • Fees vary depending on payment type and transfer destination
    • Transfers must be made in US dollars from the US (no exchanges before transfer)
    • Local exchange rates vary by transfer destination

    Go to the Moneygram website

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    11. Sharemoney

    Sharemoney is a part of the Omnex group, a company that’s specialized in money transfers for over 25 years. Its constantly expanding service range and offer door-to-door and cash pickup options on top of the usual transfer techniques.


    • Low transfer fees
    • Exchange rate calculator helps you see just how much money you’ll get for your dollar
    • Fast and easy service
    • Door-to-door delivery in as short as 48 hours
    • Discounts available on Facebook


    • Doesn’t transfer to every country
    • Exact location must be specified for cash pickup
    • Daily transfer limits of $9,999

    Learn more

    Need to send less? There are several options that allow you to send less than $1,000:

    Want a no-fee transaction and lower rates?

    OFX is offering an exclusive deal to finder.com readers that includes special exchange rates and $0 transfer fees.

    Minimum and Maximum transfer limits by Provider

     ProviderType of transfer providerMinimum transfer amountMaximum transfer amount
    OFXOnline transfer provider$150No limit
    HiFXOnline transfer provider$50No limit
    World FirstOnline transfer provider$250No limit
    WorldRemitOnline transfer provider$0No limit
    Travelex International PaymentsOnline transfer provider$500No limit
    TorFXOnline transfer provider$200No limit
    Currency OnlineOnline transfer provider$0No limit
    Western UnionOnline transfer provider$1$50,000.00
    TransferWiseOnline transfer provider$1$36,000.00
    XoomCash transfer provider$1$2999.99
    MoneyGramCash transfer provider$250$2999.99
    RIAOnline transfer provider$1$2999.99
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