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Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

Compare Tokio Marine travel insurance plans against other leading providers in Singapore.

About the provider

Tokio Marine Insurance Group is the first insurance company in Japan established for over 130 years. It offers an extensive selection of life and general insurance products to 38 countries including Singapore. Today, Tokio Marine is the largest insurance provider in Japan with $94 billion worth of assets. It’s more than 36,000 employees contribute to the smooth operations and execution of underwriting services.

Tokio Marine is committed to letting every Singaporean travel the world and while being protected from major emergencies and travel inconveniences. It’s travel insurance plans include Premier and Classic packages which cover accidental death, disablement, trip cancellations, delays and medical assistance.

Why should I choose Tokio Marine travel insurance?

Tokio Marine’s unparalleled offers include:

  • Coverage on 39 travel situations including aircraft hijacking and kidnap and hostage
  • Bonus coverages on golf equipment, waiver or rental vehicle excess, home care, quarantine benefit, terrorism cover and credit card fraud
  • Plan packages like single trip family, annual trip family and group plan for group travellers between 21 to 70 years old
  • Get a quote and buy online instantly by providing your destination, choice of cover, scope of cover and period of cover.

What coverages do you get from Tokio Marine travel insurance?

Tokio Marine Premier Plan

This plan offers an unmatched level of protection to give every traveller the peace of mind while on a trip. Benefits of this plan include:

Personal Accident Protection

  • Up to $250,000 cover for an insured person under 70 years old in case of accidental death and permanent disability
  • Maximum repayment of $500,000 as double indemnity for travelling using public transport
  • Maximum compensation of $7,000 paid lump sum as an educational grant to the insured person’s dependent in case of accidental death

Medical Cover

  • Up to $500,000 reimbursement on medical spending made abroad while on a trip
  • Maximum if $25,000 repayment of medical expenses incurred in Singapore
  • Pregnancy-related expenses are covered up to $5,000 for an insured person who travels after the first trimester of pregnancy.

Travel Inconveniences

  • Premier Plan provides a maximum of $10,000 reimbursement for travel and accommodation expenses in case of trip cancellation
  • Up to $15,000 repayment on trip cancellation in the event of the trip agency insolvency
  • $7,000 compensation for damage or loss of personal effects and baggage

Bonus Cover

  • $250,000 maximum cap on acts of terrorism encountered during the travel including an instance of the use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons
  • Tokio Marine pays $50 for every 24 hours of quarantine following the acquisition of infectious disease
  • $5,000 maximum worth of home care assistance to cover for damage or loss of household contents while the insured person is out of Singapore for a trip

Tokio Marine Classic Plan

Personal Accident Protection

  • Up to $150,000 cover for an insured person under 70 years old in case of permanent disablement or accidental death
  • $3,000 worth of child education support in case insured person suffers an accidental death
  • Maximum of $300,000 worth of compensation while travelling on public transport.

Medical Coverage

  • Maximum of $300,000 repayment for medical expenses made abroad
  • Up to $15,000 coverage for an insured person under 70 years old to cover for medical expenses incurred in Singapore
  • Pregnancy-related expenses are paid up to $3,000 for insured individuals who are pregnant after the first trimester in case of pregnancy-related sickness.

Travel Inconveniences

  • Maximum of $5,000 worth of compensation for trip cancellation within 60 days before the scheduled travel date
  • $7,500 maximum repayment on trip cancellation due to insolvency of agency
  • Up to $3,000 benefit to pay for the cost of lost or damaged travel documents.

Other Benefits

  • Up to $500,000 worth of terrorism cover including use of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons
  • $2,500 maximum allowable cost for lost or damaged household contents while an insured person is on a trip
  • $500 maximum repayment on loss or damage of golf equipment.

How do I make a claim?

Before filing a claim, make sure you know that these conditions are not covered by your Tokio Marine travel insurance policy:

  • Unlawful or illegal acts committed by the insured individual
  • Exposure to radioactive or nuclear material
  • Detention, destruction and confiscation of belongings by authorities
  • Pre-existing conditions, health complications and other illnesses
  • Childbirth or pregnancy-related injuries
  • Nervous or mental disorder and sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Works to handle mining, aerial photography and handling explosives
  • Involvement in military, air force and naval services
  • Professional or hazardous sports activities.

Claims procedure:

  • Notify Tokio Marine about the incident
  • Mitigate the loss by taking practical steps like applying for a new passport in case of loss, and securing a police report or airline confirmation of lost or damaged luggage
  • Collect enough information to support your claim. Take photos of the property or at least do not dispose of it in case of damage
  • Assist and cooperate with Surveyors and adjusters to facilitate the investigations
  • Complete the claim form and submit the documents.

Required documents:

  • Completed travel claim form
  • Detailed list of claims for lost or damaged property
  • Police report of statement
  • Reports issued by a travel agent, carrier, airport and airline
  • Copy of the trip itinerary and boarding pass
  • Additional information or documents required by the adjuster.

What other products does Tokio Marine offer?

Tokio Marine’s comprehensive products and services include:

  • Life insurance – Tokio Marine life insurance offers include KidAssure GIO Rider, TM Term Assure, TM Legacy LifeFlex, TM FlexiAssurance and a lot more. Choose any of those flexible plans that provide customizable protection covers to suit individual needs
  • Health insurance – Let Tokio Marine’s health insurance plans help you reduce the financial burden due to hospitalization costs and permanent disability
  • Home and family insurance – Get the ultimate peace of mind you deserve with TM Mortgage Protection and FlexiHome that cover personal liability, personal accidents and household contents
  • Accident insurance – Get protection against accidents and related expenses with TM Personal Accident, TM 365, TM Protect Personal Accident and TM Protect MosBite.
  • Private motor insurance – Drive with confidence as Tokio Marine provides cover to damage or lost vehicle with its motor insurance plan. Get free protection against windstorms, floods, strike, civil commotions and riots.

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