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How to send money to Kenya

The safest and most cost-effective ways of sending money to friends and family in Kenya from Singapore.

Do you want to send money to friends or family in Kenya? You can do it, but choices are limited due to the exotic status of the Kenyan currency. Most mainstream banking institutions don’t allow transfers between Singaporean and Kenyan bank accounts. Look towards a money transfer company like WorldRemit, Western Union or MoneyGram. These providers allow you to send money to Kenya in minutes.

If you need to send money to Kenya, give our page a read for a comparison of the different companies that offer this service.

Comparison of services that allow you to send money overseas to Kenya

The table below shows the different services you can use to send money overseas to Kenya. You can sort products using the table headings, and if you’d like to read more about a product, you can click “More”. If you’d like to register and open an account, click “Go to Site”.

Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
USD 60 1 day SGD 50.00 82.184 KES
Skrill offers easy transfers to many popular destinations, but keep an eye out for added fees. Go to site Show details
SGD 0 Same day SGD 4.99 81.59 KES
Special offers like free transfers and better exchange rates available for new customers.
Remitly has quick, affordable transfers around the world, with both express and economy options.
Go to site Show details
SGD 1 1 - 2 days SGD 60.00 82.498 KES
Wise uses the mid-market rate and transparent fees to help you send money in 45+ currencies. Go to site Show details
SGD 250 1 day SGD 0.00 81.673 KES
Send guarantees to match any competitor's exchange rate. T&Cs apply.
Send has fee-free transfers in 30+ currencies to over 200 countries.
Go to site Show details
SGD 1 Same day SGD 3.99 82.077 KES
Use promo code 3FREE to send your first 3 transfers with no fee. Conditions apply.
WorldRemit sends money to 110+ countries for bank-to-bank deposits, cash pick-ups or mobile top-ups.
Go to site Show details

Compare up to 4 providers

Disclaimer: Exchange rates change often. Confirm the total cost with the provider before transferring money.

Banks vs money transfer companies

If you want to send money to Kenya, double check with your banking institution first. Most Singaporean banks don’t offer electronic fund transfers to Kenyan bank accounts. This was a problem for Abasi. He wanted to send money regularly to his family in Nairobi. He found two money transfer companies that allow transfers to Kenya and compared the deals.

Money Transfer Service 1Money Transfer Service 2
Exchange rate1 SGD = 72.8 KSh1 SGD = 75.24 KSh
Transfer feeSGD $70SGD $0.01
Amount of KES for AUD$100072,798.58 KSh75,242 KSh
Transfer timeTypically available for pickup in minutesNext working day
Transfer optionsBank to bank transfer. Cash pickupBank to bank transfer. Pay mobile. Cash pickup.
Difference of + 2,443.42 KSh

How to compare transfer companies when transferring money to Kenya

If you want to send money to Kenya, make sure you have a look at the following information when you get your quote on the funds transfer.

  • The exchange rate. The exchange rate is a hot point of comparison between international money transfer providers. You can have a look at the rate when you get your quote on the funds transfer. In basic terms, this means how many Kenyan Shillings you’re going to get for every Singapore dollar you send to Kenya.
  • Transfer fees. Each provider will charge a fee for your money transfer to Kenya. Fees vary depending on how you want to send the funds. For example, cash transfers are priced differently to mobile payments. Like the exchange rate, you’re advised of any fees when you get the quote for the transfer.
  • Collection methods. Different companies offer different options for receiving the funds. Some companies like Western Union offer bank transfers, cash collection and mobile payments, while other institutions will only allow a bank to bank transfer.
  • Transfer methods. How can you send the funds? Most transfers are handled online nowadays, the system has been set up to make it easy to send money to Kenya. But you can still send cash in person by visiting an outlet, Western Union by far have the largest network of business who act as agents and representatives of Western Union and their services.
  • Transfer options. Do you need to make a regular payment, or do you only need to make a one-off funds transfer?
  • Minimum transfer amounts. How much do you need to send? While the upper limit is generally of no concern to most people, if you’re looking to carry out a small transaction, you should compare money transfer companies based on the minimum transaction allowed. Some companies have no minimum transfer amount, but they do charge a fee if you’re sending below a certain amount.
  • Customer service. Is speaking to someone to help you through the process something that’s important to you? Some companies pride themselves on their achievements with customer service and their willingness to go the extra mile for their customers. Consider this when comparison money transfer companies.

How to send money to Kenya from Singapore

The choice of banks that let you send money to Kenya is limited and close to none. Check with your financial institution to see whether they offer money transfers to a Kenyan bank account.

  • WorldRemit. Worldremit is a speciality money transfer company. Like Western Union and Moneygram, there are fees when you send money to Kenya, but the first transfer is free with Worldremit. They have good reviews for their customer service, and there’s an easy to use smartphone application, which makes sending money to Kenya a breeze. With WorldRemit, you can send money from bank account to bank account, cash pickup transfers and mobile money transfers.
  • Western Union. You can send money to a bank account, pay someone using their mobile phone number or you can arrange for a cash pickup. There’s a fee for this service, but unlike bank-to-bank transfers, the money can be ready in minutes.
  • MoneyGram. MoneyGram operates similarly to Western Union. The main point of difference between these two companies in Kenya is that Western Union hs a larger number of cash collection points.

Emergency cash transfers to Kenya

In the event of an emergency, it’s possible to get cash to Kenya in a matter of minutes. Companies like WorldRemit let you send money to Kenya almost instantly. There are a couple of options if you need emergency access to cash:

An emergency cash advance. Visa, Mastercard and American Express will give you an emergency cash advance if your cards are lost or stolen and you’re unable to access the funds in your account. Give your bank and the card scheme a call, and they’ll let you know a merchant close to your location where you can collect the funds.

Money transfer service with cash pickup. International money transfer services like Western Union, MoneyGram and WorldRemit, let you transfer to merchants, cash collection agencies and banks in a matter of minutes. You can send the money to Kenya from the company’s website; it’s safe, easy and quick.

Cash pickup locations in Kenya

There are over a thousand different Western Union cash collection outlets where you can send money to Kenya.

Be aware that the size of the transfer, differences in time zones and other transaction-specific conditions will determine where the cash can be collected from. For example, a foreign exchange bureau may be the only place that has enough money to honour your transaction.

The numbers for the merchants where cash can be collected are listed on the MoneyGram and Western Union websites. It may be a good idea to give the business a call before you visit just to make sure that you will be able to get the cash on the spot. They also may be able to advise you if there are any security protocols that require observation.


  • All Time Capital, Mombasa Branch.

    City Grosser Building,

    1st Floor, Opposite Blueroom Restaurant,

    Haile Selassie Road,

    off Digo Road, Nairobi.


    Open Monday to Friday 8am – 4:30pm.

    Saturday 9.30am – 12:30pm.

    Sunday – Closed.

  • All Time Capital, Nairobi Branch.

    Cellcare Electronics Ltd,

    St Ellis Building, Ground Floor,

    Mama Ngina Street.


    Open Monday to Friday 9am – 4:30pm.

    Saturday – 9am to 12:30pm.

Western Union

  • ABC, Westland Branch.

    ABC House, Westlands,



    Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm.

    Saturday 9.30am – 1 pm.

    Sunday – Closed.

  • Amana Forex Bureau.

    Amana Shopping Centre, Nairobi.


    Open Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 6pm.

    Friday – 8.30am to 9.30pm.

    Saturday and Sunday – 8.30am to 6pm.


  • National Bank of Kenya.

    Ongata Rongi Kiserian Road,



    Open Monday to Friday 8am – 4.30pm.

    Saturday 8am – 2pm.

    Sunday – Closed.

  • Kenya Post Office, Makueni Branch.

    Koli Building, Makeni,



    Open Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4pm.

    Saturday 8.30am – 1pm.

    Sunday – Closed.

Tips for collecting cash in Kenya

Singaporeans travelling to Kenya need to pay attention to their personal security. Westerners have been victim to kidnappings and robbery in Kenya, especially in the capital, Nairobi.

If you’re going to collect a large amount of cash, and you’re concerned for your safety, it’s a good idea to give the business where you’re collecting your cash a call first to discuss whether security precautions are necessary. A registered taxi to and from the cash collection point is advisable, as well as travelling in a group.

How to send money to Kenya

The process for sending money to Kenya is a little different depending on the method you use.

  • Bank transfers

    If you want to send the money to a bank account in Kenya from your bank account in Singapore, you’ll need the recipient’s bank account details and details of their banking institution like the SWIFT code or IBN. International fund transfers from your bank account are done through your online banking facility.

  • Cash collection

    If you want to send cash for the person to collect, you just need to provide their full name. They will need the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), which is provided to you once the transaction is confirmed.

  • To a mobile phone

    Money transfer companies like Western Union also let you send money to a person’s mobile phone in Kenya. The recipient must have an activated Safaricom M-PESA Mobile Wallet. You need their Safaricom mobile phone number and the receiver’s full name to complete a transfer this way.

Before you can send money to Kenya using a service like WorldRemit, you will need to create an account. This is a pretty straightforward process and you’re required to provide the following details about yourself:

  • Full name.
  • Email address.
  • Residential address.
  • You may also be asked to verify your identity by inputting your NRIC.

If you want to send money to friends, family or anyone in Kenya, a specialist money transfer company like WorldRemit, Western Union or MoneyGram gives you a few different ways to complete the transfer. Compare these companies based on their exchange rate and the fees for the transfer. If you have any questions about how to send money to Kenya, get in touch with us using the form below.

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