Finder Singapore Exclusive Deals

At Finder Singapore, we’re always working to score exclusive deals so our readers can save even more. From credit cards and insurance to shopping discount codes and money transfer, here are all our current exclusive offers you won’t find on any other site.

Exclusive Money Transfers Offers

Deal exclusive

Finder exclusive: Get $20 off your first transfer

Finder readers get $20 off their first transfer with WorldFirst. T&Cs apply.

Exclusive Shopping Deals

Code exclusive

10% off sitewide

Expires 31 Dec 2022

Exclusive deals FAQs

These deals are exclusives organised by the Finder team. They aren’t available anywhere else. They are 100% safe and secure, and applying for one of these products will still take you to the provider’s website to start and finish your application.

These deals are organised by our team exclusively for Finder. The Internet is a huge place, so customer representatives may not know every deal off the top of their head; however, if you mention our site, they should be able to check on their databases to confirm the legitimacy of the deal.

The exclusive deals on this page are only available by applying online.

If you’re interested in applying for any of these products and click apply, you’ll be securely taken to the website of the provider. Here you can apply. During the application stage, check to make sure the deal has been applied before you finalise your application.

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