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Find out more about the broad selection of credit cards offered by UOB, so that you can decide if you want to apply for one.

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United Overseas Bank (UOB) has a well established history in Singapore. The bank’s in-depth knowledge about Singaporean financial needs is reflected in their diverse range of card offerings. From cashbacks to travel cards, from rewards to shopping, grocery and dining cards, UOB offers you a wide variety from which to choose.

This guide will help you to compare UOB credit cards and choose the one offering you the best value for your wallet, lifestyle and preferences. Learn the benefits of banking with UOB and the eligibility requirements before applying.

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Why should I choose UOB?

Attractive cashbacks on shopping, dining, groceries and petrol, excellent opportunities to earn multiple air miles, and exclusive travel perks and rewards are packaged together into cards that are tailored for every wallet and lifestyle preference. We’ll explain some of the features of each UOB card so that you can make your choice.

Types of UOB credit cards

  • Cashback or rebate credit cards

    • With the UOB One Card and UOB YOLO card you get rebates on your everyday spending.
    • UOB Visa Signature Card comes with cash rebates without a cap.
    • Depending on your spending priorities, the following cards also offer competitive rebates:
      • UOB Delight Credit Card
      • UOB JCB Card
      • UOB UnionPay Card
      • Singtel-UOB Card
      • Metro-UOB Card
  • Travel credit cards

    • UOB PRVI Miles American Express Card is the best miles card for high spenders. This card, together with UOB PRVI Miles World MasterCard and the UOB PRVI Miles Platinum Visa card, imposes no limits on your ability to earn and spend air miles.
    • UOB Visa Signature Cardholders earn UNI$10 for every S$5 spent on foreign currency transactions including online purchases.
    • You’ll enjoy up to 10% off at over 100 International Airport Duty Free Shops including Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and more with UOB UnionPay Platinum Card.
  • Rewards credit cards

    • Looking for a rewards card from UOB? You get great deals, especially when you pick from among these three Rewards Cards:
      • UOB Lady’s Card
      • UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card
      • UOB Professionals Platinum Card
      • KrisFlyer UOB Card
    • The UOB rewards program is based on cardholders earning UNI$ when they use their credit cards for purchases.
    • With the UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card, you earn 10X UNI$ for every S$5 spent on overseas and online shopping in foreign currencies, at departmental stores and taxi transactions. Subject to a minimum spend of S$3,000 and maximum spend of S$5,000 charged to the card, the total bonus UNI$ will be capped at UNI$9,000 per statement cycle.
    • You also earn 5X UNI$ for every S$5 spent on taxi rides, overseas and online shopping in foreign currencies and at departmental stores with the UOB Lady’s Card.
    • Preferred Platinum Visa Card holders earn 10X UNI$ for every S$5 spent on online purchases or paying with Visa payWave at more than 10,000 retails outlets in Singapore.
  • Grocery and shopping credit cards

    • The best UOB Cards for the frequent shoppers are the UOB One Card, UOB Lady’s Card and the UOB YOLO Card. Attractive cash rebates on transactions via mobile payments, opportunities to earn multiple UNI$ rewards points at department stores and rebates that add up with higher levels of spending are some of the features that make these the best shopping cards around.
    • UOB Delight Card is a great choice for groceries and shopping with up to 10% SMART$ rebates at over 400 participating outlets island wide which you can use to offset on your next purchase.
  • Dining and entertainment credit cards

    • You can get the most out of UOB Yolo Credit Card for up to 18% rebate for entertainment, dining and Grab rides as well as 3% rebates on online fashion and travel spend.
    • UOB JCB Card offers attractive rebates up to 6% at your favourite Japanese restaurants and 0.3% rebate on all other expenditures, as well as a chance to earn 10% SMART$ rebates at over 400 participating outlets islandwide.
    • UOB Professionals Platinum Card earns you discounts on UOB Dining Privileges and 10% SMART$ rebates at over 400 participating outlets islandwide.
  • Petrol credit cards

    • UOB One Card offers you the chance for to receive up to S$200 cash credit when you apply and up to 24% off at SPC and up to 21.7% off at Shell stations on fuel savings. Terms and conditions apply.
    • The UOB Professionals Platinum Card, UOB Visa Signature Card and the UOB Delight Card also offer fuel savings at SPC and Shell Stations.

What benefits can I get with a UOB Bank credit card?

  • Rewards. You earn UOB Rewards Points or UNI$ on retail purchases you charge to a credit card. Not all of the UOB credit cards are eligible for UNI$. Check the UNI$ FAQs for more information.
  • Frequent Flyer programme. UNI$ can be converted to KrisFlyer or Asia Miles in blocks of UNI$5,000 for 10,000 KrisFlyer miles/Asia Miles.
  • Redeem your rewards. Collect your UNI$ on the spot with the UOB Instant Rewards Programme for UOB Principal Cardmembers. You can redeem your UNI$ for a range of exciting vouchers at participating retail and dining outlets and malls. You can also redeem your UNI$ rewards points from UOB on the web, by mobile or home telephone.
  • UOB SMART$ rebates. They can be earned and redeemed at any participating outlet all year round. Use your SMART$ to offset your next purchase of food, groceries, shopping, electrical and other gadgets, fuel purchases, wellness, leisure and entertainment activities and purchases, or when paying for insurance.
  • Complimentary extras.
    • UOB Privileges Passport opens up a world of local and global privileges with your credit card.
    • Gain access to a wide array of exciting promotions in dining, shopping, travel and transport, retail, medical & wellness, education and enrichment as well as on online deals when you become a UOB Card Member.
    • UOB SmartPay is an interest-free monthly instalment plan with one time low processing fee that lets you spread your big ticket items and large payments over flexible payment periods over 3, 6 to 12 months.
    • Consolidate your monthly bills with Bill Pay Service. The best part is that you save time and earn UNI$ or SMART$ or cash rebates when using Bill Pay.
  • Credit card bill payments. You can pay your credit card bills with cash, cheque, Interbank GIRO, via phone banking, at ATMS, and at S.A.M (Self-service Automated Machines), iNETS Kiosks and AXS Stations.
  • Security. UOB card alerts send notifications about your transactions to your mobile phone via SMS. You may change the threshold for alerts or opt out of the alerts service. EMV chip card technology safeguards you from fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.The magnetic stripe on your card does not work overseas, and must be enabled when travelling overseas.

How can I apply for a UOB credit card?

Follow these steps to apply for a UOB credit card:

  1. Compare the various UOB credit card options, reviewing their privileges, benefits and costs.
  2. Select the credit card that best suits you, considering your lifestyle, credit needs, spending patterns, income and circumstances.
  3. Check the eligibility criteria for your chosen credit card to ensure that you meet those requirements. Eligibility criteria may vary from card to card, especially in regards to income, but you can expect the following:
    • Age.
      • 21 years of age or above.
    • Income.
      • Minimum annual income of S$30,000 for Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) and S$40,000 for Foreigners.
      • You may use a fixed deposit of S$10,000 minimum as collateral if you don’t qualify under the minimum income requirement.
    • Supporting documents and information you will need to submit.
      • For salaried persons with fixed monthly salary that is more than or equal to S$2,500:
        • A photocopy of your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC), front and back AND
        • Central Provident Fund (CPF) Contribution History Statements via uobgroup.com/cpf for the latest 12 months
        • Latest computerised payslip in Singapore dollars
        • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment
      • For Salaried persons with fixed monthly salary that is less than S$2,500.
        • A photocopy of your NRIC (front and back) AND
        • CPF Contribution History Statements via uobgroup.com/cpf for the latest 12 months
        • Computerised Payslip in Singapore Dollars for the latest 3 months.
        • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment
      • For Self-Employed persons or commission based employees
        • A photocopy of your NRIC (front and back) AND
        • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment
      • Foreigners
        • Passport valid for at least 6 months AND
        • Employment Pass (EP or S Pass only with at least 6 months’ validity) AND
        • Most recent utility or telephone bill or other bill as proof of local residential address, issued within 6 months of application date AND
        • Latest computerised payslip in Singapore dollars OR
        • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment together with either latest 12 month CPF Contribution History Statement via uobgroup.com/cpf OR most recent computerised payslip in Singapore dollars OR
        • A letter from your company (Company Letterhead) certifying your employment and the monthly salary in Singapore dollars. The letter should be dated within three months of the application date.
  4. Once you have all the documents and information lined up, you can begin your application on the UOB site.
  5. Provide the required details and documents.
  6. Submit your online application.
  7. You can also apply for a UOB credit card offline.

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