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Matthew Boyle is a banking and mortgages publisher at Finder. He has a 7-year history of publishing and has commissioned over 600 guides helping UK consumers and small business owners make better financial decisions.

Matthew holds a BSc in European Business from the University of Hertfordshire and in his spare time loves to walk around Norfolk enjoying the local wildlife.


  • Helping first-time buyers apply for a mortgage
  • Comparing bank accounts and highlighting useful features
  • Publishing easy-to-understand guides


  • Published over 600 articles on personal finance
  • Featured in leading trade publications and national press including The Times, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Daily Express and more
  • On the judging panel for Finder’s Banking Innovation Awards


  • BSc (Hons) European Business | University of Hertfordshire

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We asked Matthew to share his expertise by answering a few questions about the mortgage and banking industry in 2021.

What tips can you give to first-time buyers for getting approved for a mortgage?

Preparation is everything. For most people, getting their first mortgage is the biggest financial decision of their lives. Do your research to know any obstacles you may face, learn about what type of mortgage you want, and what fees there are. Mortgage brokers can help by providing specialist advice, for a fee. It’s smart to have a back-up plan, too. First-time buyers often find themselves being declined for a mortgage for their dream property through circumstances that can be hard to foresee. This can be disheartening but unfortunately is sometimes part of the process of getting on the property ladder.

How has the pandemic affected the mortgage industry?

Tighter lending criteria, an economic slowdown and general uncertainty among UK consumers have led to some difficult times for would-be buyers. While Brits have had some help from temporarily reduced rates in stamp duty, and lenders offering mortgage holidays, it’s still tough times for many, and house prices have risen hugely in some areas. I believe it’s far from over - the ramifications of the pandemic on mortgages and home-buying will be felt for a long time yet.

Do you think a cashless society is possible?

This transformation is well underway, speeded hugely by the pandemic. The technology in the industry is being developed at an incredible rate and initiatives like Open Banking allow users to manage nearly all aspects of their bank account and spend their money from their mobile phone. As banks continue to close branches and ATMs across the UK, more people will avoid using cash.

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