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Progressive car insurance review

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Customizable packages, comprehensive tools and multiple discounts.’s rating: 3.0 / 5.0


  • Get a quote if you like discounts and online claims.
  • Pick something else if top-tier customer support is your highest priority.
  • Frugal drivers can bundle their insurance policies for big savings.


Roadside assistance

New car protection

Accident forgiveness


States served All 50 states
Roadside assistance Optional
Pay schedule 12 months, 6 months
Claims methods online, phone
New car protection Yes
Accident forgiveness Yes


  • Top-rated insurer with 80 years of experience
  • Easy online sign-up and reporting
  • Multiple discounts available
  • Transparent quoting


  • Some customer complaints
  • Six-month policies standard
Anti-theft device discount Yes
Bundling discount Yes
Defensive driving discount Yes
Good student discount Yes
Loyalty discount No
Homeowner discount Yes
Military discount Yes
Safety device discount Yes
Special employment discount No
Usage-based discount Yes
Other discounts
Rideshare coverage Yes
SR-22 coverage Yes
Temporary & short term coverage No

Progressive car insurance quotes

Like most insurers, drivers over 25 years old will get the best rates. Many drivers could save a lot by switching to Progressive, and that’s even before considering Progressive’s Snapshot program for safe drivers.

California New York Georgia
18 year old male $1,631 $5,309 $3,710
18 year old female $1,824 $4,952 $3,275
25 year old male $965 $3,565 $1,036
25 year old female $965 $3,664 $952
35 year old male $589 $2,363 $658
35 year old female $645 $2,981 $692
45 year old male $565 $2,297 $628
45 year old female $639 $3,291 $720
56 year old male $713 $2,152 $564
56 year old female $792 $2,364 $561

Where is Progressive available?

Progressive is available in all 50 states.

What car insurance coverage does Progressive offer?

Progressive offers customizable packages that allow you to buy only what you need.

  • Bodily insurance and property damage liability. Protects you and other drivers if you cause an accident.
  • Uninsured or underinsured bodily injury. Protects you if you’re in an accident caused by another driver with no or limited insurance.
  • Medical payments. Protects you against post-accident medical care.
  • Collision. Pays for car repairs if you’re in an accident.
  • Comprehensive. Pays for car repairs if your car is damaged by something other than an accident — for instance, fire or vandalism.
  • Uninsured motorist property damage. Pays for car repairs if you’re in an accident caused by an uninsured driver.
  • Roadside assistance. Pays for towing and roadside help if your car breaks down for most any reason.
  • Rental reimbursement. Pays for up to 30 days of a rental car while yours is repaired due to an accident.
  • Loan or lease payoff. Also called gap insurance, pays for up to 25% over the actual cash value toward what you still owe on your car if it’s ever declared a total loss.
  • Pet injuries. Helps pay for vet bills if your cat or dog is hurt in a car accident.
  • Custom parts and equipment replacement. Progressive will pay for the repair or replacement of custom paint, stereos, TVs, phones, grills, spoilers and more.
  • SR-22. Progressive also offers SR-22 coverage for those who have been mandated by their state.

Discounts on Progressive car insurance

Aside from its unique Name Your Price program and Snapshot tool, Progressive offers an assortment of discounts that allow it to undercut its competition:

  • Multi-policy. Save 5% or more when you bundle your auto insurance policy with another one of Progressive’s coverage options.
  • Snapshot. Save money by using the Snapshot program to share your driving habits with Progressive.
  • Online quote. Save an average of 7% when you apply for a quote online.
  • Safe driver. Save an average of 31% if you have a clean driving record with no violations within the past three years.
  • Multi-vehicle. Save an average of 10% when you insure more than one vehicle under the same policy.
  • Homeowner. Save money on auto insurance if you own a home or condo, even if it’s not insured with Progressive.
  • Continuous insurance. Save money based on how long you have consistently maintained active car insurance with no gaps or cancellations, even if you were insured by someone else
  • E-sign. Save an average of 7% when you sign your policy documents online.
  • Automatic bill pay. Save money when you sign up for automatic monthly payments.
  • Paid in full. Save money when you pay for your policy in a single, lump-sum payment.
  • Good student. Get better rates if a student on your policy maintains a “B” average or better.
  • Away at school. Get a discount if a student on your policy lives at school over 100 miles from home.
  • Teen driver. Get a discount when you add a driver under the age of 18 to your policy.
  • Name Your Price. Use Progressive’s popular tool to find a policy that suits your budget.

Does Progressive offer any special programs?

Yes. Keep an eye out for these programs to fully take advantage of your policy’s offerings:

  • Snapshot. Snapshot is Progressive’s innovative pay-as-you-drive car insurance program, allowing drivers to save by sharing their driving habits with Progressive.
  • Mobile app. Progressive offers a great mobile app that allows you to manage your policy, view ID cards, file claims, and more.
  • Progressive service centers. Progressive has a network of service centers that offer a concierge service. Simply bring your vehicle into one of the 60 locations and Progressive will handle your claim and set you up with a rental vehicle while your vehicle is repaired. As an added bonus, repairs at these locations are guaranteed for life.
  • PerkShare. PerkShare is coupon book that allows Progressive customers to get discounts from an extensive network of affiliates.
  • Flo Chatbot. Flo, Progressive’s famous spokesperson, was recently given a chatbot. Using Facebook messenger, you can speak with Flo to get answers about Progressive auto insurance or even start a quote.
  • Accident forgiveness. Progressive offers an accident forgiveness program that prohibits your rates from increasing after your first at-fault accident.
  • Loyalty Rewards Program. All customers are automatically enrolled in this program, which provides discounts and rewards based on a number of factors.
  • Comparison tool. Progressive offers a tool that encourages customers to compare rates with other providers before deciding on an auto insurance policy.
  • Coverage Checker. Available before you purchase coverage, this tool analyzes your quote to highlight areas where you might have too little or too much coverage.

Pros and cons of Progressive auto insurance


  • Top-rated insurer. Nearing 80 years of experience, Progressive is a big name in the industry.
  • Easy online sign-up and claim reporting. Complete and e-sign necessary forms to register or report an accident online.
  • Multiple discounts available. You can shave money off your coverage by starting your quote online, bundling your coverage, maintaining a safe driving record, signing your documents online, paying in full and more. And the best part? There’s no limit to how many discounts you can get on your policy.
  • Transparency. From transparent pricing to a suite of comparison and quote tools, Progressive offers a number of ways to help customers get the best rates.


  • Some customer complaints. According to various forums and message boards, this provider has slightly more customer complaints than the industry average.
  • Six-month policies standard. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, many drivers prefer having their rate locked in for a 12-month policy as opposed to Progressive’s standard 6-month terms. You might be able to get a 12-month policy under certain circumstances, like if your state requires it to be an option.

Progressive car insurance customer reviews

According to the BBB website, Progressive is not officially accredited, despite being one of the larger insurers in the country. It holds an A- rating, but also has a massive list of customer complaints. Billing issues and denied claims are just a couple of the nearly 2,000 negative customer reviews.

In 2016, J.D. Power found Progressive to be “about average” across the board. They received their lowest marks in the Southwest region.

But before you rule out Progressive for poor customer service remarks, remember that customer ratings and reviews don’t always tell the whole story. They can give insight into what it’s like to deal with a company as a customer, but many customers don’t typically rate a product or service unless they had an exceptionally bad experience.

Case study: Julia’s experience

profile pic

Julia Cameron


Unlike some reviewers, my experience with Progressive’s customer service has been great. Speaking with a representative on the phone not too long ago saved me a ton of money. She helped me bundle all of our policies together when we purchased a new car. We already had two cars insured with Progressive and needed to insure a third.

Which leads me to a tip about bundling: Just because you have multiple cars insured with Progressive doesn’t mean your policies are bundled. I didn’t realize we had two separate policies for each of our cars. When I called to get insurance on the third one, the representative brought this to my attention. When all was said and done, I ended up with a lower monthly premium on all three cars than I had with just the two cars on separate policies.

Case study: Dawn’s experience with Progressive Snapshot

profile pic

Dawn Daniels
Staff Associate Editor

The first time I used Snapshot, I was driving long distances several times a week, and hard brakes on 55 mph roads in deer territory are sometimes unavoidable. At the end of 6 months, my rates went up and I switched to another insurer.

But when I got a new car and moved to the city, Progressive offered the cheapest rates by far, so I switched back. The participation discount for using the Snapshot device once again lured me in. This time around I was driving a lot less often, and I was more mindful of the device. At the end of another 6-month period, I got an email from Progressive that I would save $133 when I renewed.

Unfortunately, that was a little misleading, because I was also losing the Snapshot participation discount now that I had to send the device back. My policy actually cost $18 less this term — but that’s still a lot less than it would’ve cost if I’d never signed up for Snapshot.

Case study: Ryan’s experience

profile pic

Ryan Brinks

Banking and Investment Publisher

Progressive has insured my vehicles for more than a decade. And even though I’ve received quotes from other companies every few years, it’s always the most affordable option. Progressive’s flexibility and discounts were key to getting me as a customer in the first place, and they’ve only improved since. I was able to bundle my home and auto insurance even though my home is covered by another insurer. And a few years into my policy, I knocked off a chunk of my premium through Progressive’s Snapshot analysis of my driving habits.

Fortunately, the only claim I’ve had to make was a windshield replacement with a $0 deductible. And now my loyalty benefits offer both small and large accident forgiveness. I’ve also used roadside assistance on occasion.

How does the Progressive app work?

Can you really ‘Name Your Price’?

Kind of. After entering your location to find your state’s minimum coverage levels, you then enter the price you’re comfortable paying. Progressive’s tool displays the levels of coverage and deductibles available on your budget.

Raising your monthly payment typically means a lower deductible when the time comes for repairs. However, what you save on a month to month basis may come back to haunt you come deductible time.

Car insurance rates are based on so many variables that it’s impossible to see if you’re getting a good deal until you’ve compared prices with other companies.

How to apply for auto insurance coverage with Progressive

Progressive is a leader in online auto insurance, as it was the first provider to allow customers to purchase coverage online. Its bright website empowers customers to learn more about auto insurance before comparing providers and purchasing coverage. Here’s how you can get started:


  1. Visit the Progressive website and enter enter your ZIP code to get started.
  2. Next, enter your personal info.
  3. Add your vehicle information, your driver information and any other drivers you wish to insure on your policy.
  4. Decide whether you’d like to add Snapshot to your policy or try the Name Your Price or Coverage Checker tool, then review and select your policy options.
  5. Review final details and enter your payment information if you’re satisfied. Sign your documents online and pay for your policy, and just like that, you’re covered.

Phone. If you’d rather get coverage by phone, you can speak with an agent by calling 1-877-776-4266.

Agent. If online and phone applications aren’t your thing, feel free to apply with an agent. You can locate an agent on Progressive’s website, then call them or visit to get started.

How to file a car insurance claim with Progressive

Filing an auto insurance claim with Progressive is easy. You can file by phone, online, or even in person at one of the 60 Progressive service centers.


  1. Visit the Progressive website, click on the “Claims” tab, then “Claims overview.”
  2. Scroll down, then click “Report a claim.”
  3. Log into your account, then fill out each of the required fields.
  4. Once your claim is filed, an agent will reach out within two business days. You can track progress by logging into your account.

By phone

You can also report a claim by phone. Simply call 1-800-776-4737. The agent will ask you some initial questions and begin resolving your claim immediately.

Service center

Living up to its commitment to innovation, Progressive allows you to file a claim at one of its 60 service centers. Locate your nearest service center, then bring your vehicle in. An agent will handle the entire claims process and give you an estimate, all before setting you up with a rental car.

What info do I need to file a claim?

  • Incident details (What happened, date, location, etc.)
  • Vehicle information for all parties
  • Driver information for all parties
  • Insurance information for all parties (Policy number, insurer, etc.)
  • Contact information for all parties

How to contact Progressive

Similar to everything else that Progressive does, getting in touch with a representative is easy. Visit the official Progressive website and navigate to the contact page for more details on how to contact this provider by:

  • Phone. Call 855-347-3939 for general support.
  • Email. Visit Progressive’s contact page to send an email through its contact form.
  • Social media. Find @Progressive on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Live chat. Log in to your account at Progressive’s website to use live chat Monday to Friday from 5 a.m. to midnight ET.
  • Mail. Send mail to The Progressive Corporation, 6300 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143

Progressive’s cancellation policy

Compare Progressive to other providers

Name Product Roadside assistance New car protection Accident forgiveness Safe driver discount Available states
All 50 states
Save up to 31% with safe driver discounts and bundling all your rides in one convenient policy.
Only pay for how much you drive with the Metromile app. Get rates from $29/month plus pennies per mile.
All 50 states
Enjoy premium perks like better car replacement and accident forgiveness plus local agent support.
All 50 states
Get free quotes from top insurers for the exact coverage you need in minutes.
All 50 states
Enjoy having your own dedicated agent to help you get the best discounts and coverage.
All 50 states
It's quick and easy to get an online quote with Geico, and you might be surprised at how much you could save.
All 50 states
Drivers over 50 and AARP members enjoy special car insurance pricing and benefits.
Root offers simple, affordable insurance that’s ideal for good drivers. Try the Root app for 2 weeks and see how much you could save.

Compare up to 4 providers

Bottom line

Progressive is a strong company for customers looking to save money on their premiums. It offers many discounts that are easy to earn, especially if you’re comfortable conducting business online. Compare your options to find a car insurance provider that meets your needs.

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    I need insurance quote for a 2003 Honda Civic 2 door

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      Hi there, John,

      Thanks for getting in touch! To get an insurance quote for your 2003 Honda Civic 2 door, get in touch with Progressive Auto Insurance by going to their website and getting a quote online. You can also save an average of 7% when you apply for a quote online. Hope this was helpful. Don’t hesitate to message us back if you have more questions.


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